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Open source, says me: Alibaba chucks MariaDB a $27m funding round


Re: Nice with some funding!

Actually InnoDB is back in mariadb 10.2. I would hope the parallel feature to be independent of the engine and work for example with myisam too.


Nice with some funding!

Mariadb needs more development. A Feature like "Parallel Execution of SQL Statements", so more than 1 core can handle a SQL statement would be nice for those heavy queries on big tables. And hopefully not Innodb only!

Big Dell shareholder says LBO is 'woefully inadequate'


Stop the drop

Dell's announcement of wanting to buy back shares at $14, has one main result - the stock price stabilizes at $14 instead of continuing the drop with the reduced sales. The banks will then give loans on that valuation of Dell - which means the stockholders get more money than if they let the stock slide on down.

That SAM for want more $ per share, is understandable, they probably paid premium. If the banks can be convinced to cough up more money for Dell, stockholders will be pleased.

Speedy MySQL 5.6 takes aim at NoSQL, MariaDB

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Sane choice is least effort

Mysql is so deeply ingrained in many a system, that it is not a feasible option to change to postgresql. For those riding on the innodb/myisam train any improvements are welcome.


how about KVM ?

Have you tried KVM? We switched from vmware, because kvm is better integrated in linux.


Catching up...

Looking like a nice release, heavy job for the Mariadb crew to challenge Oracle in delivering a better product.

Microsoft Dell deal would restore PC makers' confidence


Re: It may even result in some direction..

Where was/is this stock headed?

Wouldn't it be significantly cheaper to buy Dell in a couple of months time ? Seems like the stock price would be destined to collapse together with the dwindling PC sales...

Apple blocks Java on the Mac over security concerns

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Re: For you Danes

Don't know where you read that, but Danske Bank NemID now requires Java7 update11, which is unavailable for Mac OSX < version 10.7. This is bound to cause a bunch of bother ...

Fedora project may expel MySQL


I recently deployed some mysql/mariadb servers, and did some testing.

Mysql5.5.29 outperformed Mariadb10.0 by about 20%. I would be disappointed if forced to change. Why not offer them both since they are 'dropin' replacements?

Kill that Java plugin now! New 0-day exploit running wild online


Re: 5.000.000 Danish people have to use Java

Stop panicking there, nemid login requires you (besides login and password) to lookup a challenge code on your personal nemid card. The Java vulnerability doesn't break nemid, as it cannot extend out into the physical world and read your nemid code card.


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