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No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs


If it is creating a lot of new processes, then that might be the case ... creating a process on Windows Vista+ is insanely expensive.


Re: Clueless in Redmond

>. (ie let us run that software on a VM of WinServ2k8/Win7 for you"

And then the GWX nagware updates the VM to Windows 10.

How much do UK cops pay for Microsoft licences? £30 a head or £137? Both


Re: Why pay fees at all?


>If an individual police force went to Red Hat and asked for everything they currently got from MS including the level of support it would a) probably not be possible and b) cost about three times as much.

Why are you spewing this bs again, I already explained to you that you are TOTALLY mistaken.

The price for RedHat support looks more expensive on paper, however, you have no separate APP licenses, no Exchange server licenses, not MS SQL server licenses, no CALS.

Same for the workstations (clients), the support prices include an Office suite, MS Office costs more per client than RedHat with support.

Then, you have Oracle Linux support, which is cheaper than RedHat, who'd da thunk - Oracle Linux is a RedHat fork.

Suse support Licenses are cheaper than RedHat as well .... Ubuntu is even cheaper than Suse. I am sure that a big enterprise like NHS or UK Police force could get heavy volume discounts on top of all this.

Then you have a myriad of smaller vendors selling Linux or FreeBSD support.

Windows 10 marks the end of 'pay once, use forever' software


Re: Linux (@ Rumournz, DropBear)

If it is not a laptop, get an additional 60Gb SSD, install Linux on it, and with symbolic links you can even use your Windows Home folder as your Linux one, all your data in one folder hierarchy .... AND, when you want to hose linux, all you have to do is wipe the SSD and, after install, re-create the symlinks ... ;-)


Re: Linux

>Again at the risk of being pedantic... ITS DEBIAN! And, not Ubuntu!

Credit where credit's due, great!!!!!

Now, who is the #%&#%@ cretin who downvoted you ????


>The p2p sharing of the aforementioned updates at MY EXPENSE! Sure uncle Google can tell you how to turn this one off. But, why is it even on to start with?!

They stole that idea from cocoaweb


I despise cowards so I downvote them on sight!

No balls, no glory!

Good old days of #SantCruzSk8baordingOnHalfpipes

HP's Mad King Léo ignored Autonomy iceberg, emails claim


Re: Truth somewhere in the middle?


Come on, it was not snake oil, it was not that bad ... yes they paid too much, but they have only themselves to blame for that. The autonomy deal should have been disastrous for us, as we compete with autonomy, however, HP failed to push it ... THAT is not autonomy's fault, it is HP's. They now claim that they were defrauded, however, it is down to poor marketing, if you ask me. Also, I assume they lost quite some customers because nobody wants HP as a software provider because they discontinue software products left, right, and center.

Somebody convinced HP lower margins (Hardware) is somehow better ...


Re: Truth somewhere in the middle?

>Playing devil's advocate can get very frustrating when you can't tell who's even the devil.

Well, the thing is, when shit hits the fan, we know it came from an a-hole, however, we do not know what caused the a-hole to discharge the quantity nor what caused it to aim at the fan .... there are usually multiple causes to f-up's of this magnitude, so multiple devils.

I am more interested in scapegoats, especially "innocent" ones.

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft


Re: Small Survey.

I cannot say anything about brandwatch, I do not have an account with them, care to share details about your claim ?

This CCN article discusses privacy issues, well, I could not read it without have a video running in the background talking about the best features of Windows 10 - I cut the sound off ...

CNN Windows 10 privacy concerns

The article in question is CNN/ZDNET quality ...

So CNN is advertising for 10, even going as far as pushing concerned users into the bandwagon ...

Win10 PCs still stuck on slow boat from China, warehouses empty


Re: But... according to Microsoft

I know of three more, here ... they looked at it and it looked too much like 8...

Lenovo CEO: We will axe 3,200 workers as our profits shrink to nowt


>"User Experience Improving" junk

Comes free, with every Windows equipped pc, tablet, and phone from the big vendors. They all use the feature in Win8 to make sure the spyware remains on the PC, looks like they are being asked to do this.

How many Win 10 PCs were in distribution the week before launch?


Re: Any good stuff?

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Nuff said.

Outsourcery still losing as much as it turns over


Look at all the funding he managed to get with vapourware.

That is a successful entrepreneur ...

Capita shuns its own £2.5bn framework and touts G-Cloud IT

Thumb Up

>Under CLOne, Capita is responsible for the provision of "interim managers and specialist contractors" across a range of services including IT.

Sounds like an army of window cleaning surface experts.

Got a killer Microsoft or Oracle cloud deal? Start sweating


Re: Nice Article - riddled with crap though

Who in their right mind accepts this bullshit ? Seriously ? Not just Microsoft, Oracle do similar bullshit ... but at least Oracle solutions are "enterprise" worthy.

I tell thee, bite the bullet, go FS and tell these b@st@rds to take a hike.


Re: and another thing...

We need that guy's name, so he NEVER EVER gets close to calculators, let alone set top boxes ... Christ, that guy should shoot himself, then again, you need more intellect thn he has to find the trigger.

Microsoft's 'loss leader' Office 365 pricing strategy? NO THANKS



Beat me to it ... although was about to take it further ... Microsoft cannot compete with anybody on price, except maybe Oracle Database ... but then again, their Access daemon can barely hold up with anything on the market today, even if they offered it free of charge, shit, they already do ...

... the only reason you have Windows server is because you have office, which means you think you have to have Exchange, which, again, requires AD ... now, AD in the cloud, Office in the cloud ... what the F are you doing with Windows server in your data center ?

I know, AD and Exchange in the cloud is madness ... then again, if you have MS software, you are "one step beyond" help anyway.

Happy 2nd birthday, Windows 8 and Surface: Anatomy of a disaster


Windows 10 DataSense

Windows 10 finally ships with DataSence, for those on dial-up.


Re: Pulled off on MS Office?

>Oh MS knew full well that people didn't like the Metro interface, they went out-of-their-way in Beta to disable the Registry Keys and other ways beta users made to boot direct to desktop. They ignored multiple calls for an option to enable the start-menu, etc. MS earned the whopping it got from the Win8 launch fiasco.

And the very reason those reg keys existed was for Microsoft employees to disable the crap ...


Re: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...

Last time I tried Windows 8 and attempted to install a program I first had to find an installer for the platform I was using (32-bit, 64-bit). Then I had to decide from a swathe of nonsensical file types, zip, exe (with no explanation of what they meant or do). Finally I had to go through the rigmorole of 'unpacking' them, and typing a load of cryptic command to try try to complete the install.

On Windows:

Google > skip ads in result, skip unsafe websites > search again with "official" suffix > skip ads > locate official website > locate download section > find the bittiness of windows release > locate correct download button amongst a gazillion "fake" download buttons > wait > wait > wait > locate file and execute it > find out you need .Net 3.1, where you have 3.5, locate that on Microsoft website (alternative, you need some obscure c++ runtime) > install runtime > install the other app, untick unwanted toolbars, remove from startup folder/Run registry key > enjoy.

On linux:

ui: Software > search > Install

cli: {yum|apt-get} install <program>


Re: Windows 10 is fugly

Anyone who hates Vista has to hate 7 ... because it is the same shit - the only thing they fixed between the two is a humongous memory allocation bug that affected Vista.

Windows 7 is dog slow, compared to my Linux box on outdated hardware, or Windows 2k for that matter. Boot time of 2k is long, I grant you that ... but not nearly as long as it takes Windows 7 to "prepare a file copy". I do not know about you, but I happen to copy files more often than reboot ...

I agree with you on w2k, XP probably had USB2 and "wifi manager", however, the windows firewall is crap. Note, also, that it was introduced in SP2 ... XP needed twice as much RAM as Windows 2000, at launch, all that for a FisherPrice ui. There was only one year between the release of the two.

Toshiba: We'll STAY in PCs! We'll just axe a few bods


Toshiba do not need marketing, that is throwing cash out da window ... they need good sales guyz that funnel laptops onto the shelves.

Not that I would get one, I avoid the Microsoft tax like the pest.

They have brand recognition - Joe Public "knows" (or "thinks", YMMV) that Toshiba laptops are well made reliable kit.

Microsoft confirms Surface NOT DEAD YET, next-gen version coming

Paris Hilton

Rumors of it being axed get denied by Redmond who promises a new version soon ... do they want to kill surface pro3 ? They are trying hard, they should have said: "Sales exceeded our expectations, why would we want to can it ?" (obviously without admitting the precise number of units shipped or the expected volume of shipments) Gates was good at this shit, back in the day ... BSOD? That is why we are not shipping it yet.

Paris, could even she is better at PR ...

Microsoft: Yeah, about that 50% post-Christmas customer price hike...


Ubuntu support is $105/y per seat for desktops, including client (productivity) software,

$165/y for workstations. Office alone is more expensive than that.


Where, oh where are all the Microsoft-only shopkeepers when you need them ?

Linux is already cheaper than Windows, so I guess this will not change anything. Window cleaners pay as Redmond demands and shut up.

Then again, most Windows-only shopkeepers do not understand the dangers of moving to the cloud ... so they might follow Microsoft to Office360. I must admit that you then have the best disaster recovery plan on the planet ... if the NSA is willing to give you a copy of your data, that is.

How much is Microsoft earning from its Android taxes again?


> And more importantly, is it really anything more than FAT/FAT32?

FAT patents have expired; that is why they are coming along with exFAT, these days.

NHS delivers swift kick to Microsoft's wallet over fee demands


> most external applications struggle to run properly in anything other than ie6

Well, since that is no longer supported, I wonder how they do it ... I mean XP is dead, is it not ?

Crap, I forgot, NHS still has not managed to migrate all to newer systems ... time to switch to linux where possible and switch to LibreOffice.


I call crap ... spine was developed by BT, kick them in the balls and request a version compatible with firefox and you are done.

I assume spine supports ie6 only, right ? If not, I am sure you can get it to work properly in chrome with user agent extension.


Re: What Does Microsoft Have To Offer

@David Kelly

I upvoted, but all software has bugs ... the rest of your comment is OK, though ;-)


Re: Ransom

@ Bluenose

I call crap on your comment:

>Sorry but your post highlights your lack of knowledge about the NHS.

Mainly because I work for a supplier of healthcare products, it is a patient record and Xray/CT/whatever scanner images management solution. It supports ie and firefox, so you can connect to it from FreeBSD or OpenIndiana if you so wish.

The only systems that need windows are those that are directly connected to the specialized hardware. All secretary's, doctor's, nurse's, backoffice systems can of course run whatever you want. I am not saying replace the Windows box that controls the CT scanner, for example, however, all the other systems can be Linux/FreeBSD/Whatever.

We are really big in the US with our healthcare products, I assume we are too multiplatform for the NHS. We have the biggest medical institutions in the US as customers .... go figure.

Former Azzurri project manager who stole £1.3m ordered to pay back £146k


In France

Here, they confiscate belongings of anybody, even foreign nationals, if they think they were related to crime.

The Equatorial Guinea culture minister earned a smashing 5k or such a month and had big houses/flats across France, also in Paris, and Ferraris, Bentleys, you name it galore. He happens to be the son of the Guinean president. Well, French authorities thought that his wealth was not "honestly earned" and confiscated the lot ... all of his belongings in France.

They sold the wundercars as they lose too much value too quickly, pending investigation.

In French, but the sound of an engine is the same in France ... ;-)


'25,000 Windows Server 2003 boxes' must be upgraded A DAY to meet OS support death date


Admins have the choice:

1. Install Linux, a decade worth of support with incremental updates until hardware dies or becomes completely obsolete

2. Trash hw, buy new hardware, buy new server OS license

I do not know why, but too many seem to chose option 2.

Watch out! KILLER HP firmware update bricks ProLiant server mobos


Here I was thinking window cleaners always want a support contract. Note that that, when shit hits the fan, does not alleviate the problem at all ... who cares when a 1500-employee company is hit by a bug and calls Microsoft ? Certainly not the MS support department as all they'll say is please reboot all computers three times in 3 minute intervals and call us back ... are you sure you waited EXACTLY 3 minutes between reboots ? Coz not 5 seconds more or less ... 3 minutes sir, go try again.

And now, here, you say there are un-reliant Server customers without a maintenance contract ? Hell must be freezing ...

BB10's 'dated' crypto lets snoops squeeze the juice from your BlackBerry – researcher


Great, let's see if the 10.3 update comes with new encryption protocols, really looking forward to it.

As for the rest here, I know why I use a blackberry z30 and most of you do not, as I have written repeatedly in the past. Look up my comments before you down vote, might learn something.

Ballmer: 'Microsoft would have a stronger position if I could redo the last TEN YEARS'


ballmer did great

He did exactly what was asked, kill MS.

Ppl want freedom on their devices, do what they please, install what they want... MS Cannot cater for this though, MS had to go, exactly what Ballmer initiated, thanks for that !

Sent from my Z30....

BlackBerry brings back call, end keys, touchpad to Q20 keyboard cutie


snap ?

The whole point, for me at least, to own a BB10 device is to keep the NSA From logging my mistresses details and avoiding handing other personal details to advertisers.... what is the point of installing android apps? I dunno...

Besides, Android apps can access all your contacts, send sms'... you name it, on blackberry, I have choice for bb10 apps, I allow/disallow privs and am usually quite paranoid... I only ever use basic app features anyway so I don't need to allow the app crazy shit, no 3rd party app gets access to my contacts, I do not know about you guyz ... careful or sorry?

Sent from a z30

Get Quake III running on Raspberry Pi using Broadcom's open-source GPU drivers, earn $10K


@2 noLifes above moaning about perf

Go and read-up on RaspberryPi before you comment on an article next time or use the joke icon, no scrap that, you were not even funny.

Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can


What about BES12, announced the other day?

BES 12 Does not yet support Windows phone (an update is inbound) but does other devices including IOS, Android, old and new blackberry's... in fact, TBH, it is two years late, but relatively a bargain, iiuc.

Samsung leaps out of volume PC game as UK market crashes


Re: Re:New PC? No thank you - corrections

>Apple lock away your work, property and your indentity so that it'll be unusable on anyone elses hardware / software as well as ransoming it back out to you under the guise of a premium rate.

How do they ransom you ? What do you mean with lockin ?

Don't get me wrong, I am not a fanboy, but seriously what do you mean ? I use Openoffice on all my platforms at home (Linux, Mac OS and Windows) and never had any issues with work/property/etc ... My music is in flac and vlc plays that pretty well, along with all my mkv's and vob's (from purchased DVD/BD's) and some in other formats purchased online.

Platform independence is possible with FOSS software. Funnily enough, Mac OS X and Linux beat the Windows boxen when it comes to NAS I/O, considering it is SMB.

Vendor lock-in these days only occurs because you choose it. Try and use a PST file on Linux, yes, there are tools, but still - troublesome. MBOX? no issues whatsoever ... think different, think FOSS.

Totally agree on Google/MS, though.

Sony set to axe 5,000 workers worldwide as it flings PC biz overboard


Re: TV and DLNA

Just like XBox, infact, xbox cannot even access a SAMBA share ... you need to have a windows media system ... I obviously have one in one locked room on the other side of my flat, but my hd's are next to the TV and xbox, full of vids (mostly) and ~ 200Gb of flacs, some mp3's etc ...

Now, the fun thing is, the windows system is hooked up to my shares (wifi) and I can import the content into windows media neuter, with codecs and all that shit (I guess), leaving it on the share because the lappy does not have a big enough hd, and access the shit via media center ... but it is just stupid to have your data fly over your network multiple times ...

Thank god I have a decent Linux media center in my bd drive that I "rent" from my ISP (included in the package)

Back to the subject:

You want a decent looking laptop? you now have one brand to choose from, Apple.

No, no, no, no, no, no, Thinkpads are not nice, poorly designed (the looks part) look at a macbook pro ... HP are flogging shit that looks simlar, with cases in cheap plastic !@#$ They do not get it ... some people like nicely designed stuff, like designer sofas, tables chairs etc ... they have to look sleek, well built, durable, and can be priced anywhere.

Like cars, a Ford or Fiat might have the same number of hp, seats, doors, you name it, it will certainly not look better than a German car, I am talking of course Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes (not Opel for obvious reasons, GM) - Germans put a lot of effort into making the car look esthetic ... you might not like the looks, I do not like BMW style, but I recognize the effort that has been put into the looks ... now, some people look for the same in computing and previously would get either Sony or Apple, period - now they are stuck with Apple.

And sorry, in comparison, Thinkpads are the Fiat Multipla's.

I am talking rich people, the kind that have Porsche and/or A8 cabrios in the garage for when the sun shines ...

NHS website hit by MASSIVE malware security COCKUP


Re: "Routine security checks alerted us to this problem on Monday morning"

The pages probably caused 587 errors originally, until some dev looked at it, "Wat the fuck, this is a false positive" (dev also oversaw the superfluous "s") and circumvented the error.

Happens a lot, you know ...

Windows 8.1 becomes world's fourth-most-popular desktop OS


Re: Full list of OS percentages

How old is that list ? Windows 8 is not even in it and the latest Mac OS X is 10.6 ...

Apple and Android split Santa's stash, go on Xmas PC and tab high


In the UK, Microsoft sold 124,000 Surfaces – up from 90 in 2012. You read that correctly: 90 Surfaces were sold in the whole of the UK in the fourth quarter of 2012.

KC engineer 'exposed unencrypted spreadsheet with phone numbers, user IDs, PASSWORDS'


Re: Paranoia afoot!

>If you think someone who speaks to people all day could give two shits about looking into your emails about amazon newsletters and junk mail.

How much are 15000 legitimate email addresses/passwords worth on the black market?

Can you plug a USB stick into your workstation or send out encrypted zip files?

I mean, ppl who get sacked might have a copy reader to sell...

So no, no matter what, A COMPANY SHOULD NEVER HAVE YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD AVAILABLE, À way to reset it, certainly, but no more. This is simply basic security policy - please leave IT If you disagree, you should not be in the industry - I heard they are looking for window cleaners in Hull.

You're fired: Lord Sugar offloads faded PC builder Viglen to XMA


Re: Lets be honest

Anything that accepts the "sir" title is scum, period.

I know it is "hype" to be posh, I have manners, when I speak, people say I speak like the queen, I learned English with the BBC, overseas, and I loath the posh with a passion. It is all about appearance, absolutely no manners, no political awareness ...


I never understood why schools do not use a RAM-based OS, like slax Linux .... install it on the hard drive, copy2ram by default, after a lesson reboot in seconds, the OS is as was ... no undoing script kiddies bs ... but then again, who am I ?

Windows with the many holes and spyware/adware is so much better ....

Pre-Xmas phone numbers: Apple slips, Windows Phone grabs 1 in 10 new sales


If surface is as good as this fellow says, why do sales not pick up ?

When will LibreOffice/OpenOffice get their act together, freeze new features and decide to fix the last bugs there are - MS say that their life-support is Office, I wanna see Office market share slide like IE's!

Mozilla: Native code? No, it's JavaScript, only it's BLAZING FAST


I love those C fanbois ... our language is more complex and harder to maintain than yours, so it is better ...

... an initial underscore already conveys strong feelings of magicalness to a C programmer. - Larry Wall


Re: Just think - this could have been VBscript

"JavaScript is a hilarious language"


"So is C++. It's just the joke isn't actually funny."

Go try Groovy, especially XML parsing - now that is funny!