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TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief


Re: In what way do you assert that excerpt requires

There are products that offer searchable encryption. And, just because you are theoretically vulnerable to SQL injection does not mean you actually are. It has been a very long time since the ability to protect against SQL injection was widely known. It is only lazy or incompetent web developers that don't know how to properly validate user input and quote data that are still vulnerable.

Searchable data masking and SQL injection sound like excuses to me...

IETF doc proposes fix to stop descent into data centre 'address hell'



I don't follow the math. 4000 MACs I get. The next step I don't. Only way to end up with 800K MACs is to have 200 per VM, and I don't know any VMs with 200 VLANs assigned. Most have 1. Some have 2. A very few have more. Plus, this appears to have the underlay network knowledgeable about all VM MACs. They are not using VxLAN?

Intel President Renée James says Chipzilla's diversity efforts are moving too slowly



How about focusing on technology?

Oh, those crazy Frenchies: Facebook faces family photo tax in France


Re: I'm sorry...

They would leave because even if they still made a profit, they could likely make more of a profit elsewhere, for the same effort. There comes a time where taxes are high enough that it is just not worth the effort to continue to work.


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