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iPhone 6: Advanced features? Pah! Nexus 4 had most of them in 2012


I agree 100%. Google put technology in phones but truly never do anything with it. At least Apple have added NFC and created a use for it.

Also, more than full HD on a Phone screen. I have a 37" TV which is full HD and that looks great. Anything bigger on a phone is just there for Specs and offers no day to day benefit.

Tim Cook on pale, male Apple: 'As CEO, I'm NOT satisfied'


Organic Staffing

I don't agree with the principal of fixing the problem. What ends up happening is you shoe horn people into roles just to meet your cultural %, the result is hiring people for roles who are not the best candidate based on their skills but based on this ethnic origin. Every role should be filled with the candidate with the best skills for the job regardless of race or gender.

Do you really want tech companies to pay more tax?


Where will it all go

This is a hard one to comment on, especially after having already read the other comments. I understand the different points of view and why people take those points of view but the question we need to understand is "If Apple et al do pay more taxes what will our respective governments do with that money?".

I understand that taking from the rich and giving to the poor is a fair balance; but this is not necessarily the case. Who will benefit if we take from the rich and give to the government. If governments consume this cash and the only real change to the public is the price hike of services provided by the tax dodgers then then the benefits are lost to all.

UK gov's smart meter dream unplugged: A 'colossal waste of cash'

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Google erases G8 venue from Earth: Microsoft doesn't


Ironic really because the G8 leaders are all over the resorts Facebook page.

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us



It never fails to astound me how many people that clearly don't like Apple products read articles about them then continue to bitch and moan about how bad it is or how bad Apple are. I admit, I like Apple products but I don't go trawling through Android forums and articles looking for something to mock.

Samsung demands Apple's iOS 6 source code in patent case



So so so so insanely bored of this now. If they want market share then make a product that earns it.


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