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CIA crypto-king offers new 'clock' clue to crack Kryptos code

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The Berlin clock uses 4 lights below seconds for 5 hours each, and below that, 4 bars for 1 hour each (Uneven interval blocks).

On a not completely unrelated note, take a look at the coordinate projected on the other side of the plaza. Now look at the Kryptos. Something should be abundantly clear. If not, shine a light on it. Something I vaguely recall being used in ancient Greece and China.


Intel offers big bucks for black women

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Re: That is it, Intel, take away the motivation for most of your existing workforce.

That's one hell of a massive assumption WatAWorld. There is nothing to support the claim that any minority group makes better / worse suggestions than any other group, or that they are less likely to benefit from it.

The truth of it is that there shouldn't be discrimination anywhere, against any minority or majority group. To openly state as a company that you will be specifically excluding certain groups, be it majority or minority crosses that line and will label the company in a very negative light.

Worlds that could support LIFE found among 715 new planets

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Re: Gravity??

lol very good :)

There is potential for that sort of thing to some extent. Adjusting to a higher gravity world and moving here would make things somewhat easy. You'd probably be a fair bit stronger than "average". Again though, countless possibilities :)

Even scale is overlooked.

I have a tiny water flea colony in the top of my fish tank. They work the "fields", moving algae spores across the inside of the lid - they keep it damp for adherence. They construct round "nests" they seem to sleep in. They seem to have babysitters, a handful of adults directing lines of children while most of the others work. Some seem to work on the little bit of moss that touches the water. It crosses my mind that even on the miniscule scale, what passes for "society" can evolve. Who knows what scale science is looking for for confirmation, or how easily they will spot it :)

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Re: Drake equation

We have MPs over here. I think most of those are inhuman lol

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Re: Fermi Paradox

Bearing in mind man has barely managed to explore his own planet (and frequently discovers new species even after all this time), you'd be holding your breath for a very long time.

No point assuming :)

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Re: Drake equation

Only one big problem there - your content.

Assumption, followed by assumption, followed by assumption. Based on a large number of assumptions, you can come up with any number you feel like. Of course that number won't make any real difference. Given the age of the universe, the rate of star formation goes out the window - as any of the "advanced civilisations" described by your "formula" has the potential to migrate, thus breaking your "formula".

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission

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Anyone can see these days this entire article is just a ridiculous attempt to wrap up religious rubbish with a scientific mission. This mission has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion and stupid conflicts over beliefs. This was most likely stirred up by some idiot "concerned" that Muslims would "Miss out" on such a mission.

The rest of the rational world would be more concerned that the most suited to the challenges of the mission were present. There will be no consideration for comforts and religious beliefs. As pioneers, living conditions will be harsh and basic at best. Stamping feet and branding religions around in protest will not change these bare facts. That sort of lunacy has been demonstrated often enough already. Why it's been allowed in the past simply attests to the weak will of those who rule. Practicality and all vestiges of common sense are so often disregarded in favor of so called political correctness, at the detriment of all progress and true equality.

Right royal rumpus over remote-control 'RoboRoach'

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Shut them down

It's quite simple. A company with such questionable ethics is raising the next generation of psychopaths. How long before these psychopaths think it's ok to try the torture devices on humans?

We had a company with a lot of press like that in the UK - Huntingdon Life Sciences. Their publicity resulted in massive protests and blockades of the facilities. Soon after people started to publicise names and details of scientists, who then had pressure put on them outside the office. Soon, no one wants to be associated with them or any of their products.

In the meantime, feel free to approach trading standards bodies. Their spokesperson has very publicly stated the insects are not harmed in the process. Anyone purchasing a product and reading the instructions (publicised recently) will see that's clearly not the case and amounts to torture. I'd be inclined to sue and demand a refund.

Exclusive Halo game coming to Windows 8 and WinPhone 8

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Epic Fail

Well, like many others I've been steering well clear of Windows 8. Quite frankly it's horrible.

Halo isn't a bad series though - might be tempted to grab a new title, but DILEMMA! Do I update WIndows or ditch Halo as well?

Quite simple. I'll not be buying Halo either. Great work Microsoft. You've managed to try and force upon the public a piece of garbage they don't want, only to have it rejected by the majority. Now you're about to blow your own game sales in the same manner.

Someone needs firing and replacing with someone who hasn't lost touch with reality I suspect.

Mind-melded rats could herald organic BRAIN-COMPUTERS

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You heard the rumor that sometimes after brain interfacing the effects persist a short time?

Are they training a new breed of telepathic rats, to coordinate their attacks on lab scientists? lol

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Should have known

You ever regret past comments? I do. I feel sorry for the rats. They don't have a say in it.

I was daft enough to mention in a couple of places in the past that brains could be networked together. This is not what I envisioned. It was in reply to the abilities of brainport technology, currently used to provide one way feedback to human hosts from video cameras ie providing sight to the blind. I then highlighted that the same approach could be used with other types of data, including UV, infra red, ultrasound etc. I further highlighted that the language barrier would be broken and potentially the species barrier as brain to brain communication offered a far more efficient means of utilizing the brain's natural plasticity. Language and individual thinking is slow and inefficient, limited by it's own natural resources and relatively slow learning mechanisms.

I did not have this in mind. I was expecting development using the human nervous system - preferably developed for those with disabilities who could volunteer for testing and benefit in the process. I would have thought that a far more constructive approach than direct brain surgery on helpless animals.

Inside the new climate row as Mystic Met Office goes cool on warming

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I'm no MET expert, but has the author of this article failed to do their research? What a change that would make eh.

I read again fairly recently that the global warming estimates may have been underplayed, not overplayed. It was stated that a large amount of heat is currently being offset due to greatly increased ice melt. We seem to get cycles of melt and gain, but the current cycle is worse by far than usual. The expectation is that global warming will therefore step up a beat further down the line.

In regards to changing weather patterns, surely anyone would expect that. Look at the effects of El Ninio for a prime example. As pockets of temperatures change in different areas, current and airflow will be affected in turn.

Pointless rant article imo