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UK NHS 850k Reply-all email fail: State health service blames Accenture



Really disapointed that The Reg hasn't caught up with the times, they only have a 'reply' button on their forums, please can we have a 'reply all' button?

UK Home Secretary signs off on Lauri Love's extradition to US


He doesn't help himself..

He isn't doing much to help his case by way of the second tweet shown in the article. Doesn't exactly say he is sorry for what he has done.

NHS IT bod sends test email to 850k users – and then responses are sent 'reply all'


Mobile data bill

I hope the NHS mobile data deal is a good one when staff sync their phones

Brexit judgment could be hit for six by those crazy Supreme Court judges, says barrister


Re: No IT angle

No IT angle?

A massive impact on IT given that most technology companies have put up their prices by 10% because of the £/$ exchange rate.

You have to wonder why the Government didn't check that acting on the referendum would meet legislation before they kicked it all off.

DVLA misses out on £400m in tax after scrapping paper discs


Robbing b@stards

My old car cost £45 a month in car tax, direct debit taken on the first payment of the month, sold on 3rd of the month, new car £30 a year, so they mugged me off for the £45.

However the dealer did get me to tax the vehicle when I picked it up, great, why not make that mandatory?

I think the Pokemon Go idea is great, have an augmented reality app that can read a number plate, report the GPS location and credit your bank account with £5 for each untaxed car you find. Big benefit for public health as a load of obese snoopers get out to earn £5 a time and the obese people don't look like a bunch of dicks chasing Pokemon. Everyone's a winner.

The curious case of a wearables cynic and his enduring fat bastardry


Re: Do you even lift?

I wouldn't mind betting that tractor tyres cost far more than £150.

Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung


A film for the new generation

A film for the Pokemon Go generation.... need I say more

Free Wi-Fi for the NHS, promises health secretary Jeremy Hunt


Re: What a bunch of tw@ts

"Clearly you're so gainfully employed that you have time to criticise but not enough time to practice what you preach!"

I am gainfully employed, which is why I posted this out of work time, and this comment in my lunch break :)

A lot of hospitals had signed up for 10 year contracts with the Hospicom type systems where patients are fleeced to watch TV and as someone had mentioned there are contractual T&C's about not offering competing services.... this is just another mess that Jeremy Hunt has thought would boost the morale of patients... am sure more patients would prefer free parking.

Star Wars Battlefront: Is this the shooter you’re looking for?


My son bought this for me for my birthday, I was instantly transformed back to the Odeon, Southend on Sea in 1977, it's immersive with great graphics and sound.

My only man is the guns which all seem to be the same and need about 100 shots on target to kill anyone, either that or I am a crap shot.

Get an Apple Watch or die warns Tim Cook


Perhaps his elevated heart rate was because he realised that his battery was just about to run out on his watch

Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'


A Googolplexian of gaffs

The NHS pays up to NINE TIMES over trade price for commodity kit


Re: Why?

This assumes they are:

A: allowed to connect their laptop to a network in the building they are giving the presentation


B: have mobile coverage a lot of buildings in our County have very poor mobile coverage

Brilliant, wish I had thought of this........................

And once they have achieved either of the above they might not be allowed to connect it to the projector in the lecture theatre

Unfortunately in the real world in which we work both of the above are real possibilities


Re: Why?

So a Consultant is giving a presentation to a hall of Consultants in a University. The presentation contains patient information and the patient has given consent. How does he get the presentation onto the PC in the lecture theatre in the University given that you cannot transmit any PID to non NHS mail approved mail addresses?

Perhaps I have missed something within the IT world over the past 20 years?


Re: Why?

Why do the NHS need USB flash drives? Shows how little you know.....

Medical staff often work at different sites managed by different NHS organisations or consultants have to give presentations at conferences. All our USB drives are encrypted and USB ports are protected to stop staff writing to unencrypted drives so there is no risk of data loss.

Our procurement department are fairly flexible, as long as we follow our standing financial instructions we can procure from any supplier for small items and quantities.

Alien Ninja Fembot Pirates vs the Jedi SAS Chuck Norris startroopers: RUMBLE


What no mention of....

How about Ewoks? They managed to defeat an army of Heavily armed storm troopers. OK so the fight would have to take place in a forest. Any scenario with water in it would be a non starter as their fur would weigh them down, fur would also hinder them in a desert arena. Veet anyone?

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf



So the only thing they really managed to destroy in the video was a model plane? I guess that's useful if Hamleys ever declare war on the U.S.

Useless 'computer engineer' Barbie fired in three-way fsck row


Re: I don't think this is sexist.

At least the book was written by a female writer or the feminists would have had a field day.

In reality how many games designers code as well?

Why has a child's book got so much media coverage aren't there more important things to worry about?

NHS XP patch scratch leaves patient records wide open to HACKERS


A voice of reason at last.


Re: And

Oh, so PC's can only get viruses if they are connected to the Internet, so I have been worried about viruses that spread via LAN for no reason.... Phew

Neil Young touts MP3 player that's no Piece of Crap


Re: Obligatory xkcd

The iPhone doesn't have a standardised charger

Whitehall and Microsoft negotiate NHS Windows XP hacker survival plan


Obviously a lot of people posting who have never worked in the NHS

I work in an IT department of a large Acute Hospital Trust. We will not hit the deadline of April to migrate away from XP, but will finish migrating all 3700 machines by the end of May.

We have over 300 applications, each department usually has its own piece of software specifically for its own modality and many of these are what has caused a delay.

We have some software which will not work on Windows 7, the vendors have long since gone out of business or want to charge a lot of money to make it Win 7 compatible.

The biggest issue we have faced is the difference in XP user profiles to Windows 7 and clinicians roaming across the site on different PC's.

However we have the budget to upgrade all PC's so they are capable of running Win 7 and beyond, so are in a good place compared to other Trusts.

One thing no one has mentioned is about replacing PC's when they die. As of April all the new HP PC's will not come with XP drivers, how do people get round this issue?

Whoever mentioned NPfIT as a replacement for all these systems is wrong, it was only ever designed to deliver a PAS, it was never going to replace all the departmental systems.

I had worked in previous NHS organisations where there was no regular patching of PC's or servers aside service packs as there was a worry about breaking something so they are going to be in no worse a position come April than they were before.

London Boroughs join forces in mighty £1bn IT procurement framework


Another large contract awarded on the basis of turnover, doesn't matter if the company makes a loss then? When will they learn?

2e2 cloud cash fiasco puts NHS IT and biz 'over a barrel'


no one has mentioned...

The NHS IT service is probably one of the most complex you can work in due to the hundreds of different clinical systems in use.

One thing that no one has mentioned is where clinical systems are hosted by suppliers, what protection is there then, you don't have the option of hosting jointly eleswhere.

This whole fiasco needs to be in the national press as a huge wakeup call for everyone.

Whilst some criticise the NHS IT managers for this, a lot of decisions to outsource were made by financial directors as a cost cutting excercise, who paid hundreds of thousands to consultancy companies to recommend this strategy, just Google Sussex Partnership and 2E2 to see who the culprits are.

"Healthcare specialists xxxxxxx Consulting supported the Trust throughout this service transition including complex multi-agency stakeholder engagement, requirements specification, the OJEU procurement process and the subsequent commercial negotiation and transition of services to 2e2"

And yet this company is still bragging about the fact on their website trying to sucker other NHS organisations into the same disasterous decisions

Stricken 2e2 threatens data centres: Your money or your lights


Its like me having a Jessie J CD and then putting through our CD shredder (possibly a good idea) is not relevant, doesn't affect copyright or IP

Stricken 2e2 sacks 627, winds down, retains a few data centre caretakers



People are still saying "someone will come along and buy the Sussex Partnership contract as its worth £37m" when will people within the NHS realise that no one will buy a contract if there is no profit to be made from it. The public sector is hung up on turnover, not profit, profitability is an alien concept to the NHS.

NHS IT bods 'walk out' in pay row with crashed UK tech giant 2e2


Re: Stop Outsourcing things!

I can't believe someone has the nerve to hold up the Olympics outsource as an example of how it works well.... Where were they when military staff were having to be used because the outsource company had not fulfilled its contract?


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