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Bloke, 27, cuffed, charged over stolen selfie smut site UGotPosted


Saville row

You could use the same argument for running a paedo site. "He's only providing a service. If there wasn't a demand for pictures of naked kids he wouldn't make any money"

What do you mean WHY is Sony PS4 so pricey in Oz?


So to sum up

Sony will charge what they think they can get away with, so suck it up and live with it you whinging Aussies.

On the other foot, Microsoft won't let you swap games, because they think they can get away with it, so suck it up and live with it everyone.

Microsoft in sexism strife again over XBOX rape joke


Re: Madness

I don't suppose anyone bothered to point out there's a woman on every bank note printed since 1953?

Microsoft announces $499 price tag, new games for Xbox One


Re: including VAT/Sales taxes?

Even allowing for VAT on UK prices, there is a £37 mark up on what they sell for in the US.


Re: Comparing like with like

Okay, so before tax in the UK it is £357, at todays currency rates that means the equivalent in the US should be $556, or working the other way $499 in the USA would be £320. "But that's only £37 difference" if the One sells as many as the 360 in the UK, thats 8m units x £37 = £296m extra profit.

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading


Re: without complete offline....

A teeny tiny step. Onlive.com already exists


Re: Calm down...

I don't know what Valve claim about Steams offline mode, but from personal experience it isn't unlimited. You still have to go online every now and again.

Barnes & Noble bungs Raspberry Pi-priced Nook on shelves


Re: All gone :-(

Bloody Currys let you go through setting up an account and putting in all your details before eventually telling you they don't actually have any, and they'll send one when they get them. I'll take a wild guess that as everywhere has sold out, and given the nature of the offer hints this stock clearance, they'll never have any to send out.

Dotcom plans Mega IPO as case grinds on


Copyright my arse

Isn't this supposed to be a case of copyright infringement? What evidence can their possibly be that is important to national security, unless the entire US battleplan for the war againts terrorism (the plan to continue with total slaughter until everyone's dead except President Obama, Mrs Obama and their tortoise, Alan) was put onto Megaupload.

There is absolutely nothing in a copyright case that warrants a secret hearing.

Megaupload extradition bid - Feds WON'T have to hand in their evidence


Re: " I seriously doubt Balmer will be hauled into court..."

The big difference is the accessability of your data. Upload to dropbox and only you and people you allow access can see it. Upload a video to to Megaupload video and everyone could watch it.

Google: Our 'freedom of expression' should trump punters' privacy


One rule to ring them

The whole "But we're an American corporation, your laws don't apply to us" is beginning to wind me up. Fine, if thats the way you want to play it fair enough, internet based companies can only be held accountable in their country of origin.

But it does mean the USA has tp stop doing crap like this as well


Own a drone: Fine. But fly a drone with a cam: Year in the clink

Big Brother

Re: "....make the act of attaching a camera to a flying machine illegal."

This is the USA we're talking about, US law applies everywhere.

Love in the time of the internet: A personal memoir


Re: Fake Profiles

I had someone contact me on plenty of fish. Apparently Natalie Imbruglia had changed her name, and moved to Grimsby, and was looking for lurve lol. What I could never get my head around was women including pictures of their kids. Aside from the fact that photo with six kids would put a lot of men off, who in their right minds puts photos of their kids on a site like that.

US company aims patent-gun at Australia’s e-health system


Being more serious for second

“method for providing a consumer with the ability to access and collect health records … through use of a consumer address”.

That pretty much nails any system for providing information on a patient, including paper files (Health records) with a patients name and address on them (consumer address).



These are Australian Patents, which means that the Oz patent system is as bad as that in the US. Does this mean the US Patent office can sue the Australian government for patent infringement? "Patent 0000001: A patent system designed to allow spurious, wide open and vague of meaning patents to be filed, without any proof that the applicant has made any effort to actually design or make anything workable, or provide any proof of concept, and has merely thrown some words in a random sentence generator."

Boffins find RAT-SIZED bug-muncher links man to beast



I still think it was a bad idea coming down from the trees.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP


Re: This is the most pathetic thread I have ever read..

iTake* it you own an apple?

*Sue me**

***Hears a thought, if Apple trademark lawyers, that would Samsung wouldn't be able to use them. Win


Hang on...

"Tables in a line"? Surely this means that if Samsung trademarks a shop with "tables not in a line" then all other shops with would have to shut down?

And what happens to Tables R Us

Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case


How much

"Apple and Samsung are currently embroiled in more than 40 lawsuits in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as each tries to use the courts to gain market advantage over the other"

And who's paying for all this. Maybe if they stopped all these stupid, pointless law suits which cost millions, they wouldn't have to charge such ridiculous prices for the bloody phones in the first place. Ultimately its us, the muggins, that pay for these bloody expensive lawyers.

Have Brits fallen for Netflix, or do they still LoveFilm?


@ dz-015

"Well why don't you check your facts instead of making assumptions then spreading rumours which are wrong. Idiot"

Jeebus christ man, calm down. You'd think he'd posted rumours about your leather clad donkey fetish, not gotten his facts slightly wrong about the TV licence system. Idiot