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Brit firm PinPlus flogs another password 'n' PIN killer


Re: Timeouts?

"Given the number of times my RSA token code has expired by the time I've finished typing it in and the machine has spent a few round trips getting authenticated..."

Use an SID800 and plug the toekn into your usb port. hey presto all you need to enter is the token PIN the rest is taken care of.

This looks like a good system but what happens for the eventual... what was my pattern?

and obviously the patters drawn on a peice of paper under the keyboard.

I prefer the BOFH based idea, cattle prod attached to every phone, when I get a forgotten password/pin phone call they gt a shock, unfortunately my boss wont allow me implement it.

Disney World slaps pay-by-bonk stalker cuffs on grown-ups

Big Brother

I can see this having 1 advantage for the public, Lost children.

If they find a lost child Disney staff can easily track the location of the childs parents and get a message directly to them, or even, stop someone leaving the park with a child that isnt theirs etc.

There are many safety aspects that I can see with this not just the privacy invasion parts as lets be honest if you use the FastPass service they already know your going to use that perticular attraction at a specific time.