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2e2 rescue deal: Daisy swoops in, grabs data centre ops

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It's a job

Whether this is a case if history repeating itself or not I don't know. What I do know is that 149 people are still in jobs and will be for at least the next three months. That's a much better situation than the one we were in yesterday ! It hasn't stopped me looking for an alternative, but it has given me some breathing space.

Stricken 2e2 sacks 627, winds down, retains a few data centre caretakers

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@ AC : Thanks AC :-)

@Others : Yeah, I registered this account specifically to make the earlier post because I'm sick of people sticking the knife in to those of us on "death row"

I'm no marketdroid, I'm not a PHB or even a BoFH, I'm just trying to do my bit to keep the deck I and my colleagues occupy as free from water as I can.

I'm sorry if that doesn't fit in with other peoples views of how things are/should be.

Good Night.

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It's somewhat more than "a few data centre caretakers" as you put it. The people that remain are still 100% committed to providing the best level of service to customers, as were every single one of the people who have already gone. The ship may indeed be taking on water, but we're still running the pumps, the lights are still on and the engines are still giving their all. The "S.S. 2e2" may not sail again, but she won't leave those who depend on her high and dry.