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Post-nuptial BlackBerry gives birth to Good-looking offspring

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Bodes well for the future

This is a pretty good fit. From what I understand BES12 is providing the MDM capability and Good Dynamics the Good Work container + Apps. I have been testing this and it works seamlessly. Secure Workspace is going away (thank heavens). Once they consolidate the platform (end of year I gather) then we can have single platform for BB10/AfW/Knox/iOS/Win10. Good lord dont tell me supporting devices will become easy

Good grief! Have you seen BlackBerry's square smartphone?

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Re: I agree

Actually the square corners work very well. If you hold one in the traditional style of what used to be called the BlackBerry Prayer..the square corners help as you have more of you palm in contact with the edge. Make no mistake this is a two handed device where you use your thumb for typing rather than poking at the screen with one finger like a chimp examining its poop

Finally! How to make Android USABLE: Install BlackBerry OS 10.2

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Not sure you know what you are talking about here...you cannot sideload Android conversions into the Work area, they will only be installed on the personal side and as such sensitive work information such as emails. calendar, contracts, intranet etc, cannot be accessed. This is also the case for Android ports that are downloaded from BB World.

BB10 has been certified by numerous agencies around the world as secure - however if you have any proof to the contrary please publish it.

Report: BlackBerry BYOD-ware doesn't pass UK.gov security test

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Re: Hogwash...

BES10.1 which is currently in testing will provide the ability to remove the personal partition from a BB10 device, leaving only the work partition.

Wad of BlackBerry OS 10 pics 'leaks' from RIM's inner circle

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Have BB 10 and it's a winner

Surprises me that people are willing to slag something off without actually having seen or used it. However this does seem to be part of the modern British psyche.

Anyway I digress....

I have been using a BB10 (dev) for 2 weeks. It's a very enjoyable experience. Very sleek, very fast and a pleasure to use. After using it for a while I put away my Android device as it's appears clunky and frankly, like a glitchy POS.

Couple of standout features...the Hub, the peek function (who would have guessed that seeing and ignoring pointless emails while watching Homeland could be so easy), the browser is also extremely good, easily the best touch keyboard I have used and lastly the BlackBerry Balance function (which gives the device work and personal containers).

From my own dealings with enterprise is that they really like the device and coupled with BES10 (which gives IT the capability of managing existing BBOS devices together with BB10 devices and also IOS and Android) I think it's a solution that many enterprises have been wanting for ages.

So it would appear that the fat lady hasn't sung and I certainly see this device doing better than WP8.

Check on out yourself when they are released before making judgement.


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