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US nutter counts to one million on net

Bob Caygeon

Read between the lines people

Not that I'm poo-pooing his charitable status - $2600 is more than I've donated recently, but look at what the _actual_ revenue is here.

"100% of all donations made on our Donations page will be going directly to PUSH America"

The pledges are for charity, _everything_else_ is his income. That includes the ad banners, google ads etc. etc.


That's a whack o' 'kblock' sponsors there - as well as other ad spaces. None...yes, you read that right - None...of this money will go to charity. It's for the "Million Count Fund" or ... 'beer money' as it's also known.

I have no problem with people making a buck off advertising - milliondollarhomepage was a great little earner - but be honest about it. His 'sponsors' link is higher in the navigation than the 'donation' page - it's a cashgrab people.


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