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Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting

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DONT use windows...

You dont need to spend a fortune to get a Mac. Get a Hackintosh! Windows is cancer!!!!!

RIAA aims lawyers at usenet newsgroup service

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If you guys want to get yourselves a bit familiar with the whole binary posting process.

I am a regular user of the usenet, and I can tell you, piracy is rampant there. But I doubt the RIAA will get anything out of this.

Fort Bragg grunt in gay porn vid shocker

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What does this has to do with IT????????? Are you calling us queers????

eBay chokes on iPhones

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reminds me

When Brazil played against England... I bought two tickets for 60 quid each, and sold them for 300 each!!!! And in the end, the game was a tie...

Feds fiddle as cybertopia burns

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If these people were arrested for seeling movies that are against one's state law, How about Porn broadcasted through Cable TV to that state??? would it make the providers criminals as well???? No wonder I moved from the US to the UK, that country is going nuts