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Facebook, Google, Twitter are the shady bouncers of the web. They should be fired

Black Helicopters

Re: Society

The problem is; who gets to choose whose speech is worthy? You, dear anonymous internet commenter? Theresa May? Tony Blair? Jeremy Corbyn? A Quango? MI5? A court of appointed technocrats? Trump? Who would you trust to influence what you can read, not just for now, but always?

I think better accountability (and possibly attribution) for what is said is a worthier goal.

Fanbois designing Windows 10 – where's it going to end?


Re: A novel idea?

From the source MS Blog post:

"Don’t worry global Taskbar fans, you can have it your way with just a settings change"

So apparently choice hasn't been deemed as being worse.

LinkedIn: Obviously biz people DON'T use MS Exchange servers. REALLY?


Re: What am I missing here?

But given the tone and headline of the article there is already phone integration at OS level on Windows Phone and as mentioned Outlook Social Connector does this for 2003 and up. It does seem that this time at least it's more catch up for Apple than a snub the other way.

Microsoft gives away more data with SkyDrive upgrade


Everyone is in the same boat

So are you saying Dropbox wouldn't comply with a Government order? This isn't a competitive distinction unless your provider has no assets or business to be leveraged in the US (which is certainly not the big providers). If you are concerned you need to apply at rest encryption to your files.

Twitter clients stay signed in with pre-breach passwords


A compromise

Wouldn't it be better to only revoke tokens for those applications that were authorised between the time of the breach and the password reset being applied?

For all we know they may have the statistics on this and found it to be a very subset of users. Certainly a blanket reset would probably be more frustrating and disconcerting for users while not really achieving any security benefit.

Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?


Worth the money? Depends

I've been using it for a month or so now, and while there aren't a huge number of staggering new features the changes they have made do make it a smoother and more pleasant experience. 2013 is definitely something that benefits a business buying fresh now or a subscription user (what they would prefer you to be anyway). Since businesses often skip a generation anyway the difference from say 2007 is far more enticing.

Here are some new bits not mentioned:

- Animation on cursor movement, selection boxes etc (sure eye candy but nice)

- Cleaned up visual style gives more document room (YMMV)

- Themes and styles cleaned up and made a bit more consistent across the suite

- Proper presenter mode on PowerPoint

- Better online template integration

- Better document navigation in Word

- Outlook has better meeting controls (although somebody in this thread didn't like it)

- A lot of annoying bits & pieces - inconsistencies cleaned up (for example social connector and Hotmail access in Outlook).

- PDF tools

- One big negative you can't publish your calendar to office.com you have to find another provider to sync to (I went with icalcx.com)

I'm sure there is lots of other cool stuff I've not played with (certainly Excel seems to have had some love lavished on it to make things easier). Is it enough to force you to upgrade maybe not but if you have a subscription you'll appreciate it.

P.S. Not part of core Office but Visio finally properly acts like an Office application - and definitely is a worthy upgrade.

IT Angle

Re: ToDo Bar

I found it an improvement personally - especially if your IT guys have set up Exchange properly.