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Quic! Head to the latest Chrome version and try out HTTP/3


Hmmm, sounds like QUIC allows Google to track you more easily...

According to "QUIC at 10,000 feet": "QUIC includes a connection identifier which uniquely identifies the connection to the server regardless of source. This allows the connection to be re-established simply by sending a packet, which always contains this ID, as the original connection ID will still be valid even if the user's IP address changes."

Sounds like another way of tracking you when your IP address changes?

Yeah, yeah, PCs are dead? Ask Texan Mick and his Dell empire if that's the case


Mine's a 10 year old HP Laptop

Alright, I've upgrade the CPU from 2.0GHz to 2.6GHz, upped the RAM to 8GB AND put in an SSD.

It flippin flies now. (WIndows 10, Office 2019, Visual Studio 2019, OoenSCAD, Arduino IDE etc)

(Alright, VS2019 compile times are a bit iffy, but hey)

I reckon it's got a nother 10 years life left in it now.

The best way to screw the competition? Do what they can't, in a fraction of the time


For my Souvenier of these days

I have a representation of SNOOPY in ASCII, on 8-bit paper-tape. Used to print on Line Printers and Teletypes.

Maybe I'm no longer middle-aged (I already have an MR2 just for fun).

Spoiler alert: Google's would-be iPhone killer Pixel 3 – so many leaks


My only gripe with my Gemini PDA, is that when browsing in landscape mode, the web page headings can take up over 50% of the screen estate, making most web sites very cramped. Is there something I'm missing?

But, agreed, bring on Sailfish 3...

Apple hands €14.3bn in back taxes to reluctant Ireland


Apple have been quite clever here...

I assume that by putting the money into escrow, they will no longer be accruing interest bills against them. So if the whole legal wrangle does take a decade or so, Apple will not have any more interest to pay.

Judge: Georgia's e-vote machines are awful – but go ahead and use them


Re: Bollocks

But Americans are stupid. Who the fuck do you think voted in Trump? Oh Yeah, that was the Russians, wasn't it

Infrastructure wonks: Tear up Britain's copper phone networks by 2025



At least 33Bn squid spent on full fibre roll out will have more payback (and hence more useful) than the 11Bn squid squandered on electricity Smart Meters.

Also, VM twonks still think that the copper Co-axial wire coming into my house constitutes A Fibre Connection - stupid cunts. Dumped them for Vodfone (50Mbps over copper), as VM keep charging me extra for the FREE UPGRADE to 100Mbps (from 50Mbps). Like I said before - cunts.

Microsoft Azure Europe embraced the other GDPR: Generally Down, Possibly Recovering


That sounds like a pretty large "subset"!!

"A subset of customers using Virtual Machines, Storage, SQL Database, Key Vault, App Service, Site Recovery, Automation, Service Bus, Event Hubs, Data Factory, Backup, API management, Log Analytics, Application Insight, Azure Batch Azure Search, Redis Cache, Media Services, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power BI, Azure Monitor, Azure Cosmo DB or Logic Apps"

Just sayin'

UK's Dyson to vacuum up 300 staffers for its electric car division


Re: Noting that Dyson also briefly did washing machines

Yeah, me and Mrs PiltownMan had one of those. It was great until the gearbox went. No parts available by that time. A VERY expensive paper weight!


Still using my DC01

But hell, I could never afford £500,000 for a Dyson "D5" electric car.

Paul Allen's six-engined monster plane prepares for space deliveries


Re: Gerry Anderson thought of it first

Don't forget the great Derek Meddings, who brought the fantastic models to life!!!

I'll torpedo Tor weirdos, US AG storms: Feds have 'already infiltrated' darknet drug souks


Just like Prohibition did for alcohol use! Good luck with that...

"The J-CODE team will help us continue to shut down the online marketplaces that drug traffickers use and ultimately that will help us reduce addiction and overdoses across the nation."

Pint Obvs!

'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'


Re: Just remember

I used to use my upper lip to distinguish slightly overheating ICs. (Very Sensitive)

Imagine my surprise when I got near the ones that were REALLY hot!?!?!?!?!


In a (slightly safer) environment...

When I was a teenager back in the mid 70s, i accidentally blew up a medium sized elctolytic capacitor in my bedroom.

I had a home made bench PSU capable of supplying upto 25Volts at around 5Amps.

I accidentally connected the capacitor the wrong way round. It was fun to see the needles on the Voltmeter and Ammeter slowly rising until they both shot up to FSD, then BANG. lots of flying fluff and ears ringing.

Did that stop me? No. The rest of the bag of about 25 caps, were dangled out of my bedroom window and hanging on Crock Clips. Great fun was had. Wow, the echo around the neighbourhood.

It did discolour the wall just below my window though.

Ah, happy days!!

Next; tech; meltdown..? Mandatory; semicolons; in; JavaScript; mulled;


What about FULL-STOPS

I remember writing a very small COBOL program (back in the Jurassic period, I think it was) of around 100 lines. I missed ONE full-stop out, leading to 400+ error messages!!!

I inserted the offending missed full-stop ( by replacing the erroneous 80 column punched card ) and all the errors disappeared.


That was fast... unlike old iPhones: Apple sued for slowing down mobes


Re: That probably explains..

Yep, bought my Note 3 on release day 4 plus years ago, battery has just died after 4yrs and 2 months. £8 for new battery, fitted in seconds.

Phone still going strong in my son's hands now. I've stupidly bought a Galaxy S8+ (Nice, realy nice phone, although I dropped and SMASHED (not cracked) screen within two months. It's so easy to drop, it's in a full wrap-around rubberised case now. SAFE!

I think I'm gonna get a simple feature phone next time. I'll be happy with just calls, texts & email on my mobile. I prefer a 7" tablet for everything else. (I'm an old git, as advised by my User-Name.)


Can't wait for 5G? Don't then, Gigabit LTE will be around for ages


Gigabit LTE & 5G, what a f**king joke!

EE still insist that I am in a "yellow" 4G Double Speed area, with excellent outdoor coverage and GOOD indoor coverage.

Why then, is my Galaxy S8 constantly on Voice over WiFi at home? (my indoor signal is almost non existent) I can't even send texts reliably from home, so 2G signal must also be questionable too.

I'm not buying any new services, until I get what I'm paying for with my current ones.

Mythical broadband speeds to plummet in crackdown on ISP ads


Re: Is anyone thinking "About f**king time"?

The ISPs will just refuse to connect low speed users, to bump up their own 'Average' speeds.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


I switched to Vivaldi when Firefox got too slow (especially when loading bbc.co.uk!). Vivaldi is much quicker, and ALL my extensions work. I see no need to go back to Firefox. Think I'll uninstall it now, while I'm thinking about it...

Intel Pumageddon: Broadband chip bug haunts Chipzilla's past, present and future


Re: Virgin Media Tivo

I run a SH3 in modem mode pushing a Netgear R6400 router running DD-WRT latest firmware build.

Seams very reliable (more so than a SH3 in router mode, which locks up very regularly!).

Must admit, I don't game, so can't comment on latency.

SpaceX sneaks in X-37B space plane launch ahead of Hurricane Irma


Moon Lander

Reminds me of the Moon Lander program that I used to play on an old ICL 1902T* via Teletype back in the early 70s. Constantly inputting retro fire commands and getting back speed and height readings before going again.

I don't think I every landed as gracefully as this though!!!

*The ICL 1902T was OLD, even then!

Seagate sued by its own staff for leaking personal info to identity thieves


Even Human Remains (HR) are only human!

Even Human Remains (HR) departments are only human!

Empty your free 30GB OneDrive space today – before Microsoft deletes your files for you



50GB for free (or until they change their mind)

AND it's encrypted there and in transit.

Read America's insane draft crypto-borking law that no one's willing to admit they wrote


police trainer Jonathan Ździarski

Clearly his surname is encrypted!!!

Electrician cuts wrong wire and downs 25,000 square foot data centre


Re: opps

I agree with you, although I would add that the manager asked the wrong question.

Instead of "What are the chances of it going wrong?", he needed to ask "What are the risks to business if it does go wrong?" AND "How do we plan/mitigate for this to reduce the impact.?"

So is it 4.5G or LTE-Advanced Pro? Either way, it’s pretty damn quick



I'm not even getting the 3G I've paid for yet, let alone forking out for 4G & 4.5G!!

4K catches fire with OTT streamers, while broadcasters burn


Re: not just since 1998

I up-voted you, but would like to add, that viewing 2k at the cinema is cool, until you see 4k. For me, at least, I now feel short changed when our local flea pit only plays my selection in 2k. Hey ho!

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop


Re: I wonder how well this would run Linux?

I have a two month old Pro 3. I put the latest version of Fedora (22?) on, installation went well.

Keyboard and touch pad worked, touch worked but pen did not.

ALSO, and this is a biggy for me, It didn't toggle between Tablet and Desktop mode on removing/installing keyboard.

And, although I hate to say it, I found Windows 10 to be a much more polished overall experience than Fedora; I guess that's what keeps drawing me back to Windows. Just got to fix the privacy issues now.

Linux kernel dev who asked Linus Torvalds to stop verbal abuse quits over verbal abuse


Torvalds is a dinosaur (personally)

I've had idiot bosses who are so lame, their only recourse was to shout at staff. VERY unprofessional.

I've had bad bosses shout at me before now, I just laughed in their face and walked out.

It amounts to bullying. NO ONE has the right to bully me!!!

Torvalds is a clearly a BAD manager, and has been promoted beyond his capabilities. Stick him back in a locked room so that he can carry on working his Linuxy magic, but have no contact with real people.

Doctor Who storms back in fine form with Season 9 opener The Magician's Apprentice


I suspect Russell T Davis has had a quiet word in Moffat's ear...

"You fuck up another season of MY Doctor Who, and you'll be next for extermination. GOT IT!!!"

Microsoft kicks off 'Windows as a service' with new Insider build


Re: No thank you

Yeah, I get all that "Service" stuff that you mentioned, but I am more concerned about Microsoft spying on my every move, more so than Google and Facebook.

I've dumped Facebook, and returned to a clean build of Windows 8.1 & ClassicShell.

Happy now!

We made a new Do Not Track thing – not like you'll use it or anything, huffs emo teen EFF


Fox in the hen house...

So, there's a fox in the hen house. All the hens have labels on saying "Please don't kill me!".

What do you think the blind fox will do?

Obey the notice? are you kidding!

The hens need to protect themselves from the fox, like the three little pigs did, and build themselves a brick house that the fox cannot get into. No more need for useless "Please don't kill me!" stickers.

'Fix these Windows 10 Horrors': Readers turn their guns on Redmond


Re: No Control of Updating

The word is PREMISES. Premise is a proposition, not a building

Seagate's spinning rust most likely to crash, claims backup biz


Seagate 3TB Consummer Drive Failures

I'm just a lowly tech, not a data centre, and I have had 3 Seagate 3TB drives fail last year. One was only 6 months old.

OK, they were all replaced with "Remanufactured" drives, except the 6month old model, but my confidence was shot. I now run them in a Hardware Mirror set (which is good, so long as they don't fail at the same time!).


I purchased 2 HGST Green (5400rpm) 3TB drives for another project and got 2 x 7200rpm drives supplied instead. Cool (well, not so cool, but cool!) (still Mirrored though!)

Pull up the Windows 10 duvet and pretend Win8 and Vista were BAD DREAMS


Just a little thing, but...

My issue with Win 8/8.1 was not the Start BUTTON, but the START MENU. Now that the proper Start Menu is back in Win 10, I am quite happy to live with the additional Metro menu page with it's active buttons on it - a quite useful function, in my eyes.

I can't wait for the next Win 10 update (Tomorrow?)

Facebook injects CREEPY search engine into mobile app



That's it, I've wiped Farcebook off my Phablet and Tablet. I'm in the UK, but it's a case of get them, before they get you.

No tiles, no NAP – next Windows for data centre looks promising


Re: But

Windows 10 Technical Previews ALL lack the ability to disable patch downloads. This is an advertised Feature of the Technical Preview programme.

Microsoft will give us automatic updates right through the evaluation process, so that we can evaluate the latest and greatest code, as it is released.

I suspect that in the RTM release, we will once again be able to manage updates to suit our business needs. I know that some businesses (foolishly) apply patches automatically, and the more regulated businesses must test and recertify updated systems before they can be signed off for distribution around their business.

POISON PI sniffs WiFi from your mail room, goes on rampage


Re: Poor hardware-averse design concept

Even Piltdown Man knows that those are 18650 3.7 volt CELLS, wired into at least one if not two BATTERIES.

But he does agree with you that are too many cells.

/End friendly Pedanticism

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid


Or, maybe, The New bPhone (b for Banana!!).

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really


Is it just me?

Or are Microsoft trying to keep up with Apple? Windows 10, OSX is version 10.x? MS should have gone straight to 11, so that they could boast of being ONE better than Apple!

Just Sayin'

Gold meddler: Doctor Who is 50 years old TODAY


Is it just me?

I find that Steven Moffatt is nowhere near as good as Russell T Davies at telling stories and directing his production team effectively. My heart always misses a beat when I see that SM has written a given story. He also dose not get the best from other fantastic writers like Mark Gatis.

I felt quite let down by this story and the lack of other doctors, except cameos. I would have thought that they could have done a lot more with a bit of judicious CGI to bring older (or dead) docs into the story.

Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?


Office 2013, Meh!

I have used Office 2013 for a few months now, especially Outlook. Hated it.

It's ironic that I "upgraded" to Office 2010 on the release date for Office 2013!


UPnP scan shows 50 million network devices open to packet attack


A security scanner that requires Java ! WTF?

I'm not installing the security sieve that is Java, to check for security holes! Sounds a bit counter productive.


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