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Honda develops motorised unicycle

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Not for me

I'm not very image concious, but I don't think I'll be riding around on something that makes it look like I'm caressing my bumcheeks whilst riding around.

BMW to ride in with 115-mile range e-scooter?

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C1's failure

The C1 is a brilliant bike (I'm a "real biker", btw), and I'd love to have one, if the government would allow it to be used as it was intended to be used.

BMW had designed it with a crash cell (cue Smart ForOne), and *drumroll* seat belts. Yes, two seat belts. From one side of your shoulder to the other side's hip, and then the other one across. They even came with electrically heated seat and grips. The coolest ones even came with CD Player.

The problem occurred when the riders wanted to use it as BMW intended; without a helmet. Because it had seatbelts and a crash cell a helmet wasn't needed. In fact, the padding of the helmet was "built-in" behind your head. So when you had an accident you'd be "as safe as in a car", without the dreaded helmet-hair. The grand idea was city-commuting in a suit, without getting wet or having helmet-hair.

Sadly you're required to wear a helmet on all, no exceptions, two wheelers. Ergo, you got the bad stuff from a bike, with the bad stuff of a car (= cage).

Bring on a legislation change and let people ride these without a helmet - should they choose. Add leccytech to make it grean.

O2 caught in smartphone virus outbreak

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Jobs Halo


I'd rather have "strangled tethering" than a virus on my phone.

iRobot Roomba 560 robot vacuum cleaner

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Typical old-thinking.

Robotic vacuuming (or sweeping as some insist) is a paradigm shift. If you expect a robot to work exactly as a normal vacuuming machine, then you're in for a surprise; They're not the same.

Nobody in their sane mind would, today, compare washing your clothes by hand and washing them in a washing machine. Comparing automatic cleaning to manual cleaning is just as doomed.

Snap out of it!

The Roombas are fantastic, once you've adjusted to them, and trust me, you've already adjusted to a vacuum (migrating from a broom), so you can do this adjustment too. Just go on!

Get rid of those hideous frilly carpets, get furniture that Roomba can get under, tidy up your cables (you should have done this anyway as cables trap dust). Then, before you let Roomba lose in your house, you pick up a few things lying on the floor, like kids toys, shoes etc - this is something that most people do anyway before running a normal vacuum cleaner around the house. (It's usually referred to as "tidying" - if you expect a £150 - £250 robot to do this for you, you need to adjust your concept of money vs. functionality).

Then, give Roomba about a month to really clean your house. By this time you'll notice that there's less dust on your telly, there's lest dust in Roomba once finished and everything is much better.

Blatant plug:


My tip to the reviewer is to adjust to Roomba a bit more, and give it a good month or two of use. Run it every other day or so.

Apple mega update strikes out calendar bug

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Tiger to Leopard works fine

I got my Mac with Tiger on it.. Upgraded it to Leopard and I've had no problems. Ticks along nicely. I hate to admit it but this is the best computer I've ever owned, and that's with a chequered history with Windows, Linux, Sun and even Pre-MacOS X machines... I used to hate Mac OS... No more... love it!

Come on in, the water's warm!

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

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One can but congratulate on your continued support to the alcohol industry. Ten years is a long time for any liver! I salute you!

Technical problems mar Barclays' PINSentry roll-out

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I hate these things

I really do - I was forced to use one in Sweden, just hassle. If you go traveling you're screwed or you have to carry it with you (which means you forget it etc.). Now I have to carry this thing with me if I go traveling. I also need to remember my 'Verified by Visa' junk. All in all, it's a system that's more error prone than anything else.

The Finnish system on the other hand rules; I have a set of once-off 4 digit codes, along with a bunch of reuse verification codes. They come as the size credit card, laminated and with 3 pages. If I don't want to carry that with me I can enter the codes into a PDA, my computer or my phone.

These boxes are just like airport security; It only affects the ones who are honest. (Any proper criminal will come up with a way to get around these boxes).

Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

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Another point of view

I just popped into the Dell online store, and chose a computer that I might buy if I'm not that interested in computers. So, a desktop, of a slightly lower spec but not the lowest. I went to the configuration page... and I chose my processor, and then it was time for my operating system; Vista Home Premium (included in price), Vista Ultimate (+£94!!), XP Pro (+£34.95 for an old OS!)....

Where's Linux...?!?! There is no Linux option. So, isn't it a bit unfair to even drop the total number of sold systems into here as you can't even choose Linux amongst the total number of systems sold?! You have to know you want Linux if you're going to get it from Dell - and through my clicking on the site, I saw no symbols or information about Linux. They might have been there, but they didn't catch my eyes. In my opinion, selling 40,000 units of this hidden computer is quite a feat! One could also assume that the Joe-average-computer-buyer will never ever even be subjected to any information about Linux, let alone any sort of propaganda about why they should buy it.

I applaud Dell's efforts and I can only hope that they open the Linux effort up to the average consumer - at least give them the option to try it out.

Kindle ain't no e-book reader

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I ain't payin' for no blogs

I think the 'service part' might work, but for me to use that I'll rather pay a low monthly subscription than some pennies per 'blog'. I think it's good that they try to innovate, but this is just another tie-in like the iPhone, XBox<-->Media Center etc.

Funnily someone is going to judge Kindle as some other eBook reader and when it doesn't take off, they're going to say; eBooks aren't what customers want, eBooks are doomed to fail. Well, they're not, the silly concepts, prices and pricings are.

I'd love to carry around all my reference material, plus the latest news, but I'm not going to pay per blog-entry. No way. Where's the OpenSource version??

(Btw, I'm typing this on a Nokia N800, through my WLAN, at no cost. YAY freedom!)

The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?

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iPhone is NOT 2.5G

Aaargh... Once again, the lousy EDGE has been touted as 2.5G technology, it's not... poor consumers who are thinking they're getting 2.5G after reading about this.

A brief list of 'G:s'

1G - Analogue mobile phones such as NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephony??)

2G - GSM - Digital mobile phone technology with 9600kbps data (not packet based)

2.5 - GPRS - Packet based rather than time based; you pay per data you've downloaded, not per time you've spent online. (Note that 2.5G isn't officially defined, but Wikipedia actually includes EDGE - wrongly IMO - in this, but that's a pub-discussion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2.5G)

3G - UMTS - Enables video calling (whoever does that)

3.5G - HSDPA - The real goodies in the foreseeable future.

4G - etc...

EDGE is "nothing more" (not wishing to belittle mobile engineers!) than "a few 9600 GSM modems put in parallell). I had EDGE on my 9210 Communicator back in 2002... When GPRS wasn't available. I remember ditching my 9210 for a T68i which had both Bluetooth and GPRS (shock horror!) so I could connect it to my laptop via Bluetooth.

... And there's no f**king way Jobsie is going to get me take a step 5 years backwards in technology. Not a chance.

For anoraks (bigger ones than me!) Look at Wikipedia:




PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook

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My last PCW encounter.

Right, so after years of Linux use I decided to switch to the darkest side; Mac... All well, until I really started to get annoyed at my WiFi dropping out constantly. So I thought, I'll just waltz down to a large store and pick a Wireless Access Point up, and connect it to my existing LAN. I wanted to go to a store, so I could easily return it if my quirky Mac didn't connect properly...

I walked in to Oxford PCW... went to the WiFi/Network section, stared at a few boxes for 10 minutes, and to my luck there were two already opened boxes, but without prices. I smelled a bargain... But nobody came to my 'rescue'. So after a while of not being served I went to this 'speakers podium' that was erected in the midst of an isle and there were two middle aged women gossiping there. Finally, I got to ask if I could have some help with an access point. The rest of the discussion went something along the lines of:

Me: Could I have some help with the access points over there..?

PCW: Who's your ISP?

Me: erhm... ISP? I just would like to get some help with an AP!?

PCW: Yes, but who's your ISP?

PCW: Is it BT, Orange,... etc

Me: Eclipse, but...

PCW: OK, so you have got a normal ADSL line...

Me: LOOK, I have a network, I have an ADSL modem, it's all working except my stupid Mac won't connect to the WLAN...

PCW: Oh, we don't sell anything for the Mac

Me: (thinking: but you sell the freakin' Macs too!?) Look, I don't want a specific Mac thing, I just want a standard 802.11g network access point.

PCW: Yes, but we don't sell anything for the Mac.

Me: I don't need it specifically for the Mac, I just want a standard AP.

PCW: No, you need an Airport and we don't sell anything for the Mac, because Apple has told us that you'll need an Airport.

Me: hrmpht, so you're not selling me one..?!


I walked out, feeling very very insulted - I guess that's what I get for abandoning Linux and going corporate. :P Argos down the road had one for £40... just what I wanted. :)

Apple lobs $100 credit at iPhone buyers

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A tip for our chum Stevo Jobbie


Next time you're going to be so smug to drop the price by that much, take a step back, and re-think.

Instead of dropping $200, you could have conserved your smugness and dropped it $100. This would have been "reasonable", the sheep wouldn't have gotten upset, but the "second batch of sheep" would still have thought that $100 is a lot of money off. And you would have come across as a "generous" person that's "trying to lower the prices".

Then, another 68 days later you could have lobbed another $100 off, and again, you could have received more kudos. End result, to the "sheep" would have been the same result, BUT, you would have had these benefits;

- Another bunch of people buy the iPhone, but at $100 higher price than now, let's say 500,000 sheep, that's $50 mill in your pocket - Kerr-ching!

- You wouldn't have had to come out with this silly "excuse"

- You wouldn't have had to print the "excuse money" of $100 worth of Apple Gadgets (gladly you're probably only having to shell out about $50 for the real value). Still you're "throwing away" about $50 mill (see above about making an extra $50 mill).

Net result, you're out of a cool $100mill... give or take a few...

Now, how about some commission for me?! Stevo!?!? STEEVO?!?! COME BACK! I DIDN'T MEAN TO BE MEAN! SORRY, I LIKE YOUR TURTLE NECK TOP!!!

:-D :-D

Palm drowns Foleo at birth

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I used to have a Palm

A long long time in a land far far away I had a Palm Perosonal PDA, I absolutely loved it. Ran on batteries for months (yes, months!), was instant on (or never off), absolutely fantastic. Then I swung it across the floor and bought a Psion Revo. And I absolutely loved the Revo. It wasn't as good as the Palm in certain departments, but it was very good, except for the battery (both life and quality). The keyboard rocked (when it didn't break). I could even touch-type on it. I wrote several lengthy 'articles' on it. It fitted perfectly onto that little shelf in the back of train seats. Wonderful. Then it got stolen, and I went for an IPAQ...

... Since then my PDA life has never been the same. Clunky, battery muching, slow pieces of hardware down to my latest P990i... Not to mention my short affair with the O2 XDA which didn't even manage a days charge. Many days I failed to ring home to say what train I was because the battery that was full in the morning now had died a horrible death.

Palm and Psion were the only ones who knew what it was all about.

Come on Palm; you can do it. Fix us a nice pocket gadget, and bring back the Foooleo so I don't have to waste my 2h battery life on my laptop for occasional email replies and web-browsings.

Downing Street dodges 'unlimited' broadband debate

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Rubbish on so many levels

The petitions are utter rubbish - I signed this one, and the answer was totally deflating. Same as with any of the petitions I've signed. Rubbish. 10 Downing Street is just like any other political instance; avoids doing anything or answering questions.

Same goes for Unlimited. If you advertise "Unlimited" it should be "Unlimited" as defined in the English language - look it up in a dictionary and the service should be in compliance to that. If it's not, it should be illegal. It doesn't matter if there's a small print or not, it's what's advertised that's the key point.

I'd also like to put up a petition to stop using the word 'Free' in advertising. If something is 'Free' it should either be free in the sense that it has not been captured (bird), or 'Free' as in not having to pay anything. So a 'Free' mobile phone means that; I don't have to sign up to _anything_, nor pay anything etc. It's free, just as if I found it on the street and it would be legally mine. Again, the definition in an English dictionary should be stronger than some legal mumbo-jumbo fine-print.

... rubbish, being keyword... :(