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What strange beauty is this? Microsoft commits to two more non-subscription Office editions


Re: First hit is always free-ish.

Yes, the open source products have a standard Windows user interface, MS Office uses their own weird and annoying one.

The last mile's at risk in our hostile environment. Let’s go the extra mile to fix it


Cellular failover

Due to treasonous conservatives favouring the foreigner Murdoch's pay-tv interests over the Australian population, and general wrecking of anything Labor did, we mostly ended up with "fraudband", aka VDSL aka FTTN, in place of Labor's Fibre to the Premises. In response Telstra sold / provided modems which included a SIM on their 4G network, probably now 5G.

Saved by the Bill: What if... Microsoft had killed Windows 95?


Hopefully we would have got Windows 2000 as the standard product. Pity there isn't an option for consumer Windows with the simpler UI in Server.

Which? calls for compensation for users hit by Windows 10 woes


All many really want is something with a simple UI, like a tweaked version of Server 2016.

Russia could chop vital undersea web cables, warns Brit military chief


Moving stuff via USB is faster than using Turnbull's "fraudband" VDSL / fibre to the node "NBN"...


As in, via multiple microwave links over the channel? Apart form the problem of intermittent cancellation of the signal due to reflection from the water, which redundancy may help, it should give some capacity.

How to catch a fraudster – using 'top cop' Benford and the power of maths


E-Series are 1 heavy,

Renard numbers and the various E series used for electronic components, such as resistor values have many values starting with a 1, and few starting with 7, 8 or 9.

Technology, bushfires and AM radio


David, the previously government owned, and by far best network, Telstra has cell broadcast. Their underlying technology provides greater range than the GSM used by the other networks, although this may not benefit overseas visitors.

But some areas are very hilly, which makes providing service over wide areas difficult.

The other networks are:

Optus, set up to satisfy a political whim for competition, and now owned by the Singapore dictatorship's investment company. They company also owns the power distribution company which caused the great majority of deaths during Black Saturday by failing to maintain the poles and wires.

Vodafone, currently being sued over extraordinarily poor service, specifically drop-outs and pathetic data rates in a case nicknamed "Vodafail". They basically sold a huge number of services cheap, without the infrastructure,

The problem is that while they share towers at times, they generally act like spoilt 2 year olds, and do not allow roaming between networks.

A lot of rural areas have FM relay of local radio, and there is also digital (DAB+) in the city. There used to be a national network of shortwave transmitters, carrying national and regional programming, but that is now only transmitted in the Northern Territory, carrying NT services (although SW listeners and hams can often listen in in Sydney, etc..