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Dear Apple: Want to stay in business? Make an iPhone people can afford


Great quote

What a ridiculous quote - "only a finite number of users globally can afford a $450-plus smartphone"

Yep, what a great conclusion from a study. How about, this, only a finite number of users globally can afford a $0.01 smartphone.

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...


Re: Cursed form

Yeah, Noel Fielding would be a travesty. He was funny in one series, and hasn't been funny since, oh and he can't act.

Benedict Cumberbatch would be the best quite obviously, but I feel the Doctor is slightly beneath him, so wouldn't actually like to see him get the role.

I'd like to see a relative unknown, like Smith was when he took the role.

BT in £52m contract tussle: West Country bumpkins hit with broadband delay


BT holding back rural services

These initiatives have been setup in an aid to speed up BB roll-out to rural communities. I believe that in a lot of circumstances this is actually hindering the roll-out process.

Put yourselves in BTs shoes, you plan on upgrading a rural community, but it's all at your own cost. The government is giving out subsidies, so what do you do? You wait until they subsidise the rural community you were going to roll-out to, why wouldn't you. Sure there are going to be exceptions where BT wouldn't have bothered and this will make a difference, but to many places it's just slowing the whole process down and costing the government money.

Oh, and likewise, I'm proud to be a country bumpkin, I'd rather live in the West Country than the shithole that is London or the North, and by the North I mean north of Watford.