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Microsoft beats cloud drum as revenues remain solid but flat


Re: Nyah Nyah.

Who'll support your open-source project if you go that route then? OSS = no responsibility for when it all breaks down, heartbleed style. Really, the larger the project the more important it becomes that someone will actually guarantee your stuff will work and despite all the licensing hassle, it's a small price compared to having no guarantees your project will even work now & in the future too.


Re: milking the enterprise

There's plenty of reason to use MS server tech - given it's all from a single vendor it works very well together and has support from a single point of contact. IIS/.Net/SQL Server/Active Directory - open-source doesn't come close to the tight integration these huge products have, nor in fact any one vendor to support them all. There's huge value there.

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 updates also tweak Windows Server 2012


Clearly The beginning of the end of Microsoft.

I too pick my server OS based purely on the GUI.

How Microsoft can keep Win XP alive – and WHY: A real-world example


You can receive patches

If you've got a Premier support contact + you pay even more on top of that, XP will remain supported and patched for you. It's just not happening for free anymore, which after 13 years is reasonable I think.

Azure is Microsoft's billion-dollar baby – maybe

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Re: Microsoft the Destroyer

....and yet, their profits went up 18% from this time last year. For a company that is a complete flop in your book, that's pretty impressive. Money talks....

Windows Server 2012 kicks ass: discuss


Re: expect FUDD from Microsoft dupes

All of your examples are based on Windows 2003 and none of them even close to 2012. Next up, recompiling your kernel every time you change background wallpaper still sucks in 2012....oh wait...


You are mistaken

Microsoft.com HTTP Header Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.0.

Nice try though.