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Open source versus Microsoft: The new rebellion begins

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Schleswig War

came for the best of three jokes. Disappointed.

How to get banned from social media without posting a thing

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Commentards and teh socials

been away for a while (working on the 'rigs). Good to see that commentards who don't do social media are still as much fun as yorkies, vegans, or middle class wankers who don't own a telly

Google reveals version control plus not expecting zero as a value caused Gmail to take an inconvenient early holiday

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Re: Yet again - zero bounds checking

>> testing should not only check the results of what should happen, but also the results of what should not.

Nonsense, ...weil nicht sein kann, was nicht sein darf...

World+dog share in collective panic attack as Google slides off the face of the internet

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Re: Youtube usable via incognito mode

So back to looking for amusing cat videos everyone :)

Pussy Galore!

Things can't go on like this. You need to get fit for the sake of your health. I'm going to write you a prescription for... an e-bike

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Re: Circular routes, downhill all the way

he's probably ok for day rides

How do you run a military court over Zoom? With 28 bullet points and a ceremonial laptop flunkey, of course!

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fmotl ftw

Whatever happened to the right of defending yourself face-2-face as in UK law and ECHR, not by a video link ?

ShiRLey tHe seNIOr sERviCe, aT lEasT, opERateS unDEr aDMIRALTy LAW?

NASA to send Perseverance, a new trundle bot, and Ingenuity, the first interplanetary helicopter, to sniff out life on Mars in July

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Re: Perseverance, really?

I'd have gone for Gary, after my pet axolotl

Customers of Brit ISP Virgin Media have downloaded an extra 325GB since March, though we can't think why

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Re: Paging "private browsing"

audio streaming your mother's got a penis

Amazon's not saying its warehouse staff are dumb... but it feels they need artificial intelligence to understand what 'six feet' means

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Re: What this is really going to be used for

Are you having a stroke or something? Should we send help?

In case you need more proof the world's gone mad: Behold, Apple's $699 Mac Pro wheels

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Re: Re Cycle Wheels

"Sometimes I think cycling is the new Hi-Fi in the sense of "How Much?""

I am not sure you have been on the Hifi forums recently.

Nor you on bike forums.

1 Create sock puppet account

2 Post thread on cycling forum asking for tips on chain maintenance

3 ?

4 Profit

I mean, helment threads blow up quicker but I'm not a monster

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Re: Re Cycle Wheels

there is definitely some cross-over. Cycle-tech is very fond of religious wars and received wisdom/voodoo and snake oil. However, if cycling is the new anything, it is the new golf as any fule kno

Bose shouts down claims that it borked noise cancellation firmware to sell more headphones

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Re: Audiophiles

can hear the difference between wires of different colour so naturally they will hear the intentional degradation leading up to product replacement

It's an obvious take but surely no self-respecting(!) audiophool would be seen dead slumming it in headphones that cost as little as USD350, nor that come from as mainstream a brand as Bose. That is the territory of the kind of chap with oxygen contaminating his metals.

UK enters almost-lockdown: Brits urged to keep calm and carry on – as long as it doesn't involve leaving the house

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Re: Keep Calm and ...

"... Bring Out your Dead."

I'm not dead!

You. Have. To. Leave. A. Note. If. You. Aten't.

More than a billion hopelessly vulnerable Android gizmos in the wild that no longer receive security updates – research

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Re: "... calls for manufacturers to be open about how long they will support devices"

imagine owning a house that needed the builders to come in several times a month to fix the plumbing, the electrics, the gas pipes, the windows, the roof tiles. Would you be happy with that?

I take it that you need to imagine this scenario because it sounds like you have never bought a new-build house from a volume builder in the UK.

Microservices guru warns devs that trendy architecture shouldn't be the default for every app, but 'a last resort'

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If your underlying work product is shit it doesn't make much difference which methodology you use to deliver its implementation.

My whole career is pretty much built on clearing up after people who fail to realise this so thank god for idiots.*

* Don't worry, I more than pay my dues in maintaining the sum of human idiocy.

We regret to inform you there are severe delays on the token ring due to IT nerds blasting each other to bloody chunks

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Re: Werther's Originals

I am now happy to view any puppies you may have upstairs

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Re: Werther's Originals

Oi, keep your 1990s rebranded sweets off my lawn please. I expect you think you are too good for mint humbugs or something.

Increasingly how I look --->

Samsung cops to data leak after unsolicited '1/1' Find my Mobile push notification

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When I worked for a bank, their official response/notification to the public about any outage was always "a small number of customers may be affected", This was even the case when an entire datacentre went black and NO ONE could connect to the website or use internet banking at all.

Well, if you start from an assumption that only a small number of people are using internet banking at any given time then there is some basis for the claim. If you looked at access logs for the period to try and put a number on it they aren't going to contradict you by definition.

Hey, corp comms isn't so hard after all

How many times do we have to tell you? A Tesla isn't a self-driving car, say investigators after Apple man's fatal crash

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Re: Heretic!

I too would like my car to drive me to work while I sleep in the back, drop me off at work, go off and find a parking space somewhere, then come back to pick me up and take me home.

Me too, although I think just occasionally I would like it to call me in sick and drive me to Las Vegas to hook up with Raoul Duke as a nice surprise

If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now: Brexit tea towel says it'll just be the gigabit broadband

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Re: Drying

doesn't everyone (apart from the non-had washers)?

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Since when did a hedgerow need gigabit broadband?

Since paper based pr0norgraphy died out. Presumably this will also drive the uptake of IP rated viewing terminals

...Damn you Roj Blake for beating me too it

Good news, everyone: The US military says it will be ethically minded about how it develops AI

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Re: But!


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Re: Why am I not comforted...

it doesn't say that it won't source from Cyberdyne Systems?

or OCP

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

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Re: Sigh.

Yes, but let's pretend that what you mean is 25 mph, not 15mph on clear long stretches of road, which is actually what infuriates other drivers.

I find that a significant minority of drivers are consistently infuriated up to about 35 in a 30 zone (an environment that could reasonably expect to be a 20 zone in many UK towns and cities

Forcing us to get consent before selling browser histories violates our free speech, US ISPs claim

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How public-spirited of these ISPs to draw their customers' attention to the fact they can't be trusted with those customers' data.

Those ISPs can certainly expect to haemorrhage savvy customers to their more privacy-conscious competitors and if there were any small pockets of territory where a competitor was not available then at least the FCC can be expected to step in to manage the situation.

When the air gap is the space between the ears: A natural gas plant let ransomware spread from office IT to ops

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Re: I'm seeing a lot more malware deliveries

If the township will let me put a big-@$$ tank in my backyard, maybe it's time to switch all my NG systems (cooking, heat, hot water) to propane. And then get a propane-fired generator for when the electric goes down also.

Can I interest you in any accessories?

Don't use natwest.co.uk for online banking, Natwest bank tells baffled customer

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Re: URL Shortener

I've had far too many bad experiences with them and promised myself I'd never knowingly use them again

You are the demographic they are chasing wither their URL shorteners

C'mon SPARCky, it's just an admin utility update. What could possibly go wrong?

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The cartridge doesn't have spindles though. It only has reels.

So are you saying I just need to crack teh disk enclosure, remove the platters and my removable drive backup is golden?

Can AI-enhanced virtual sports presenters do the job? It's a big ask

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...based on lots of statistical analysis of previous stuff I said

That would be quite easy for me. Mostly it would stay silent then, near the end of the meeting it would apologise for only just realising that the mic was on mute. I would take steps to ensure the video AI was not trained by actual experience should it ever be accidentally activated

Uncle Sam tells F-35B allies they'll have to fly the things a lot more if they want to help out around South China Sea

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Re: !!!

>>The F35 is never going to go into combat against any modern airforce

That sounds like the best outcome.

It might be if it were not also available for weddings and (not) bar mitsvahs

Built to last: Time to dispose of the disposable, unrepairable brick

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Re: this report found shit all over $artefact$

you might want to boil it first.

My takeaway from these reports that clutch their pearls as they trill that 'fa[e]cal matter" or "more bacteria than a toilet seat" was discovered all over smartphones or work desks where all too many of us eat lunch is that I might as well save myself another twenty minutes and combine eating lunch with taking a dump at work since since I haven't contracted food poisoning either from my smartphone or from my (even dirtier apparently) desk so far.

But don't worry, I know not to verbalise these thoughts out loud at work

Former Autonomy boss Mike Lynch 'submits himself' for arrest in central London

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Re: equal justice for all

The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread. - Anatole France

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Re: Trade deal - test for the UK government

What's a "DH"?

Dear/Darling Husband. I always assumed there was a bigger crossover between commentards and MumsNutters

Researchers reckon 500k PCs infested with malware after dodgy downloads install even more nasties from Bitbucket

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Re: Instant karma

Serif Affinity software:

Looks nice, anyone got any links to cracks for this?

Yahoo! hack! payout! nearly! approved! and! the! question! is! how! to! spend! 60! cents!?

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compo face

Not being strictly licensed for legal practice myself, I am instead running a claims management service for yahoo! customers who can't be bothered with all that form filling nonsense but still fancy some free money (less my percentage natch)

Obviously some marks commentards are not stupid enough too sophisticated to need this service. To them, I can offer a MLM affiliate programme franchise of my service to enable them to be burned of some help to further yahoo! customers.

You're welcome

Whirlybird-driving infosec boss fined after ranty Blackpool Airport air traffic control antics

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Re: fined £1,600 plus £870 in legal costs


Ronnie Pickering?

WannaCry ransomware attack on NHS could have triggered NATO reaction, says German cybergeneral

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Re: NATO response

>>... infers a military response which infers a targeted response against a state or individual actors.

Isn't one of the issues that 'they' have no real idea of the where or who to target? It has been touted to be "The Norks" or "The Chinese" or "The Russians" but maybe five blokes in a bedsit in Basingstoke routing stuff around the world. Are we just going to lob missiles indiscriminately at a few million square miles of inhabited land hoping that we hit a 'responsible' person?

Printing out a screenshot of a ransomwared machine is going to be a lot cheaper than commissioning a WMD report so at least there is a cost saving in generating shonky excuses for dodgy military excursions.

Don't let him look at the evidence------>

It's been one day since Blighty OK'd Huawei for parts of 5G – and US politicians haven't overreacted at all. Wait, what? Surveillance state commies?

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Re: "government intervention to create an alternative to Huawei"

State sponsored industry - isn't that the actual definition of Socialism?

nah, that would be free-at-the-point-of-use healthcare and such. What's being described is crony-capitalism. The best kind as any fule kno.

Remember when Europe’s entire Galileo satellite system fell over last summer? No you don’t. The official stats reveal it never happened

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Re: European Space SLAs

# "Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?

That's not my department" say Wernher von Braun #

Keg-xistential issues: Fullers pours away £10m Infor ERP system after selling brewing business

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nice work if you can get it

I was having a conversation earlier about unscrupulous workers we have known doing such things as insisting that the MS Patches need to be checked on the whole estate on a Sunday at overtime rates despite being deployed by a CM tool that has that reporting built in, or the guy who pulled the same sort of stunt checking a reg value on hundreds of VDIs by remoting into each of them with regedit instead of scripting it but these large ERP system resellers really take the biscuit

Ooh, watch out Google. You've got competition. Verizon has a new 'privacy-focused' search engine

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It has also been trying to shift its image from a stodgy, boring broadband provider to a hip, kombucha-drinking, new media giant. Three years ago, it bought Yahoo! and two years before that, AOL, in a ham-fisted effort to woo millennials away from Facebook and Google

This happened three or four times whilst reading that ^ paragraph ---------------------->

I'm still suspicious that Verizon might be an art student's piece of performance art

Remember that Sonos speaker you bought a few years back that works perfectly? It's about to be screwed for... reasons

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Re: "Remember that Sonos speaker you bought a few years back that works perfectly?"

What, no oxygen-free?

I simply retain the services of a full symphony orchestra for when I want to reproduce music at home. I don't think they have a model number as-such. I did experiment with an oxygen free environment one time after reading some back issues of What Hifi but it wasn't very successful to say the least

Whoa, whoa... Tesla slams brakes on allegations of 'unintended acceleration' bug: 'Completely false and was brought by a short-seller'

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Re: The Harder I Pressed The Brake, The Faster It Went

I once had a terrifying couple of seconds pumping the clutch to the floor, thinking it was the brake.

Borrowing an automatic and depressing the clutch pedal as you approach the first junction gave me a big surprise. Fortunately a more or less fail-safe mistake

Hospital hacker spared prison after plod find almost 9,000 cardiac images at his home

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Re: Differences...

There was the old case of the local idiots hounding of a paediatrician doctor out of her own home because they mistakenly confused the term with paedophile. So there is some vigilantism although that was 20 years ago now.

And even that is verging on an urban myth in terms of what happened versus later reporting and popular mythology.

Name check for el reg in the linked article.

To catch a thief, go to Google with a geofence warrant – and it will give you all the details

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Re: Doh!

They probably didn't bother with Microsoft's phone department though.

I run a WinPho rental agency for all your communication needs whilst out committing crimez.

Very reasonable rates

You ain't seen me right?--------------------->

You're not Boeing to believe this: Yet another show-stopping software bug found in ill-fated 737 Max airplanes

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Re: FAA trusted Boeing to self verify

...something about bells...

Top Euro court advised: Cops, spies yelling 'national security' isn’t enough to force ISPs to hand over massive piles of people's private data

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>>Yes, but who's going to explain all that to the ERG.

No-one. It's not like they would actually listen.

You both get muddy but the ERG enjoys it then drags the argument down to its level and beats you with experience.

wait, wat?

Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways

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Re: Lifestyle change

so long as the long term average is teh same, I'm happy

What if everyone just said 'Nah' to tracking?

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Re: Two conflated things

I tell a similar story to my partner whenever she sees an 'unexpected' ad popup

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Re: fake DOB

This is exactly what I do. Add to that a unique <email>@my-domain for every vendor/business and it becomes almost too easy to see who is flogging off your data.

here is an even simpler heuristic:

Who is selling my data=everyone