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London NHS paper reveals plans to share patient data


Grow up

Few things annoy me more than this type of reflex "Big Brother" response to any attempt by public authorities to share data.

I will give just one example of why it is needed. There have been countless inquiries in the UK about well-publicised cases of the death of vulnerable children after years of systematic abuse (the most famous being the case of Victoria Climbie). In all of these cases, all of the public authorities knew a bit - the police, the hospitals, the social workers - but no-one was putting the data together to spot the pattern. Woudln't any sane person living in a civilsied society expect the authorities to use data in the defence of these children, providing access was only given to suitable responsible professionals?

I could give similar examples in relation to the care of the elderly. By all means bleat about civil liberties and Big Brother as long as you give up your rights to complain about care services in future.


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