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Socket to 'em: It's the HomeGrid vs HomePlug powerline prizefight


Re: What's the point of either standard, given ubiquitous WLAN?

So, to check I've got this right, 2.4GHz WLAN has 10-14 channels, although technically fewer are usable in any one location due to overlapping, but PLT has effectively just one channel; in reality a spread of OFDM carriers. What happens when several neighours start using PLT? Is this not likely to impact severely on data rates?


Re: Powerline Atmospheric Polution.

These devices are illegal to use!

The draft standard CENELEC FprEN 50561-1 has not been approved yet!! The PLC lobby has been putting out false information claiming that it has. The European Commission will not list a harmonised standard based on the draft because of serious objections from no less than, the EMC consultant of the European Commission, and from others involved in radio communication. The EC EMC consultant maintains that the draft standard does not meet the EC's EMC directive's essential requirements, which were designed to give reasonable protection to the RF spectrum. So, there is a stumbling block whereupon using these devices will actually mean breaking the law, because the published standard EN 50522 has been deemed applicable to these devices and PLT system emissions greatly exceed the limits set down in EN 50522.