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VMware updates vSphere, recommends new security fixes


Re: Why did they do this?

vSphere 6 fixes all this.

Microsoft Azure goes TITSUP (Total Inability To Support Usual Performance)


VMware Rules

Ha, where are all the MCITP spotty VMware haters now?

I did warn you all about MS code = rushed.

You get what you pay for in this world, simple.

Cisco revenue dip means 6,000 staff to be de-assimilated


Acquire..........Mr Spock

The best thing Cisco could do is make an acquisition bid for VMware.

Future quaranteed.

Citrix reveals product design methodology, asks YOU to use it


They have a long way to go to match VMware's ecosystem of support, blogs, etc.

VMware and Apple is now a way of life to most I speak to.

UK.gov's Open Source switch WON'T get rid of Microsoft, y'know



All these ex Novell, Borland clever people working in Open Source killing of the greed machine slowly and surely.

Revenge is sweet.

So whither Microsoft? If Nadella knows, he is keeping it well hidden


They are just disliked, because they are greedy

They breed an army of dumb MCSE / MCITP Xbox jerks that think they know I.T.. These idiots slag off VMware, Linux, Apple, Android and we just sit there laughing at them.

Change is mandatory and they don't get it. Stop trying to be a creator of everything to try and kill off all competitors. Embrace the competitors and be happy with the slice of the market.

Simple.............stop being greedy.

Virty server bones thrown: Gartner mages see Microsoft rising


Re: What A Load Of Shit

Run along now silly MCITP boy?

VMware is miles ahead of MS, only the intelligent know this.

CEO of Brit biz Phoenix plans to 'ram-raid' old friend, new enemy Cisco


Good point, but Huawei do not have a UCS blade server equivalent.

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles



You are absolutely 100% correct.

IT is full of useless MCITP wannabes, rushed implementations, resistance to change, greedy scum individuals.

Future is Apple, next gen VMware, anti-hacking secure everything data centre/cloud OS, SDN.

Windows is not compatible for this new world.

Kiss my DRaaS: Actifio reckons its virty gear will shrink your storage


Hmmm"..........going to VMworld by any chance Mr Ashutosh?

Fancy flogging you product there to the host.

That AMAZING Windows comeback: Wow – 0.5% growth in 2015


In 4 years - what is an OS?

Google and VMware will finish the job, when apps plug straight into a Appvisor.

No more OS guys :-)

VMware hits back at Amazon cloud Trojan Horse with ... a blog post


VMware will be recognised for its excellence soon.

As I have said many times on the Register. VMware is expensive (at the moment) but very very smart. It is robust, guaranteed and game changing, and it will not stop there. 90% of Enterprise Hyper-V deployments break and require MS support intervention = FUDware. Azure is much better and MS is going to kill of the MCSE and MCITPs that supported and worshipped them. So ironic!

The British are coming! The British are coming! And they're buying Surface fondleslabs


The Nexus tablet interface was too complicated in comparison to the iPad. Google need to make it better to understand.

And er Microsoft's is not even worth mentioning. Plastic sort of toy feel and unstable, just like Microsoft Word 2013 :-(

Cloud computing is FAIL and here’s why


Stop it, you will make Microsoft cry next

Inside Microsoft's Autopilot: Nadella's secret cloud weapon


The Real Secret Weapon

The Real Secret Weapon is the rumour that Google is working on an advanced home entertainment centre that is built from modular colour cubes ( Google likes colours ). The cubes are added as you expand and will be Nexus type slab compute (cube), games console, iTunes type media ( audio and video) Freeview etc, with interface for a advanced phone to plug in to the cubes for portability on your belt or in your Google in-car entertainment, all cloud access available of course.

All the information you need in one system.

Bye bye Xbox, PS2, iTunes, iPad, Surface, Bose, it was nice knowing yer :-)

What can Microsoft learn from 'discontinued operations' at Nokia?


The explanation is simple

Nobody trusts a company that simply is greedy and wants dominate all, cloud, servers, phones, games console etc

The hybrid variant technology space is here to stay.

Microsoft rallies channel troops: Sell, sell, sell our spanking new 'Cloud OS'


Google to the rescue

Do not worry VMware, Google will rescue you when the time is right. Poor Microsoft.

Hey, Microsoft, why don't you grab a beer with us?


Re: Not so for the SQL Community

How's that Technet thing going?. Oh dear it isn't.

Enough said.

Microsoft: We're nearly OUT OF STOCK of Surface 2 and Pro 2


I was recently on business in the US, and everybody I talked too about iPad, Surface etc, all agreed the Surface is a load of cr#p !

Am I missing something?

Poor miserable Ballmer's pay SLASHED to a measly $1.26m


Proxy !

Are you sure this information is accurate and has not been garbled. Microsoft's proxy is very flakey!

In defence of defenestration: Microsoft MUST hurl Gates from the Windows


Re: Always a PC

Don't think it will happen, but if Microsoft does not get over its VMware ( we will kill you off like we did with Novell ) current obsession, it will surely be finished off.

VMware shrinks + Google Acquisition of VMware = End of Microsoft.

MS works with VMware + MS concentrate on Office, Exchange = Microsoft survival

Along with Linux survival.

Easy maths :-)

Global execs name Apple 'most innovative company' – again


Re: To coin a phrase

If any of the other vendors were top dogs, you would simply say the same thing about them. Personally I am glad that Apple gets this vote, so it keeps the others on their toes. Competition is the best thing. I am glad Apple, Google, VMware, Microsoft exist but I do not want one of them to be totally dominant.

Of the aforementioned, Microsoft are always the one that preaches they want kill others off! (Ballmer bang tables etc). Glad that c*ck has gone!

Go VMware go :-)

Peak Apple: Has ANYONE at all ordered a new iPhone 5c?


Apple must survive

I will buy everything apple and I do not care about cost or functionality versus Samsung or Microsoft. What else would I spend my money on?

Why?, because we need Apple, VMware and Google to survive as companies to keep Mickeysoft down. Competition is healthy.

Apple is Rolls Royce...............enough said.

Crack open those wallets: Microsoft is raising software prices AGAIN


Foot - Gun - Pull Trigger :-)

First you announce the death of Technet subscription. Are you sure Mr Microsoft........errr okay then just hold this gun, that's right point at your foot, and pull trigger.Yes it hurts does it not?,

but Apple, Red Hat and VMware did not feel a thing :-)

Microsoft's $7.1bn Nokia gobble: Why you should expect the unexpected


Too late. All my customers want:


Google Apps



Red Hat



Thought the PC market couldn't get any worse? HAH! Think again


Re: And Microsoft's share price continues to trickle forever downwards

Indeed, they played pontoon with Hyper-V, Azure and Windows 8, and went bust!

Ballmer - deal me some better cards!


Re: Still need them here.

Oh go on tell us who you work for, we could pass it on to Dell .......grin :-)

Rackspace to fire up VMware hybrid cloud


Rack space problem not VMware

You should have worded it as "the problem with VMware from Rackspace is........."

This is not a problem with VMware (and its hybrid cloud) as it will happily run RHEL 6. This is a Rackspace business protocol problem.

Don't trust us? Try these Office 365 stats, says Microsoft


Desperate MS it seems

All a bit desperate, this move by Microsoft.

Oh BTW, why are we not moving to SCVMM and Hype-V,

because 50 clicks, 10 reboots, and numerous Powershell script runs = 5 clicks and two reboots in VMware.


Microsoft cuts Surface Pro price by $100


Re: MS just don't get it!

Indeed they are all guilty, but Microsoft more than the rest. Freedom and greed should not be in the same paragraph.

Spread the wealth.


MS just don't get it!

I know many people that would rather buy an iPad than a Surface, just because it is Microsoft trying to barge into others market. If Microsoft would just be satisfied with dominating the Office/Applications/Windows space and stop trying to rule the world by trying to take out Apple, VMware and Google in which stills makes them billions of dollars, then people would not detest them.

It is in everybody's interest to have many companies competing as this increases quality and technological advances.

Ballmer & Co are just greedy dictators who need to grow up to be honest.

Microsoft Surface sales numbers revealed as SHOCKINGLY HIDEOUS


To be honest, I know many friends and techy colleagues that are quite happy to convert MS Word into PDF and iTunes board them onto their iPad for reference library stuff.

To edit, they use a laptop. The age of a single device to do all is not with us yet (or it could be a dream?).

Taxi for Ballmer - one can only hope. Oh wait a minute, stay there Stevie boy your making a right mess.

VMware squeezes customers for stellar quarter


Re: Looks like the layoffs helped too

Oh and Ballmer and Microsoft are not arrogant?

Unbelievable comment.


Re: Looks like the layoffs helped too

Hyper-v is free but no good on its own. Add the required System Center suite of products in the mix and MS suddenly becomes more expensive managing comparative virtualisation workloads plus configuration management overhead.

The old MS trick to get more out of you...............you mugs!

Microsoft admits it's '18 months behind' with Windows 8 slabs


Opening many fronts - oh dear

Playing catch up with Apple.

Playing catch up with VMware.

Opening many fronts and spreading themselves thin amongst a reorganisation within.

Oh dear, another historical dictator tried that and failed.

Microsoft biz heads slash makes Ballmer look like dead STEVE JOBS


And cue, vSphere 6 to finally put sword to Hype-V ?

Amazon and Openstack to severely dent Azure growth?

Have they anything left?

CTO's man at VMware whistles an 'appy tune


The Disruptor is back - again

Good old VMware I say. When the majority of VMware bashers have been mentioning their downfall, VMware answers with another "IT Arena Disrupter". This will send shockwaves through the channel.

Buy your of the shelf solutions - Yes really :-) Why have hundreds of engineers to build it.

How NSA spooks spaffed my DAD'S DATA ALL OVER THE WEB


Floyd Storm !!

The NSA culprits should be strapped to a chair and made to listen to Pink Floyd at 100 decibels. Wait a minute, that looks familiar LOL.

Storm Thorgerson and Pink Floyd created DSOTM cover before her dad's design I believe?

Windows 7 'security' patch knocks out PCs, knackers antivirus tools


Cloud Beware

And they want us to move from Vmware to Hyper-V and their Private Cloud!.

Patch Tuesday = kill your cloud.

Paypal struggles free of VMware lock-in, goes with OpenStack


In the know:


Quality is important.

VMware NSX mashes up Nicira and homegrown network virt


VMware NSX = Multi hypervisor and Openstack linkage.

NVGRE = Only Hyper-V ;-(



It's simple, the free argument does not hold water. I have many customers that would rather pay than endure vendor lock in and pay for it at a later date.

Nothing in this world is free.


LOL = playing catch-up. Unlike NVGRE it will be more advanced, more likely be furnished with advanced firewalling capabilities and have full integration and tuning with other products in its ecosystem.......... and oh it will work more reliably under heavy workloads. VMware raising the bar yet again :-)

Microsoft still reviving Azure SQL Reporting after Monday FAIL


Your Missing the Point

The reason Azure is flaky, is due to rushed implementation, backup process failures and a general slap dash approach to cloud by Microsoft!.

Build your Linux and Windows on VMware Cloud Director accompanied by robust DR concepts and and a more professional attitude to delivering Cloud properly and the situation will be much more robust if any of the componenets fail.

The whole Azure, Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012, SCCM is a rushed coded cobbled together ecosystem that is going to burn all the MS shop "follow like sheep" fanbois!. This will not be the last time customers will suffer long downtimes in all type (Azure, Hyprid, Public, Private) MS cloud mash ups!.

Pay the money and you get reliability. Its a no-brainer.

Microsoft blasts PC makers: It's YOUR fault Windows 8 crash landed


Rushed Implementations!

Microsoft got left behind, panicked and delivered a whole load of rubbish. Their salesman are spouting bullshit and huge exageration. And this is the company that also wants us to put faith in Hyper-V 2012!

I don't think so MS$. Openstack, VMware, Hadoop, Apple, agility and mobility are the big things again for 2013.

Apple shares dive after quarterly report disappoints Wall Street


Your Apple doom and Gloom is flawed!

Yes Apple has huge competition from Android and Microsoft and ther model needs adjusting.

You forget Microsoft have come back because they are a $260 billion dollar company. Apple is just a temporary wounded animal worth $450 billion! They are not going to take all this lying down from Samsung, Microsoft and all other competitors.

They will re-invent, re-innovate, headhunt the best in the game and come back greater than ever.

Money talks and makes waves.


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