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Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future


"Brown asked for a pay rise. Musk told her to go on a two week vacation, during which he would do her job to assess whether her request was justified. On her return, Musk decided it wasn't. “Twelve years is a good run for any job,” Musk tells Vance, coldly."

That really sucks for Brown, but if Musk really could do her job and continues to do so, then firing her was justified. Now, if Musk told her that and then turned around and hired someone else to do that same job, then that is all sorts of f**ked up.

Amazon reveals KiddieKindle and pocket money scheme


Please be accurate with your information!

"At US$99 you're paying a $20 premium for the KiddieKindle."

That's not true at all! The Kindle for Kids Bundle includes "the latest Kindle without sponsored screensavers". The regular Kindle is $79 but that's with sponsored screensavers. Without those ads, it's $99. It also comes with the two year warranty and a cover. Neither of which you get with the regular Kindle. So if anything, you save money by going for what you call the "KiddieKindle".

Or am I missing something?

Google's Nest gobble: Soon ALL your HOME are BELONG to US


"Soon ALL your HOMES are BELONG to US"

Assuming this is a take on "All your base are belong to us" from Zero Wing, should the headline be, "Soon ALL your HOME are BELONG to US"?

Brit mastermind of Anonymous PayPal attack gets 18 months' porridge


"It's intolerable that where an individual or a group disagrees with a company they should be able to interfere with its activity," he said.

A blanket statement like that seems rather short-sighted and small-minded. If workers are being treated truly unfairly, they should be able to try to make changes, no? Heck, if you don't like working, shouldn't you have the freedom to quit, even if the company doesn't want you to because you quitting might "interfere with its activity"?

Yes, it's a fine line, but this judge seems to say that the line doesn't exist and that no company should have its activities interfered with for any reason.


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