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Facebook goes TITSUP across WORLD! Who will look at your cousin's baby NOW?


Facebook is down, and I wanted to post on Facebook that it was down. But I couldn't.

D'OH! Use Tumblr on iPhone or iPad, give your password to the WORLD


I discovered similar on a Twitter client for Nokia some years back. The issue was while testing a mitm attack it would attempt to transmit via SSL and through various iterations of the software either 1) ignore the cert error and continue or 2) revert to non-SSL.

Would be interested in checking the behavior after they 'fix' this one.

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac


I suppose that as this guy used the stolen credit card to purchase his plump-loving website subscription he can be sure its the guy that nicked the laptop (well, certainly a crim using somebody elses cards).

Unlike the India story where the guy gifted the laptop in the end.

Wish I hadn't read this at breakfast time to be honest, could've done without 'wank face' while tucking into my coco pops.

GSMA: $11bn for 'universal service' UNSPENT, nations' poor still not connected


Shock horror

Governments charging taxes and then not spending them correctly/on the intended target?

Google in cloud-support price war with Amazon, Microsoft


Re: Pratical World

In addition to Amazon giving you full free access to trial pretty much everything. Google has just pulled their free apps for new signups, and I agree I cannot work out if/how to host with them either (Wordpress or other).

Amazon EC2 free tier, + 30GB storage free + RDS + Route53 for redundancy = 12 months free playing and they have me slightly tied in if I fill it all up (currently using it as a backup from my own vms)

Shocked jocks' O2 calls crossed with Brummies, now everyone's cross


Re: me too

Mobile calls aren't secure anyway. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/08/02/gsm_cracking/ + others.

Barclays: So sorry about LIBOR... How about some free Wi-Fi?


But BT WiFi isn't free, its 'included' if you're a BT customer and sign up to it. Or they charge a fortune.

Annoys me when they say free and actually it isn't free. ElReg should know better.

Amazon adds DNS Failover to Route 53

Thumb Up

Time to fix and reroute is based on the TTL specified, if you login and look at the healthcheck settings it says that Route53 recommends 'less than 60 secs' TTL for a DNS entry in order to reroute quickly. You have full control over all the DNS settings so - do it as quick as you want.

I'm using it, it is really very very good.

Adobe investigating attacks on PDFs using zero-day flaw


Re: dont use Adobe crap

... PDFs - assume you didn't read the article, good work.

Unlucky for you: UK crypto-duo 'crack' HTTPS in Lucky 13 attack


Re: If it's timing-based

... "Blocking the attack can be achieved by [...] adding random time delays to CBC-mode decryption"

UK cookies cop changes own policy to ‘implied consent’


More costly dreadfully thought out pish

As above it has just led to user annoyance/scare tactic. 2 non-IT friends mentioned to me the other day "So what are cookies, I should worry about them, right?"

They're still no wiser and the best explanation was "you need them if you shop online otherwise it won't work". Unscrupulous types can still easily just not bother warning users, they're the ones to worry about.

It's yet another case of only the honest actually following the law and as a result wasting legitimate peoples time and money implementing something that hasn't worked and won't be enforced.

ICO obviously adhering to the rule of "Do as I say, don't do as a do!" with their implied consent then.

PS - I still don't fully understand the 'rules', if GA is used on the site should that fall under the warning or just account for it in the site Ts and Cs? I think I'll just stick to self-analysing my apache logs to get user figures.


Ofcom anoints broadcaster: Local TV is nearly here


Re: How can I watch it?

Ahh yes, "SixTV" running on Analogue Ch47 I remember. Reception was terrible, content was worse.

Local 'TV' company OxBox TV are running from Witney, I read they didn't bother trying to get access to this opportunity and web for IPTV only. Seems to be 1) the future and 2) cheap to run compare to 'proper' broadcasting.

Amazon rainforest starts making phone calls


Re: I am not a lumberjack but.....

I guess that it'll alert the authorities to respond quick enough that the will go to the signal location in the hope the loggers are still there thus proving they did and apprehending them.