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Ha! Win 10 preview for Raspberry Pi 2 pops out of the Microsoft oven


love the hope here.

It is always amusing to read the hopeful commentary from Linux trolls in the comments.

Win10 is probably going to address a lot of your concerns such as increasing use of standards, being free to use (admittedly with the hope of you using their cloud backend)

It also has a massive user base that ain't going anywhere because they don't need to.. Mostly I think you guys are afraid because for once Microsoft are not being tools about it.

Anyways. Continue on with your hate... Don't mind me.

Everyone else... I am sorry for feeding the trolls.

Boring fixed 'net users still dominate Oz market


Re: Ausmerica

So many wrong things..


The mining industry in Australia employs 13% of the population. Most of that is construction.

By far the biggest employers are in Education, Health and Retail/Hospitality.

We call it the Aus Tax. We get shafted by big business because they can. Also because our exchange rate is currently 75c USD for every AUD. So it costs more.

Yes, we have a super dumb amazingly corrupt Gvmt at the moment. But then I guess we are having our "George Bush" moment.

We have a rubbish broadband system because we have issues with political/economic systems, a large landmass to cover, financial issues that are hard to shake and most of all a dumbass gvmt that thinks taking care of the trucks rather than packets will expand our economy.

Them's the breaks.

Apple files patent for camera lens controlled by 'artificial muscle'



Normally I would roll eyes... (I don't Apple)

But this is actually awesome.

Wow. Someone make my phone have a mechanical eye.

Google, Microsoft to add remote KILL switch to phones


For the record

I had this on my HTC Desire HD - circa 2010

And any Android security client has this capability.

But good on the Americans for inventing this...

Four-pronged ARM-based Mac rumor channels Rasputin



Quick check here...

Baytrail 3740 atom x4core benchmarks similar synthetic CPU scores to the A7 x2core in the iPad Air

Now let's look at some benchmarks for x86


Baytrail ~1,200

i7 laptop ~7,000

Top Xeon desktop ~17,000

As if Apple would be so stupid as to ruin performance so massively by between 5-15x

The code would have to be super-efficient compared to x86 to even get close.

A macbook air? Maybe. But then you have to deal with 3rd party application compatibility issue and that is not simple to explain.

Microsoft Australia slashes price of Surface Pro 128GB by $AUD400


bigger screen size and hdd space? wtf?


Yes the screen size is bigger. It is also worse. tft 1366X768 VS 1080P IPS IIRC. hmm... grainy and crap or clear and detailed. Bigger is not always better. GOH!

And yes. a 500gb hdd can have all the random sh!% on it you want. With ridiculously slow latency and horrible read speeds of a 5400rpm throw away hdd.

OR.... OR!!!!!

You could have 128GB of 10x faster SSD that will boot in 10 secs not 30 and a USB port to plug in an external hdd if you wanna be lame.

seriously.. speed == better than space on a lappy, I have replaced the hdd with ssd in my house for both my girlfriend and myself and the random swearing has decreased immensely.

also btw. the equivalency to an iPAD is plain wrong. This an ultrabook with tablet features. more of a Macbook Air competitor than anything else.

I don't have one.. but seriously... seriously you guys.

This changes everything: Microsoft slips WinXP holdouts $100 to buy new Windows 8 PCs


Re: Why (sensible) people would buy a new computer.

Windows 8 runs faster than 7 and lighter on resources than 7... So.. Yeah. They actually did that. They aren't going to make a "slimmer" version of XP. It would cost more than they would make off it. Plus everyone would bag them for lack of application support. Eg. "RT"

Windows XP has been supported for 13 years. I feel like that is a good roi on your original buy in cost. Get over it. Move with the times. Get a new. Computer or buy the old folks a cheap box and put mint on it. If they don't want to invest. They don't get a choice.

Apple flops out latest OS X Mavericks beta, hopes sound+graphics sorted


But I thought it "just works"???

Here I was thinking Apple had superior software and I was such a such a sucker for sticking with Windows.

Yet, my audio hardware doesn't need driver updates every new O.S. and I don't install O.S. updates at a gig because, you know, Duh.

Don't blame the tools, blame the workman. There is no computer that "just works" if you push it to the edge. No matter what the O.S.

The computer reflects the User. If you are mental, your computer will be mental too.

Fibre fanaticism overrode proper NBN planning says report


"Faster communications would be beneficial, but so, for example, would the same amount spent on better training for our teachers and better schools for our children."

Just to be a bit silly. Those faster communications, for example, could enable virtual classrooms which mean we could telepresence highly qualified teachers into multiple classrooms.

I worked for a charity who asked if we could do that and I adv that on current infrastructure, not well and with significant technical challenges.

When communications and transportation are developed every sector is enhanced.

Windows 8.1 becomes world's fourth-most-popular desktop OS


XP is dead, it's pining for the fjords.

When will these same commentards realize that just because you don't need it that the rest of us shouldn't have to put up with bloody XP.

I work on a help desk and when someone says "I'm not very good with computers" you can be your bottom dollar they are on XP. That is the company you are keeping.

Windows 7 is more stable, it just is and all your wishing and hoping ain't gonna make it so. It boots faster. It is a better operating system and I for one are glad that Microsoft are not going to spend my money that I pay them in license fees supporting a dead operating system. Get over it.


Intel shutters BRAND NEW chip factory as PC market storm rages


so over it.

Can we all just agree,

1. Update cycles have slowed in business

2. Consumers like phones and tablets more than desktops

3. Workstations (gamer boxes) still need to speed up, but that is a small market.

4. You think your, and your friends opinion about windows 8.x is important.

5. This is the year of Linux (mint rocks IMHO)

And thereafter have an interesting conversation devoid of these anecdotes and topics.

It might have been interesting 3 years ago, but seriously, talk about flogging a dead horse.

Samsung whips out 12.2-inch 'Professional' iPad killers


stuck in the mud.

My mate bought a note 3 and a Sammy ultrabook recently and I have to admit I was impressed. They are really bringing it to Apple when it comes to features. The way he can interact with the note 3 screen on his (touchscreen) ultrabook and send either display to his TV with a flick of the wrist is not to be sniffed at.

Sammy seems pretty focused on bringing new multitasking paradigms to touchscreen devices and I can't help but be impressed by there vision of interconnection between devices.

It is a shame Apple seems so stuck in the mud and aren't innovating user experience the way they used to. I get it I guess, once you have made up your mind that you did it perfectly the first time... It is hard to imagine new ways of doing it. Ah well at least they gave the rest of the tech industry the kick up the pants they deserved.

Btw. I neither Apple or Samsung

Tube be or not tube be: Apple’s CYLINDRICAL Mac Pro is out tomorrow


Re: I thought I'd seen it all...


PC music creator/composer/electronic musician here. I also work in I.T.

I run a sandy bridge Toshiba mid range lappy that with $600 + $150(for ssd and ram upgrades) "just works" with a USB sound card that "just works" and multiple osc and midi controllers... "Just works" after I installed a 5MB program that is free and has been around for 10 yrs or so.

My FireWire card that is outdated but well loved... But "Just works" and that is with a 3yr old i7 first gen that was custom built and.... Ahem. "Just works".

I have run this gear under win7 and win8.1 which funnily enough... "Just works" - though the new ui is a bit shit.

Oh and it has been built using ultra quiet fans and ultra quiet case so that it is barely audible...

Seriously, i think you just made op's point that muso's are mostly users.. Not pro at tech at all.

Having said that I do not begrudge your use of Mac's I couldn't care less but give up the "it just works" bullshit OK. It only just works if you are a beginner. If you are not. Then it "just gets in the way"

you use it cause you couldn't care less... End of story.

Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action


Re: Because the PC is dying?

For me, (on my 2 yr old mid-range laptop with 8.1) it is the ability to switch between contexts. So if I am creating multimedia I can use desktop. If I want to watch a movie or fb I can use modern apps. Both are different but good at their different usages. Modern apps tend to be a little smoother.

PS. 8.1s biggest achievement over 8.0 was making it more seamless between contexts. (So I believe... You don't have to believe though)

NBN day of action fizzles as just 20 show at Turnbull's office


"Maybe there might be a few more tax payers out there than you imagined who have a better than average idea of the consequences of the public purse funding a facility less than 2.5% of the population (including those who don't pay tax) will ever agree to purchase without a further subsidy."

You are an idiot.

2.5% are you daft?

How about a 20 bn dollar IT industry?

how about a 1 trillion dollar economy that would gain from faster communications

The greatest benefit will be to business as this will be a massive productivity improvement.

How about the fact that this doesn't come from tax payers funds. It is borrowed money. It is borrowed, at a low rate, for which the company will be recompensed.

How about the fact that you are arguing for cheap and nasty instead of solid and long lived.

how about you are a dumbass,

People want this. They just know that turnbull aint gonna budge.

Why Microsoft absolutely DOESN'T need its own Steve Jobs


the truth.

The reality of the phase we are going through right now is that it is an intermediate phase.

Now is the time for an outrageous statement!


how outrageous you say?

Not really. Just the reality. Sure, I have a nexus 5, a nexus 7, laptops, and my girlfriend has an iPhone and iPad and you know what. None of it delivers anything more than a compromise. Every piece is limited or locked in, spying on me, or patented in such a way as to limit choice.

I for one will welcome the day when my computer fits in my pocket. when I can plug my phone into a desktop station and have it perform complex creative tasks the likes of a full workstation.

It just hasn't happened. It may never do, but I am sick of pretending that these compromises are anything but compromises. "design decisions" - bullshit. You just can't make it yet.

It looks like we are several Ticks away. maybe at the 7nm spec we will get there but untill then...

As to microsoft.. They just need to go there. And (i think) there are people there that know it.

APPLE EATS ITSELF: iPad Mini set to wolf Air's market share



The false equivalencies of apple sheep.

The reality is if you compare apples and oranges and you are looking for the apple flavour nothing beats apple.

Yes, Apple has some great technical products. No they are not the best in every market they compete in. That attitude is why they are increasingly marginalised. No one would care if Apple said "we are proud of our achievements". They care because Apple fans & employees fervently believe beyond all reason that they cannot put a foot wrong.

Time and time again their decisions are shown to be only one possible way "not THE way"

I know of products in every market that Apple compete in, that I would rather have. This is because... in my humble opinion. It is better.

I remember overhearing a conversation 3 yrs ago about how "HTC suck because you cannot plug it into iTunes"... because that is clearly a fault of HTC.

You may be happy in your bubble. get over it. No one else cares.


Oz government science funding to rise...


Re: Tony is a believer


talk about intellectual debate from robust minds.

Jebus is on your side so no need to get angry.

Anyways, typhoon Tony will save you from the unbelievers. have faith good sir.

AMD will fling radical 'Kaveri' chips onto streets in January


ddr3 vs gddr5

With the commonality of gddr5 in GPU's these days i am curious about the performance effect on the graphics from using ddr3 for the gpu.

anyone have info?

Microsoft Australia calls fibre-to-the-premises 'best outcome' for NBN


Save me from kitchen table budget thinking.

If I said to you,

I will let you borrow $1million dollars, at an interest rate that costs 50,000 dollars a year. You can then invest it in a project that will net you (over the life of the loan) $100,000 a year.

what would you do? I say, you take the free money :)

When a government invests in infrastructure they are investing in greater productivity which means every working person has a greater economic output. They are then worth more money, and companies can pay them more. They are then taxed on the income and the business are taxed on their increased profits.

The digital revolution (which we are currently in) has created such a deflationary impact the Reserve bank is fighting to keep inflation higher than what is naturally occuring, because productivity gains in the last 10 years have been massive.

What the hell do you think will happen when we increase broadband infrastructure in a way that it increases the access speeds, capabilities and service delivery capabilities of companies? MORE TAXES, less spending for gvmt and greater business productivity. IT IS AN END RUN!

THIS IS A SIMPLE EQUATION for anyone who has ever had to make an investment decision. up front cost now, much more monies later.

Having said all that. Labor have not been perfect administrators, they have certainly been over-optimistic but that is because this kind of productivity push is a win/win regardless of whether there are cost overruns because they will recoup it in taxes.

Please. Shut. Up.

Fibre will provide better productivity gains for not much more cost but more time... Mal knows this.. he is just struggling to make the politics work.

FFS. </end rant>

How to find OS X Mavericks' 43 hidden photogenic beauties


It blows my mind

that Apple can afford to give away a free O.S. while at the same time upping the price on new macbooks. It is such an interesting fact that Apple owners are so convinced that they are getting an O.S. for free when their products cost significantly more than other brands with similar products.

It is almost like the cost of O.S. development is an included cost in the product... but no... that can't be it.

I am pretty sure that that can't be it because everyone knows that Apple is the most valuable tech company in the world and also is sitting on 30+% profit margins BECAUSE they give away free products.

Oh, and btw, Windows 8.1 == free == more features & bug fixes... which is sort of like an O.S. upgrade.

I guess really... if you think about it... Microsoft innovated that. So please, say thankyou Apple-ites.


Sorry fanbois, no supersize Apple fondleslabs for you


Just for the record

Asus, Dell and Lenovo are about to release new "netbook 2.0" style convertibles at a low low price. It is very exciting.

The Transformer T100 is especially cool.

I am saying this just to be clear. Apple will not have not "invented" the new netbook or something similar.

ok.. I am off to go ogle my next computer. mmm..... netbook 2.0

RIP charging bricks: $279 HP Chromebook 11 charges via USB


Re: Netbook trash!!

get one of these and put linux on it.. bit more pricey, much better though...


Dear Apple: Want to stay in business? Make an iPhone people can afford


Re: Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way...

This analyst is talking about growth in markets for investors to get a significant return on investment.

He is not bagging Apple's products.

He is making a case for bigger dividends.

A companies stock price is based on how much an investor can expect in return (either dividends or growth) over about 5 years.

Since historically Apple have no/low dividends the investors can only really expect a return through growth in share price which is only driven by larger profits == market share.

What this analyst is saying, is in order for Apple's stock price to keep its value/grow it needs to expand market share and with near total "high end" smartphone saturation the only market share Apple can pick up is in lower priced markets.

He is not bagging Apple's products.

He is making a case for bigger dividends.

That is all.


Universal's High Fidelity Pure Audio trickles onto Blighty’s Blu-Ray hi-fis


Re: Has anyone characterized the human ear?

your problem is that you are comparing analog hearing with digital reproduction of analogue waveforms.

While it is true that most people cannot hear about 20khz and after 120dB of loudness you will receive permanent irreversable hearing loss.

In order to have 44.1k/2 or 22.05khz we need to insert a low-pass filter over every frequency above 20khz.

if you are using 44.1khz(22.05khz maximum) this means that you are creating a very shard drop ie. 2khz/96db or 48db drop per 1khz. this creates errors in the lower frequencies because of the rough treatmant this kind of sharp filtering causes.

if you use 88.2khz/24bit instead you get to drop 144db in gain from 20khz to 44.2khz which means you get a 144db/22khz drop or 6.55dB per 1khz. this means the gradient of filtering is lower and you get to keep what is known in the pro audio industry as "air". It is better. It is not "just" a gimick.

this is a much different sound a much higher production quality.

The problem with music, is most people have most of the information and are also mostly wrong.


Re: MP3

Mate.. It is probably your sound system.

I compose/play/produce music for loud PAs and I can tell you without any shadow of a doubt that MP3 is rubbish, 24bit is better than 16bit and the higher the bitrate(48k vs 44.1k) the denser the sound reproduction.

MP3 is by its nature a horrible bastard child. But it is small. If i write a 5 min track. It will be about a 10 mb (320kbps) file. If I do not compress teh format and leave it as a 32bit/48khz WAV/Aiff (which is dvd quality sound) then the file is over 100mb and runs at about 3300 kbps. What this means is that when you download that 320kbps mp3 and think you have impressive quality what you actually have is 1/10th of the original quality.

That is clearly NOT good. Just think for every 1 bit of information 9 bits were tossed in the bin. This would mean less if it wasn't in Digitial. When you convert from analogue to digital there is a loss in quality just by the action. This is because you are moving from a continuous recording to a discrete recording. This creates natural errors. This is why 22khz is worse than 44.1khz which is worse than 88.2khz (double 44.1khz) and so on.

Anyhow, back to my original statement. Your speakers are shit. Just like uncompressed format vs MP3; Good speakers will have a certain DEPTH that cheap speakers will not.

lastly, My dad loves the old tunes while I am into the newer stuff. He would tell me... But it doesn't have to be high quality for my older tunes because the recording quality back in those days was worse. I have since proven him wrong by playing back samples of his music, in higher quality WAV with better speakers and he has since converted.

Look, I get it. Mp3 is a lot smaller format. Uncompressed takes for ages. sure. Try a format like flac where you lose only 4/10ths rather than 9/10ths. But know that your ease of download is distorting the music you love and making it a less enjoyable experience.

New iPhone sells out, millions in hands of lucky fans, Cook cock a hoop ...


haha. yeah mate so butthurt

As a fandroid and anti-apple activist i would like to say.

Don't care. It is still overpriced and ridiculous phone.

also, Most of the reason I hated apple so fervently because they were doing their best to restrict other ecosystems by using frivolous patents such as "rounded corners". I don't really care what other people do, i just wanted choice to flourish unrestricted by the "supposed" innovation of rotten fruits.

Now that android has a) bigger market share, b) an open ecosystem, c) as many apps, d) a mature market for phones, tablets, googletv, etc - I don't really care what fanbois choose to do with their money because Android has come into its own and iOS is really becoming irrelevant to my tech life. If 9 million people want a glowing golden apple then I say good on them.. because I don't and I am happy with my choice and that because of competition you fanbois have wonderful new innovations like notification/control centre thanx to android; and bright pastel colours thanx to winpho8.

You are welcome, by the way :)

Apple to uncloak new iPads, iMacs at October 15 event?


Apple can't be that stoopid

I refuse to believe Apple would shoot themselves in the foot by hobbling the macbook air with ARM processors. Sure they are great for tablets + phones, but for laptops... Look how well it has gone for the windows PC market recently.

There is no way they will do it for the MBP as every musician and every graphic designer would dump them in a heartbeat, as the sheer lack of processing power would immediately rule it out as a viable option. As for the MB air. It is a dumb idea because what do they gain? costs less and brings the development in house. What do they loose? The power Intel Haswell brings, desktop power. I mean, even with Haswell they are getting 10hrs battery life. what more do you want?

I love ARM, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. ARM processors/SoCs are not even close to x86 intel/AMD in terms of sheer grunt.

Microsoft to unveil new Surface slabs at September 23 event


I'm waiting for an atom, the next one or the one after... maybe

There will be no good Windows tablets until Intel or AMD bring out a proper low power x86 SoC that can give good performance at the right price.

the way it is looking though, is it will either be next year or two thousand and never.

Then the surface can be competitive and we will start to see the Windows slabs that people want.

Apple tries to trademark the term 'startup'

Paris Hilton

Re: Apple going off?

As an Aussie can i first say,

We prefer the term "Gigalo" or "Call Girl"

as to your spurious claims about our democratic process..?

If all you have is the option of turd 1 or turd 2, voting is a little less effective.

2ndly, we are poor working girls/boys surrounded by large nations and sitting on the resource treasure chest of Asia...

So excuse us if we have to pay for protection by "standing with our allies" (while not promising any actual military support)

secondly, In australia we ended up throwing out apple's case v samsung whereas other "noted" democratic strongholds (haha) such as the U.S. upheld such ridiculousness.

Google's new Chromecast spills its simplistic guts


Sigh - everyone misses the point.. again.

I have mk809 IIs and all sorts of other hpc goodies/ streaming solutions.

The problem with these streaming solutions is not the hardware. It is the streaming protocols.

Airplay has its good points... but it also is a massive bandwidth hog (like Bonjour it has massive overheads). It also is incapable of multiple stream audio. (for whole home audio/video solutions) and is really temperamental because it is supposed to "just work" so when it doesn't work there are no methods to configure settings. Also if you want to stream to multiple players you have to use a MAC PC or WIN/LINUX PC for broadcasting and it is not intelligent in how it broadcasts leading to variable latencies and also band width issues. Also it is a closed system so the only players that can broadcast airplay are apple softwares/ embedded solutions in apple products.

DLNA is pretty cool too. Much more open, and it uses less bandwidth but forget ever trying to multi-cast and it also tends to be less reliable. The most unforgivable thing it does though is broadcast in mp3 format audio.

Miracast is cool but requires specific hardware which is frustrating and never going to be ubiquitous.

The Problem?

(network) Wifi induced latency.

The solution?

Someone smarter than me working on it.

get to it.

At least this solution from google sort of fixes one thing. casting from a tablet. Problem is... it still kind of doesn't. I don't understand why they can't just set up a proper screen mirroring service... I guess it must be wifi... Wifi tends to be the issue.


Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks


Re: wjhat makes me laugh...

This is the problem here mate. "The crap ui" as you put it does not get in my way. It is irrelevant. I work almost exclusively in desktop mode.

Things you can do on windows 8 that you can't do on win 7.

1. Boot up in under 12 secs. (With ssd)

2. Do almost anything faster

3. Analyse how fast data transfers are occurring and also why it is slow (if slow)

4. Change startup programs in task manager rather than msconfig

5. 2 click access to device manager, uninstall programs, control panel, System, and so much more.

6. Highly Detailed information on performance of CPU/ram/HDD which previously you would have had to download 3rd party app for.

7. Intelligent driver sensing.

8. Far superior unified search.

9. Superior WiFi controls in one-click

10. End process, actually works - immediately

There is 10 reasons for a power user to get win8.

Each. A. Great. Reason.


wjhat makes me laugh...

.. Is how people get so caught up in tifkam. These same people will often talk about how windows 7 is enough and they won't change until there is a start button. As a desktop user with no touch interface, I embraced (somewhat hesitantly) windows 8 and instead found a minor annoyance in tifkam and a major boon in analytics, optimisation, specialisation and customization. So many features that I.T. Pros would have silently begged for, but never asked (or thought to ask for) are there but it seems I.T. Pros are the ones who can't see the menu for the tiles. Windows 8 has so many below the surface innovations and these are things you (win 7) lovers go without. Does windows 8 have its problems? Sure. But so did win7 and winXP when they were first released into the wild. I bet it is the same people who were railing against those OSs that are now bitching about 8.

Bottom line... Windows 7 looks outdated now. Also it is slower. Clearly benchmarked as slower in fact.

But live and let live I say. Enjoy that slow ignorant OS from the past

Rise of the Machines: How computers took over the stock market

Thumb Up

easy fix

1c transaction tax that is punitive to hfr.

Then put all the money made into a fund that is equally distributed to every person that has a mortgage and does not work, or is not married to someone who works, in the financial industry...

Can DirectAccess take over the world?


you would be joking, yes?

I work for a corporate with over 80,000 employees and a complete windows infrastructure. The reality is Eadon, that this is par for course. Yes, Google use *nix for their web servers.. Whoop-di-doo. The reality is however that any time you are talking about large user environments, you are likely talking about large Windows install base and therefore Windows servers to manage their server side operations such as mail/ directory support/ group policies / etc.

Why large windows environments? Because a user asked me today why he couldn't access Google (which is blocked) when he actually just meant "the internet".

Users are not tech savvy and Thanx to corporate training courses in "how to use Office products" that is the most we can assume they will know.

At least Microsoft are busy attacking this issue, even if a bit pre-emptively...

PC makers REALLY need Windows 8.1 to walk on water - but guess what?


Re: My solution

Quite possibly. Ultrabook thin is what I meant.


Re: My solution

Oops. Forgot to use my words at the end there.

Point is people want cheaper longer (battery) lasting computers. Like tablets.. But clamshell.


My solution

How to re-energise PC industry.

Atom Bay trail quad core 2ghz.

Intel HD 5k graphics (discrete in 15" model)

128GB SSD. Preferably pcie ( like that Samsung one)

4GB ram

11" 720p / 13" 900p or 14/15" - 1080p screen.

12cm Max thickness.

Win7 or 8.1 with Linux option (for 80 bucks cheaper)

All for $300-600

Extra $150 for touch screen

Oh and at least decent build quality... So no Acer. :-)

I realise that I basically described a slow Macbook air, half price cause bay trail at.

I would buy one,

Soylent days and soylent nights


Re: "if it's not chilled, it's utterly disgusting"

If you are talking about fosters then you should know that it is made in Britain. So you can blame the UK for that one.

Australian 'Apple tax' repealed for MacBook Air


i hate when you guys quote base pricing.

For a proper content creation 12 core it will end up costing 8k +

The base price doesn't include much of anything and is quite underwhelming...

Tim Cook: Android version fragmentation is 'terrible for developers'


iOS upgraded?

My dad has an iPad 1 and my mum has a 3gs and these cannot upgrade past iOS 4.6 or something similar. I call bullshit on the 6% stat for non iOS 6 phones. That or most iTHINGYS crap themselves after 2-3 years...

Either way... I call bullshit.

Also. Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2 are virtually the same kernel afaik. Should count them as one.

This was a weak WWDC from Apple.

Never mind WinRT: Tiny Win8 slabs will ship with free Office, too


Re: Actually, LibreOffice sucks too.

"Firstly, real writers use a Mac"

You are not a real writer just because you sit in Starbucks when you do it.

Can lightning strike twice? Intel has another crack at Thunderbolt


Re: Why are they fighting USB3?

This is one of those cases where a technology is popular in Content industries and not massively relevant apart from that. Thunderbolt allows high volumes of data that USB3 can't. It is useful for portable HDDs and Video and Audio gear that needs extremely fast access speeds and wide bandwidths. Very specific use cases.

Also, someone mentioned that the cables are expensive. This I because they have active components in the cable. Basically the transmitter is in the cable.

Ex-Microsoft man plans brand of consumer marijuana 'fine cigars'


I just racked my brains and couldn't think of any stand outs. My only suggestion is that where I live (antipodes) kids sometimes call a bong "a billy" so u could call a premium line of bongs "billy gates"..

Even I think that is laaaame.

Former Microsoft Windows chief: I was right to kill the Start button



I made this list of "how to" for my parents so they could use win8. Then I stuck it on a wall close to their heads... Now they are fluent.


How to shutdown, restart, suspend computer - press "win"(windows) key + I simultaneously, select power (bottom right of screen), select shutdown/restart/suspend.

How to connect  to a wireless network - When on desktop, bring cursor to bottom right where notifications are displayed, click on the graph (steps) icon. Wireless taskbar will appear. Click on desired network I.D. (eg. Netgear, or Telstra, wrt54g, other) enter password if necessary.

How to find a program on your computer.

Press Win/start key. Once start page appears type in program name ( e.g. word, excel, chrome) program should appear before typing is complete. Click on appropriate entry.

How to find a file on your computer.

Press Win key. Once start/home page appears, first move cursor to right hand menu, click "files", then type in file name name ( e.g. windows 8 hints and tips). File should appear before typing is complete. Click on appropriate entry to the left.

2 quick ways to find control panel or device manager

1. Use above instructions "how to find a program on your computer."

2. Move cursor to bottom left of screen, right-click mouse, move cursor

2/3rds of the way down the list that appears, click on control panel.

Device manager is also on that list, near the top of the list.

How to uninstall a program.

Move cursor to bottom left of screen, right-click mouse, move cursor

To the top of the list that appears, click on "programs and features". Then scroll to unwanted program, right click on the program, select "uninstall program". It should now uninstall.

How to find the desktop.

Windows key + D

Shortcut keys.

Windows key + I = Settings panel.

Windows key + C = Charms bar.

Windows key = Start page.

Motorola to kick off comeback with US-made Moto X

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Re: I think I heard that before somewhere...

AFAIK it is the iMac which is going to be made in U.S. ... So like 2% of there products.

Secondly... Really? Apple did it first. Your joking yeah? ;-) Cause no tech company has a factory in the U.S.

For example, Samsung certainly do not have a massive SoC factory in Austin.

fanbois.. I bet you invented factories too...

More than half of Windows 8 users just treat it like Windows 7


Re: OK. What's wrong with XP?

It is always hilarious when Mac enthusiasts compare the latest versions of Mac OSX to Win XP which was around before Mac OSX in its current form existed. Yes, XP was slow, it was over ten years ago that they made it.

The reason I use Win8 (while ignoring TIFKAM)? Faster, better, stronger. Awesome usability (some which were present in Mac OSX first admittedly) other features that have no parallel, such as the detail in task manager and file transfer. The unified search which is better than anything else I have seen on any system. The subtraction of shadowed and aero makes the GUI better IMO and uses far less resources.

Cue downvotes. But for this windows kid I would say, don't believe the hype

US Congress excoriates Apple's tax-avoidance shenanigans


Clearly not abiding by the spirit.

I love the partisan bickering Americans use to get stuck into each other.

Hey this random company avoids paying tax "legally" but clearly with a loose connection to ethical behaviour. What is the response, YOU TAX TOO MUCH/ THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS/ IT IS LEGAL SO WHY WOULDNT THEY? / TAX IS THEFT!

reality? Politicians have screwed you and these same politicians are now protesting loudly in public about how those darned companies use these various loop holes inserted for this exact reason, by aforementioned politicians in return for campaign contributions.

Easy fix? Clean out loopholes, create a taxation rule that states any U.S. company that uses transfer pricing, et al - must pay a total tax burden of 35% subtracting tax that is paid overseas. So if they pay 10% in Timbuktu then they must pay 25% to repatriate the wealth to U.S./international shores. Everyone gets paid, it nullifies dodgy tax structures and we can all go back to discussing the merits of their overpriced hardware or widgets...

Then we can all have a beer on the house...

Android device? Ooohhhh, you mean a Samsung phone


Re: superior Android phones???


Nexus 4.

HTC Butterfly (DNA)



probably others as well.