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Errant update borks Samsung 850 Pro SSDs


There is no room for additional HDs in a Laptop to run a RAID setup.

My 850 pro fell victim of the firmware issue last Friday and yes I had a backup of my system. But the failed firmware rendered the SSD completely useless as it would no longer be recognized in a computer bios. The drive was listed with a corrupted name and could not be accessed to restore a backup to it. Someone did post a hack online that could restore the SSD bios if one had a functional second SSD of the same type available.

So, while I have no pity for folks who do not maintain proper backups of their systems, this issue still required the SSD to be returned for repair or replacement. There are folks out there who don't have replacement SSD's available so this was a real PITA issue.

fwiw I've done many MANY firmware updates on all sorts of hardware (motherboards, SSDs, DVD Burners, etc..) and this is the first time I've hit a problem like this. I guess it was just my turn ;-)


Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus


Netbooks were never given a chance to succeed.

Netbooks needed 2GB RAM with Windows Home and a 120GB SSD. I can live with a 600px high screen. But with 1GB Ram, a slow HD, and a crippled OS the user experience was pretty poor.

I'm using a old Gateway LT2016u (aka Acer Aspire One D250) in which I installed the above upgrade and I now find myself without an upgrade path. It's hard to find anything with similar specs at a reasonable price.

Had the user experience been better I'm sure Netbooks would have been much more popular.



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