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Bomb scare causes mass evacuation at DEF CON


Re: Mind bomb - nice!

It is Soul Mining, and I'm very glad people got the reference. A classic track.

India takes second punt at soft lunar landing with launch of Chandrayaan-3 mission


Well, not exactly.

ISRO lists the Chandrayaan 2 as a "contingency link," and the Chandrayaan 3 propulsion module can contact the Indian Deep Space Network as well.

Surprise! China's top Android phones collect way more info


Re: Boffins?? What a weird word.

It's a British peculiarity, and is high praise. I've had two university professors complain because we didn't describe them as boffins in our articles. This has become something of a Register thing over the last 20+ years.

Opinion is divided but suspect it's derived from WWII as an abbreviation for the "boys in the backroom" who worked on new military technology, even though Amazing Grace and others showed it wasn't all a boys thing. At The Reg use it for any passionate scientist and, personally, because it's a really fun word.

Go to L: A man of the cloth faces keyboard conundrum


Re: Font recommendations

I feel your pain.

Egg on North Face: Wikipedia furious after glamp-wear giant swaps article pics for sneaky ad shots – and even brags about it in a video


I'd never seen that one, thanks for posting. I miss Lester.

Q&A: Crypto-guru Bruce Schneier on teaching tech to lawmakers, plus privacy failures – and a call to techies to act


Re: Thanks for this

Thanks, Bruce is always a good chap to interview with lots of interesting ideas.

How to make people sit up and use 2-factor auth: Show 'em a vid reusing a toothbrush to scrub a toilet – then compare it to password reuse


Re: VIDEO Link

The video is apparently on Camp's account under a creative commons account. RSAC's wi-fi was so poor I couldn't find it and file. I'll ask.

Bloodbath at LeEco US as Chinese tech upstart implodes with layoffs


The headline wasn't meant to be disrespectful, merely one which The Reg has always run.

As a Brit - albeit one living amongst the rebellious colonials for many years - the Manchester atrocity hit hard, but on a story completely unrelated to the event I went with that headline.

HIGH-RANNOSAURUS WRECKED: Druggie dinos tripped balls on psychedelics – boffins


Re: This reminds me...

Which in turn was ripped off from Bill Hicks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEF7Di_nkRk

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf


It was named after the explorer Juan Ponce de León

Discoverer of Florida (although the natives had been aware of it for millennia) and a former Spanish governor of Puerto Rico.

Vid shows how to easily hack 'anti-spy' webmail (sorry, ProtonMail)


Thomas got in touch with us to make clear he'd contacted the firm directly. Professional is the title I'd use.

Google RIPS aside curtain, exposes Nexus 5 phone, KitKat Android 4.4 coupling


Re: There must be a typo in the prices

Nope, no typo. $399 for the 32GB model is a firm price.

Computers are 'electronic cocaine' that make you MANIC

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Re: Quick...

Nice one.