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Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Itty-bitty pyttipanna


Potatoes, meat and pickled beetroot reminds me of red flannel hash, a childhood favourite of mine. It's even simpler than this- throw potatoes and corned beef into a pan, cook until spuds are crispy, add pickled beetroot. The beetroot gives it a slightly alarming magenta colour but adds just the right sour/sweet tang to a dish of stodge. See http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3727/red-flannel-hash

LOHAN acquires aircraft arboreal avoidance algorithm acronyms


Re: How do you detect a tree?

MadHacker, CmdrX3: it's not a magnetic system for avoiding trees, it's a system for avoiding magnetic trees. Ask any RC aviator and they will tell you that any plant-based life form over about 8 feet tall will powerfully attract small flying craft, especially when those flying things are either laden with expensive camera gear or in the hands of children.


I'm with anomalous cowturd:

Penzlien's Automated Nearby Tree Intelligent Evasion System

for being a good acronym and making sense as a name

Vote now for LOHAN's stirring mission patch motto


I think it's a shame "De ebrietate, ingenium" didn't make it onto the list- it hits that sweet spot by being pithy, correct Latin but also easily translatable for an english speaker who knows the word "inebriated".

Cunning Reg reader cracks LOHAN hot coupling condundrum



At the risk of making a brilliantly simple thing a bit less so, would a small magnet on the outside of the copper tube help keep the inserted steel wire pressed against the inside of the tube until the point of release? Seems like it would provide a little friction to help stop the wire from being vibrated out of the tube during ascent but not really impede disconnection.

El Reg rocket squad poised to select Ultimate Cuppa teabag

Thumb Up

Twinings Assam

Twinings Assam gets my vote- a robust flavour means you don't need to brew it for ages and get that bitter, grainy stew that comes from overbrewing a lesser teabag. Ceylon for a slightly milder flavour comes in a close second followed by PG tips for an everyday cuppa.

Fun fact about pyramid bags, they have been shown to produce a discernibly better flavour but only if you open the bag out into a proper tetrahedron shape before brewing. Further research into the morphology of tea enclosures clearly required...

LOHAN teases with quick flash of spaceplane


Kerbal Space Program

... would provide a fun (if not particularly informative) simulation of this design.

What's that? XPlane? Too much like hard work...


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