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Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers' privacy


Re: Author Doesn't Understand Ad System


Facebook won't be able to pay as much for advertising space on websites.


Which means websites are less likely to allow Facebook tracking on their sites which means less tracking

Win win

Data-stealing, password-harvesting, backdoor-opening QNAP NAS malware cruises along at 62,000 infections


Re: no use for anything else after the previous malware infection!

Think it's a case of 'Fool me once Shame on you, fool me twice Shame on me.'


Just reset it.

So in a couple of places I have a pair of 8 bay synologys which will would if needed just allow me to reset one, then the other. However the smaller two bay machines are aimed at consumers who will not be equipped to offload all of their data on their NAS to perform the factory reset. Also not everyone uses their nas solely as a NAS my home one is also my NVR. This will require fully setting up from scratch for fear of bringing any remanants from the malware over. All in all a bit of a ball ache for uninitiated and probably the last time they do the sensible thing and keep their data off the cloud.

Only through buying a ds106 over 15 years (approx) that I have stuck with Synology, QNAP have always been on the list when looking into a new NAS but with so little to tell them apart I stick with what I know.

Bloke rolls up to KFC drive-thru riding horse-drawn cart only to be told: Neigh


Re: Slow fast food

"Sitting in a car for an hour for a burger? You could walk to a supermarket, buy all the ingredients and cook a burger from scratch in less time"

Yep, took the kids and wife to md's at the weekend as it was next to where we were going and they wanted a treat.

£18.54 later and I could not shake the thought that only a week earlier I had brought some fillet steak, Tom's , potatoes and wine from the farm shop for around the same money.

I understand the convenience in some situations but to go out of your way to buy it just doesn't add up.

Already missing the quiet lockdown roads

Come to Five Guys, where the software is as fresh as the burgers... or maybe not


Re: upstart?

Def not worth the extra cash, horrid noisy place with tiled walls that the sound bounces off. burgers are passable but do not come close to the burgers served in my local. Beef from local butcher, then hand pressed on site, salad from garden out the back and buns baked in local artisan bakers. All for roughly the same price, including a pint, comfy chairs, and the ability to hear yourself think.

Orange has an elegant solution to Huawei question in France: We'll stick with Nokia and Ericsson for 5G networks


Whats the point of standards!?!

'But for others, changing from Chinese-made kit is a costly decision. Telecoms association GSMA has said that replacing Huawei and fellow Chinese firm ZTE's gear, which is used in 40 per cent of European telco equipment, would add €55bn to the cost of building 5G networks in Europe and delay the technology by 18 months.'

Surely all of the equipment is standards based and can operate with other standards based equipment if not someone in procurement needs to be dragged over a few hot coals.

It's as if no one has learnt anything! We build things using proprietary gear, we end up in this situation, nobody learns. rinse repeat.

Bet you can't guess what I'm wearing, or where I'm wearing it


I've always wondered if anyone has had a call from a dead friend/relative because of recycled numbers.

Silly money: Before you chuck your chequebook away, triple-check that super-handy digital coin


Cashless camping

We're currently pitched up on a campsite in France where everything is cashless either using their own pre pay system which is a small card attached to your wristband or normal cards. Which is better than trying to stash cash in your budgie smugglers.

Hate e-scooters? Join the club of the pals of 190 riders in Austin TX who ended up in hospital


The High Way Code needs to be enforced 4MPH!!!

Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters (rules 36 to 37)

Rule 36

There is one class of manual wheelchair (called a Class 1 invalid carriage) and two classes of powered wheelchairs and powered mobility scooters. Manual wheelchairs and Class 2 vehicles are those with an upper speed limit of 4 mph (6 km/h) and are designed to be used on pavements. Class 3 vehicles are those with an upper speed limit of 8 mph (12 km/h) and are equipped to be used on the road as well as the pavement.

Rule 37

When you are on the road you should obey the guidance and rules for other vehicles; when on the pavement you should follow the guidance and rules for pedestrians.

On pavements (rules 38 to 40)

Rule 38

Pavements are safer than roads and should be used when available. You should give pedestrians priority and show consideration for other pavement users, particularly those with a hearing or visual impairment who may not be aware that you are there.

Rule 39

Powered wheelchairs and scooters MUST NOT travel faster than 4 mph (6 km/h) on pavements or in pedestrian areas. You may need to reduce your speed to adjust to other pavement users who may not be able to move out of your way quickly enough or where the pavement is too narrow.

Law UICHR reg 4

Rule 40

When moving off the pavement onto the road, you should take special care. Before moving off, always look round and make sure it’s safe to join the traffic. Always try to use dropped kerbs when moving off the pavement, even if this means travelling further to locate one. If you have to climb or descend a kerb, always approach it at right angles and don’t try to negotiate a kerb higher than the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

NASA's first all-woman spacewalk outside ISS cancelled – due to lack of spacesuits that fit


Re: Really?

How can they be in the car and changing the tire at the same time, that's definitely a pioneering moment not just for womenfolk but for all mankind!

Silent Merc, holy e-car... What is that terrible sound?


Re: Whatever they do, it will make sod all difference

I've found that riding 3ft from the kerb helps negate this. however this does mean that car drivers are less likely to give you the correct amount of room whilst overtaking, or drive straight at you whilst negotiating a parked car on the other side of the road. kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Also not riding full tilt in busy areas helps (I was guilty of this but have taken a chill pill and things are less frantic)


Re: Dumber and Dumber

Gotta say one of the scarier things I see on the road is drivers with earbuds! but the general lack of awareness by road users that other road users might be around the next corner or be stopping soon is just astounding. I'm all for mandatory insurance for cyclists and driving licenses should expire after 10 years.

UK tech has a month left to bare gender pay gaps, but less than a fifth of firms have ponied up


Pie in yer face

link to a johnathan pie skit that deals with this


Microsoft, you shouldn't have: Festive Windows 10 Insiders build about as exciting as new socks


Re: good start, now...

Ah the days of selecting what you features installed during the build I do miss those. I even miss them on the linux builds, can't remember the last time I got to pick my packages during install probably about five years ago at a guess.

What is wrong with letting the tech savvy have a proper advanced install option?

Dine crime: Chippy sells deep fried Xmas dinner


festive fried food

Our local chippy is doing deep fried pigs in blankets. Sourced from the local farm shop. Very nice indeed.

Microsoft reveals terrible trio of bugs that knocked out Azure, Office 362.5 multi-factor auth logins for 14 hours


Re: I'm a bit slow

Can we have this as a banner on the reg homepage please?

Chuck this on expenses: £2k iPad paints Apple as the premium fondleslab specialist – as planned


It's not just Photoshop.

We have just done a server migration for a design company using 100+ macs. They were using two mac mini's with 16gb Ram i5 500gb ssd connect via thunderbolt to storage arrays to serve the files used by photoshop currently 15Tb. now because apple hates professionals, see current mac pro (bin) and lack of apple server love. We started trying to convince them that the best way to get a stable system was to move to windows. However the amount of kick back because some plugins aren't available and workflows would be too different for the designers that we had to use another approach.

Unless these fully support both AFP and SMB3 all current plugins for photoshop and autoCAD and can manage multitasking, there is no way we could put one out in the field for this company.

However if it's for the person I saw yesterday who justifies his time with pointless meetings and wants to feel important we could definitely sell him one...

Everybody dance now: Watch this AI code fool friends into thinking you can cut a rug like a pro


Fives eyes a wondering

If I loaded up a lots of fake video's of me with differing gait's to facebook youtube instagram ect. then went on a crime spree would it feed enough noise into their system to stop it from finding me?

Drama as boffins claim to reach the Holy Grail of superconductivity


Re: "Silver in gold"

Your description reminded me of Star Trek 'Gold Pressed Latinum'


Give Samsung a hand: Chaebol pulls back Arm to strike Intel's chips


I believe this is the link you are looking for... https://www.linaro.org/groups/leg/

El Reg needs you – to help build an automated beer-transporting robot


Re: Wetherspoons.

To be fair, the food maybe less than perfect, the bar maybe frequented by some rough diamonds and the places may have the atmosphere of a company canteen but in general they do serve a nice range of refreshing beverages.

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin


Headline should read .eu saves uk £3000000 a year post brexit

It's not about facts but how you spin them!

'Please store the internet on this floppy disk'


Re: Stolen Focus

Now you mention it it is still an issue, think I have just gotten used to it.

Just remembered that I have had to turn 90% of the features of my CTI client off because, if the phone rang and I was working on some text I would always inadvertently answer the phone by pressing return. Now in order to see you is calling I need to alt-tab to the window before answering the phone which is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard!


Stolen Focus

In the days of Office 95 one of the minor bugs of clippy is that it and other notifications would steal focus from the current window. Leaving users sat there wondering why they couldn't type anymore. Unable to resolve this on their own they would sit mumbling until someone near by would help. This would be resolved by leaning over and click on the word doc they had open.

70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft



The Irony is without collecting this data they wouldn't be able to tell us how many installs had requested less data to be slurped.

What about those win10 installs that never hit the interwebs, or as some other posters have noted where a n other os is installed.

Brit brewer opensources entire recipe archive


Re: For those anywhere near Southampton...

If you like brewdog and live near soton you need to try vibrant forest beers.

Just be prepared to have your taste buds assaulted!!!

It's 2015 and a text file can hack your Apple Watch. IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU WANTED?


pebble time

The time travel dial sounds a lot like pebble time to me.

BlackBerry pecks up crisis squawker AtHoc to add sauce to BBM


No issues with the phones, happy z10 user here. They are just no very fashionable or readily available on the high Street.

What would they need to include in their phones to make them more desirable to you?

Swarm of Apple iRobots released to map interior of Cupertino HQ


you have to be pretty scared of the boss,

If you go to all the trouble of mapping the brand new hq instead of having to admit you lost the plans!

Hacker data dumps scrape to make huge grey marketing database


opt out?

If this is accessible by any one, then it would not take to much for go through it looking for your own personal information, and then at least you know when you're information has been compromised and can take the appropriate action.

Stripped to the core and full of Xfce: Xubuntu Linux loses it


Re: Lubuntu...

Why use the gui install instead of cli?

For me at least it saves on Google time.

Want to do lots of different unit conversions & don't know the name of a decent one available in your repos then launch the software centre and search for converter, read some reviews and install. Now try that using apt get. Time to finding out how many pints in a hectolitre increased meaning less time drinking said pints.

El Reg reforms the Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse


Re: Group efforts make sense

For us a family of four £28 food budget is not too far from our normal spend. Maybe it should reduce as you add more members to the group...

Spotify boasts 10 million paying subscribers ... Um, is that all?


Re: Disingenuous

and if the owner of the CD listens to it ten times it looks like spotify gets rights owner a better return on investment.

ZTE Open C, the Firefox OS mobe you'll almost want, now on eBay


Where? Could only find it for £120.00 unlocked

Whereas the ZTE Open C is £69.99 from ebay which makes it over 40% cheaper.

OnePlus One equals 'killer' new mobe running CyanogenMod


Re: No Removable...

No because a new washing machine motor was cira £150 last time I looked and I can get a new machine for near that.

Have replaced pumps on dishwashers as it is economically viable to do so.

If I could up the spin on a cheaper 1400 spin washer to 2000 then I would as it would halve the initial price of the machine but I would fear for my silk undies in a machine not designed to go that fast.

FINALLY Microsoft releases Office for iPad – but wait there's a CATCH


Re: beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

"Seeing as those are both by miles the market leaders in their fields, the answer would undoubtedly be very few extra ones on Linux...And why would you want to - all those extra Linux security patches to integration test - not fun."

Sounds like an excuse looking for an issue. Cross platform support is part of what has made many open source projects so popular, Apache, OO, mySQL, to name but a few.

If a person gets windows so they can run MS office they may feel strong armed into the deal. If they get windows because they already use ms office and like the professionalism of it against the backdrop of the other programs available the OS they are currently using then it is a bigger win for MS in the hearts and minds of their users.

Don't get me wrong here I am using linux mint and would not install windows unless absolutely necessary. It's just I think this strategy is sound.


Re: beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

I think you may have misunderstood their intentions. If they can sell 365 @ £75/ per annum on an ipad device and then get the next purchase of a fondle slab to be a ms one, on the basis that it will be more integrated to the 365 system that they are already paying for, instead of a new ipad. Then this would be a short term and long term win for them. as opposed to them just ignoring a whole market segment that does not run the ms os.

This is a strategy they should have taken years ago. imagine the amount of exchange servers and ms office licences they could have sold if it ran on Linux..

'Arrogant' Snowden putting lives at risk, says NSA's deputy spyboss


Re: Of course NSA puts USA at risk

@Roj Blake

you will still be british...


Wanna use Bitcoin on your site? BitPay's open-source library wants to help


Re: I'll use virtual currency roughy ...

Enjoy -------------------->

Parents can hide abortion, contraception advice from kids, thanks to BT's SEX-ED web block


'If you hold their hand every time they cross the road, they will get run over the first time you don't.'

Completely agree! My son is three and we live near a very busy road, through constant 'parenting' from before he was one. Only ever crossing the road how I would expect him to cross, not just glancing over my shoulder and wandering across the road EVERY TIME we cross. He will now walk upto the kerb side (a foot back) and wait for me, telling me when it is safe to cross. He is not ready to do this on his own but he may by the time he is five. This then will so engrained that he will not break the rules even when he is 12 and all his mates are dashing across the road.

Each part of the world that he gets introduced to needs a different approach for instance he is allowed to run amock around our lounge, where nothing is baby proofed, he gets one warning 'if you continue doing that you will hurt yourself' then when he falls over he will learn not to run so fast, that falling over hurts, and hopefully that daddy doesn’t just say these thing for the fun of it. It is not an instant lesson but one learnt over time.

Each one of these things I do, I do because his life and well being is ultimately my (and my wifes) responsibility. This will extend to the internet once he has tired of the cbeebies web site. I do not need nor want the gov. to intervene. If we had followed their advice on baby proofing the room, he would not know that it hurts when you fall, and those corners are kinda ouchie. This was evident at a birthday party, a year ago, where he fell down three steps, whilst falling he put out he hands to break his fall. Other parents at the party could not believe that he had done that as their children had not shown this skill (for want of a better word).

I want my son's to grow up a little bit street wise, so when they do venture out into the big wide world they are as prepared for it as possible, if this means introducing them to the dangers they face in a controlled way, then that is what will happen and is my prerogative.

SpaceX beats off Bezos' rocket for rights to historic NASA launch pad


Re: My how far NASA has fallen :(

Not sure that's how I would look at it. If a process/function/service can operate without the state sponsoring it, then it removes the dependancy of the aforementioned process/function/service on peoples hard earned tax dollars. Which can only be a good thing?

Whether this sould be applied to auntie or not is another topic for another day.

El Reg's contraptions confessional no.2: Tablet PC, CRT screen and more



From the time of the dinosaurs and still running through some jigery pokery and my 6 year old synology NAS.

As said before my IT kit is in desperate need of upgrade but as it just keeps working I can't justify it.

Bring Your Own Disks: The Synology DS214 network storage box


Re: Great bits of kit +1

Yeah my DS-106j is stuck on DSM 2.1 :( but it was made 5-6 years ago. My IT kit is getting very long in the tooth!

Was going to write the only thing holding me back to upgrading to a DS214+ was the lack of linux client for the cloud station but just been back to their site and they now have one -


Change Log

Linux Cloud Station client is now available and has been verified on Ubuntu and Fedora.

Yeah! Now where's my christmas letter to santa I need to add something.

Lumia 1520: Our man screams into ENORMO new Nokia phondleslab


Re: What is it?

yep screen size followed by 'phone' if you can make calls from it and 'tablet' if you can't


Cinnamon Desktop: Breaks with GNOME, finds beefed-up Nemo


Re: file type reassignment?

Press shift at the same time as right click and it will appear. plus some other options.

(from memory not used a win box in anger for nearly 5yrs)

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced


Re: How to fix a MacBook


the lappy belonged to the school and not me so not really able to do much/anything about back ups. It would be their responsibility not mine to implement an off site back up policy and procedure. Also as with most data losses hindsight is a wonderful thing...

I'll let you tell an overworked school teacher to throw away the first copy of anything she does :)

Yeah the risk of getting access to and replicating data I should not have access would have been a necessary evil in this case. Out of six or seven drives that failed in the past I was not able to get any dat from one of them YMMV. However none of them suffered a ball being bounced on them, so more than likely would not have been able to recover the data. It would have been nice just to put my mind at rest.

see post from @hoe for confirmation that this has happened elsewhere.


Re: How to fix a MacBook

above post aimed at @Hoe and @PJI


Re: How to fix a MacBook

Was not able to justify the money on the fact that I could possibly restore the data. Also not my machine but belongs to the school so really was dependant on what their IT dept. would allow.

Only ever seen 1 HD that I could not get any data at all from. Though it has been some time since I done any work like that.

As for the poster stating that I should educate my wife in simple back up proceedures, as mentioned in the OP her machine was backed at work, it happened in school hols. All our own machines are backed up to a NAS drive. Not really the done thing to store info on school pupils on your own private equipment.

As it was a school machine there is only so much sticking my nose in I could've done.


Re: How to fix a MacBook

Yeah this didn't work for my wife MacBook.

Son dropped ball onto laptop. Unable to boot due to bad sectors on HD.

Took Laptop to Apple (one hour drive there and back) no on-site warranty available. They school where she works spends enough cash with them to warrant a on-site service contract.

Apple (we don't)care replaced old HD and said they were unable to read data from old drive.

There was lots of work my wife had not backed up as it was summer hols and she was away from school so I asked for the old drive to see if I could access any of the data using a few tools I have.

'yes certainly sir' came the response that'll be £349.00.

Don't know if it's because they don't want me to show up their genii or because they just don't care.

If I had done the same thing at a independent PC repair centre I am sure they would have just given me the drive.

Man+iPhone versus artificial intelligence: Anki robot racer slot cars


Re: Hang on...



As expensive as a scalextric digital?

Probably around the same money