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Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS


Re: a couple of misleading statements in the article

>Really, I find that ADAM IS A FREAKING GENIUS hard to believe.

Linking to the have I been pwned guy's article which links back to El Reg was a nice little interwebs Droste effect.

You won't believe this, but… nothing useful found on Farook iPhone


Re: Honest

>Speaking of honesty; has anybody seen any real proof that the FBI actually did crack that phone? I haven't seen any yet but perhaps I missed it.

Oh they cracked it alright. The only thing in question is the colour and style of women's lingerie they were wearing at the time.

>>>I'd be the the one in a tasteful bedgown.

What's this about Canada reading your BlackBerry texts?


Not only the Great White North...

That may well be so, but the same Canuck coppers also set up BES servers to track criminals. I'm am going to assume that they are not the only ones as I have read of a case when American authorities did the same. If they bothered to do this to catch drug dealers high up in organized crime, think of what else they must be up to.

Watch: SpaceX finally lands Falcon rocket on robo-barge in one piece


Re: Blighty's poor infrastructure

Ya, he'd be driving around the Spanish countryside trying to find where the heck it landed...

SpaceX's Musk: We'll reuse today's Falcon 9 rocket within 2 months

Big Brother

Re: no/very few portholes

@ the Browns

Add the fact that imaging tech is already here and flying on small drones, this would be way more fun than watching the inflight entertainment system and much easier on my neck (note to self, don't take a window seat in row 20 on a Westjet 737).

Imagine the open source recon one could cheaply purchase with a well timed one-way flight.


Re: "Merlin engines"?

Trademarks, pshhh...

Why bother, it's not like anyone else is going to have a competitive product similarly named.

If anything trademarking Merlin for rockets will just let him announce that "all our trademarks are belong to you!"

'Panama papers' came from email server hack at Mossack Fonseca


Re: yeah yeah

Oh, this certainly was a 3-letter hack, of that I am certain. ABC Childcare is the likely culprit.

I know quite a few lawyers and only one has the slightest clue about security. If you think banks are cheap with it, you have not seen what a large law firm is (in)capable of.

Further, the lack of US (and Canadian) politicians is more indicative of the fact they are quite poor compared to other countries' politicos. The 3 letters (or 4 in the GWN) would have caught anyone long before they got anywhere.

Add to that sweetheart deals for those who have been caught lately (KPMG clients comes to mind in Canada)

While I am certain that the CIA has had all this info all along, the defenses that existed for the data are not exactly NSA level stuff. Also, the information is worth more to the US if less people know.

Anyhow, more to come. Where did I put my popcorn now?

Microsoft has developed its own Linux. Repeat. Microsoft has developed its own Linux

Black Helicopters

Hmm switches, NSA uses linux...

[/end funnin']


Interesting you mentioned Cisco, but this was my first thought and the natural business target/opportunity.

More deaths linked to Ashley Madison hack as scammers move in


Re: vicariously liable

The problem here is other countries would have to go along with such a prosecution. Many countries will not extradite for such charges.

Further, AM's own liability would be a more likely cause of action as it should now be quite clear that they had nearly no security, did the same to competitors (minus the data dump), and ran around outright lying as to what service they actually provided. Some people happened to have affairs, sure, but the vast majority didn't for the same reason as they couldn't in real life - they just plain suck.

If anything, the possible criminal charges that AM executives may face regarding the preceding 'issues' should be the focus of the police media push. Ignoring all the other factors stinks to me of the police being pressured from above. I suspect someone(s) more powerful will be exposed. A more appropriate police statement would be to suggest ways of finding help for those affected as those most likely to self harm are likely the 'chump' users and do need to find a way to wind up their relationships so all involved can move on.


Yesterday morning, upon reading the news, I instantly looked up suicide stats (Statscan has some good dbs) and found similar to the PS quote in the article. Of course, I wanted to see if there was a further refinement to the oft quoted 12.1 per 100k in the US. Canada's is a tad lower as is most of Western Europe, but given mostly males in the 40-60 bracket, this is actually more like 25+ per 100k.

Assume that people are likely in the top part of the income segment only cuts this to around 15 at the least. Now multiply by the marriage troubles factor of around 2 and we get 100-150 suicides per week based on 25-30M male users. We can multiply this by whatever fraction were clearly tied to it, but the figures will still be quite high.

Conclusion: Getting Out-ed Cheating using AM SAVES LIVES!

Wait, what? TrueCrypt 'decrypted' by FBI to nail doc-stealing sysadmin

Big Brother

Re: 30 chars

That is some collision!

Smartphone sales looking rosy for Asus, despite PC meltdown


Re: So they make a phone that people actually want

Which explains the nearly 7% dividend yield.

I've always liked this company as an investment AND their products. They also happened to make the guts of most my old non-ASUS compys kicking around. Funny that. Not that big of a company, so they don't need to own the market, just sell a good product with a good margin.

Jeep breach: Scared? You should be, it could be you next


Re: Anyone remember the OJ Simpson chase?

The truck would be Found On Road Dead.


That's the Italian mechanics. Fix It Again Tony and his crew.

HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie


Re: AC's dev team

That depends, this is one of those bullshit interview questions with not enough information given.

Simpleton answer: multiple of 5, 3/5ths male and you left out the 0.66666...%

Only the numbers: 20 males, 13 female, 13.2 guys with beards, the 0.2 is your new PFY and his peach fuzz

Complex answer: depends on how many bearded ladies you have, what the amount of facial hair necessary to constitute said beard, how many are hiding their husbands sexual preference from their fellow understanding Texans...

Not exactly your back-of-the-envelope question, but I am glad to know you wear pants at work. However, I would be remiss to not mention the safety hazards of pants covering one's feet.

Google swears blind it doesn't give SEO advantage to new internet dot-words



Am I glad I did this search in classic Google and not Image search.

My guess based on the top few results is that said woman runs a gay prostitution ring specializing in salad tossing.

Ashley Madison invites red-faced cheats to bolt stable door for free

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Re: Wreckless

37 million...

It is now reported that Ottawa had ~20% of population signed up. This is just a bit suspicious when one look at demographic data.

Then again, I always assume that sites requiring even numbers of women seeking sex (as opposed to dating) are putting up fake female profiles as a rule.

While my experience with such sites is admittedly N=1 (had a friend running one, his wife was employed to 'respond' to messages and make profiles), my experience IRL (sadly N much larger than 1) is that women seeking sex who are ostensibly in 'relationships' usually do so with someone they know and generally are pretty good about picking male partners who want sex and not a relationship.

The other thing that seems a bit fishy is that every time that I have overheard women discussing infidelity facilitated by a website, it has been one of the normal dating ones.

Perhaps it caters to those (of both sexes) who are too impaired in emotional intelligence to deal with the non-sexual aspects of relationships. It certainly would go a long way to explain the rationalizing of some supposed users that have been quoted in media in the last couple days.

Dead device walking: Apple iPod Touch 6th generation

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Re: NSA tracking device


Also happens to be a great tool for app and mobile safari testing for those devs (web sites and apps more than native, testing there would warrant using all possible devices) not wanting to purchase iPhone. In this role as a gateway device, it could be brilliant even if it lacks the profit margin of new kit.

Scientists love MacBooks (true) – but what about you?


@ AC re: windows

>how my academic code can be run on Windows machine

VirtualBox with a stripped down debian 7.8 or such (because it was the first reasonable .iso I could get straight from the source without scouring the net). If they cannot figure out the command line, well then, they can always get a desktop bundled version.

This runs on obscenely old hardware on XP (and pretty much everything else). Allows for experimenting with VMs and also virtual networking. Can practice scripting in both environments and pass data between while simply toggling through windows.

Bonus: use plug-and-play linux install to make minimal CLFS scientific/academic UNIX install

SAVE THE PLANKTON: So much more than whale food


Re: Standards please

>is a linguine the same as a langoustine?

No, a langoustine is 6.35*10^-4 blue whales longer.

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda? Boffins claim it safely sucks CO2 out of the air


Re: Carbonates are how the Earth deals with excess CO2

>The ice cores do show CO2 lags temperature...

Until you whack them enough times with a hockey stick...

Humanity can defeat SkyNet with BOOKS, says IT think tank

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Re: Yeah, right

> most people haven't read 1984...

And the ones that have seem to have taken it as a blueprint for ruling society.

Your anonymous code contributions probably aren't: boffins

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Re: Not a new concept

Morse code perhaps, but:

>Perhaps a programmer has a preference for spaces over tabs, or while loops over for loops...

Those bastard 3 letters are on to me, and I haven't even thought the thought crime yet.

Facebook worth more than Portugal? Hell, it's worth a LOT more than THAT


Re: 40c an hour?

>...because that's cheaper than spending an hour cooking a nice meal, right?

That, my good sir, is how humanity has been convincing itself of how awesome life is by all the extra entertainment they can purchase and live vicariously through rather than eating real food. It is a shame that in western countries people consume such utter shit (media and food) and yet pretend that they are well off because they are doing less physical work.

And don't worry if lifestyle contributes to health woes, there are medications for that. Do you know how much they are worth? Must be at least a gazillion dollars when trickle-down is calculated. Forget Toilette & Douchbaggery, that is some Magic Quadrant shit there.

CIOs: What jobs do you have to fill before you can get on with yours?


Re: trollin on a Friday getting paid

Second coolest. Murdoch was the coolest. Totally sold everyone that he was crazy. The only one who knew better was the only one crazier. Don't you love it when a plan comes together? ;)

Hannibal is the only one who knows Murdoch is sane, and solely Murdoch knows Hannibal is perpetually on the jazz

Coming to Blackphone: An app store loaded with privacy tools


Re: if Blackphone gets big it'll give government flunkies an apoplexy

One? I want at least five.

It'll blow their minds literally, not figuratively.

Regin: The super-spyware the security industry has been silent about


Re: This is part of the larger problem with the NSA's dual responsibility in the U.S.

>an enclosed pedestrian bridge.

Oh, Canada!

Under the Iron Sea: YES, tech and science could SAVE the planet


Re: I hate to burst your bubble but ...

@ thames:

I agree with your points, this seems to be what the research shows, have been following and live the vicinity.

To be more specific, the salmon runs are on a 4 year cycle for the sockeye, with a 10 year cycle overlapping, and a 2 year for the pinks which are the majority of the biomass of salmon. The peak years for any species can be a few times bigger to above an order of magnitude. It really can be quite insane.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to insert their own pithy comments about the complexity of the biome involved here on my behalf, while I appreciate Worstall's spitballing nonetheless.

Yet more NSA officials whisper of an internal revolt over US spying. And yet it still goes on


Re: You have to wonder if DC really does view the NSA as an instrument of social control...

The sad part is they would have more power and be more likely to hold on to it if they did the right thing.

Why did men evolve map-reading skills? They were PAID BY BONK - study


Re: How do they know its not the other way round

Hey, don't blow our cover.

See next comment, not reply for explanation.


Perhaps, but having children with many men can increase the chance that one of her children will be above average (momma will be taken care of in old age), further, sex with many men both during conception and during the child's life can help secure that child's future. It depends highly on the reality of the given situation, the western and/or monogamous culture is at best half the story of human sexuality and evolutionary pressures that may have delivered current conditions.


Re: Additional explanation?

@frank ly:

Sure that may be part of it, but things are a lot more complicated.


The testosterone differences between men and women (and also fetal exposure) play a large part in this trait. Within men (and women) the conversion of sex hormone metabolites and how effectively they alter genetic expression and other hormones in the body partially determine innate ability. The expression of this through day to day life, well YMMV...

As Grikath points out (totally jacking Sapolsky) mating success is just as much cunning as being and looking stunning (though the triple threat never hurts chances). I will let his miss-estimation of women's throwing/beating with household objects beliefs stand as evidence of being daft as to why such situation persist in the first place.


'A motivated, funded, skilled hacker will always get in' – Schneier


Re: Everybody wants a free lunch

>So the choices we face seem to be "caught in the bottom of a dark pit surrounded by strange noises without the money to buy a ladder" or "in a wide open feild covered in gasoline with yankee politicians playing with matches at the edge of the feild."

So which one is the American cloud solution?

Researchers: Trolls have dark tetrad of personality defects


Re: He who is not named...

He doesn't have the capacity to understand his actions in a group setting. His actions here don't exactly match up to the bog-standard troll. His Asperger's is a much better window into the manifestation of his posting behavior.

Most of his trolling is much easier to explain in the context of a person lacking social awareness trying to participate in the commentard style prevalent here getting into an argument that to him seems somewhat legitimate and not having the emotional intelligence to realize the escalation of his own actions beyond the acceptable. Most of us have done this before (and likely will again), and we don't have missing pieces of mental software critical to such faculties.

I too was annoyed and toyed with him - can only imagine the frustration of mods - but for all the nonsense, every once in a while he would knock out some brilliant little nuanced point that most would never attribute to him had he posted anon.

Maybe its too bad that all of the rest of us have no way to get through to people like him and find a way to bring him back from his little world. I seriously doubt that he was being either Machiavellian or sadistic:


I for one will wager that he would be more interesting to argue with in person over a game of chess than a vast majority of commentards or writers here. And he would probably win most of the time too (Vegas has oolor at even money against the best high school competitor from any random county in North America).

I think that should clear up your ignorance (non-pejorative, non-judgmental use for stylistic shock and metaphor purposes) on the matter and enlighten the fact that neither Eadon nor you happen to be the trolls the article is talking about.

>>>Yes, it is in jest; for some reason it seems more appropriate than the troll icon>>>

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow


Re: funeral peelers

That'll liven up the party!

Economics prof denies digital pirates plundered €20bn from EU coffers


Re: Even their marketing shit is dumb

It is all fine and dandy that they try to lump in ENTERTAINMENT with people who actually design the thing we need or help us communicate with each other to show their point (yes, yes, I know it is in opposition to any semblance of reality, but it is cute - they are trying so hard!).

Back on earth, that ethereal money they have conjured up would either come from other money being spent on other services that MAY be more useful to humanity (even if only the employment created) or added debt. It is not like most people who engage in piracy are putting the money 'saved' into their rainy day fund.

DOLPHINS SMELL MAGNETS – did we hear that right, boffins?


That was my first thought too.

Hipster chimps are SLAVES to the latest social trends


So this is the place for the obligatory aping it joke!



Re: Too little, too late, and just so typical of a failed state.

Don't you mean undergruund?

That glass of water you just drank? It was OLDER than the SUN


Actually, it is heavens and the earth, then the let there be light bit, then water. Given that even the authors were wise enough to script the heavens first, we can argue a simpler case with those of alternative interpretations of reality.

So clearly Genesis is wrong since we are now arguing between

water > sun > earth,


sun > earth > water,


sun > water > earth.



Re: Panic!

@ Colin Brett:

Collider, oh please! Each of your cells is around 0.3%:


Are you a HOT CELEB? Think your SEXY PICS are safe? Maybe NOT


Re: Stalin and the Nazi glitterati

Not at all. Do you know how hard it is to purge those pics?

iCloud fiasco: 100 FAMOUS WOMEN exposed NUDE online


Re: I can get excellent pics of ladies' anatomies for a few bucks...

>You pay for fap fodder?

One has to capitalize the broadband cost. Not exactly the type of material to slurp off of WiFi.

BBC: We're going to slip CODING into kids' TV


Re: The kid I saw on the BBC News this morning...


Sound pretty cool. My only question is, why in the age of HTML5 would you not just do straight JavaScript from the beginning? The DOM interaction that many JS libraries abstract are actually the best learning opportunities. Single thread operations along with event handling can lead to some interesting logic practice.

Regardless, I hope you find time to incorporate plain JS into the curriculum (if you already are, awesome).

NZ Justice Minister scalped as hacker leaks emails

Black Helicopters

Re: So, not exactly pure intentions on the part of the hacker:

>probably partisan motive

Those damn meddling center-right conservatives who are tired of idiots ruining their party!

Russian PM's Twitter hacked to slap down Putin, post fake resignation


They are lucky electricity doesn't ban them... cause with Putin, it is pretty much Soviet Russia.

Canada to Google: You can't have your borderless cake and eat it too


Re: further on

That's right before the end!

It was a very interesting ruling. The part where they (Google) tried to claim that search and ads were unlinked and that it was a 'passive' site are definitely good for a laugh.

Columbia U boffins HACK GOOGLE PLAY to check apps


Re: touchscreen scale

Please be seated sir, you deserve drinks.

YOU'RE HISTORY: Ancestry.com goes titsup for TWO DAYS



That is even more disturbing than the general idea of the website itself. Sadly, it seems your analysis can't be far off.

Good on whoever did it.

Unicode ideogram list-site Emojipedia goes titsup. Wow. Did you just give us the finger?

Thumb Up

oolor is very angry that these ponces got 1F595 backwards. Those bastards need to stop looking in the mirror when they come up with these things. It seems like it will take another eon for them to make my handle an emoji.

One can dream...

>>>Not a thumbs up, the committee can sit on it>>>