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Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?


win 10 or better....

penguins at your service

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture


their own server to collect this stuff....?

would make more sense..

for a few dollar p month....


their own server to collect this stuff?

would make more sense..

for a few dollar p month....

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


its the stupidity of greedy people that never goes on trial... amazing as it may seem.

greed.... and nothing else, from greedy investors made it possible .......

get quick rich is still a very attractive product, people keep putting money into it.

How's this for overachieving? Man accused of running software outfit as a Ponzi scheme while on parole from previous fraud


get rich quick... the easiest thing to sell in this world.

nuff said.

its just stupid greed of stupid people. He earned every penny of that 7 million.

who believes in chrystal bowls from software ??

stupid people who are greedy, wantint to get rich quick.


Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data


the clone does better.

they could have switched to libre office.

its a clone ? yes.

does it turn sep1 or SEP1 into a date ? no.

actually, excel does not do that either.

the spelling help ( this kind of help kills people, yes.... )

first sees SEP1, decides for you that it is SEP 1 (with a space) and then excel kicks in and says "hey, that is a date, let me help you... "

and there you have the real problem: use common word processing functions stupidly and non-context aware for anything. even in a spreadsheet's data cells....

and that indeed proves that MS doesnt give a damn. which we can fix by upgrading to something less dismal...

Microsoft open-sources fuzzing tool it uses in-house to keep Windows so very secure


54 criticals in 92 days

every 2 days a gaping hole in your roof would not qualify as secure from rain, i suppose....


NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount


realistic option in every sense. ...... albeit 1st of april..........


saturn is at least a good starting point of something that has proven to be working

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide


Re: The way I have always seen it

and here you touch the reason why AMD will get off the hook :

"This means that all the cores could end up sharing an FPU and caches, although I would expect a decent chip to give each core its own L1 cache."

- intel : yes. most of them, but not all. (i X versus Xeon xxxx )

- sparc : it depends. old stuff yes, newer stuff sometimes yes, sometimes no

- ibm POWER : no. never shared anything processing : prefetcher, predictor, fp unit, integer units: all dedicated. cost you something, but hey....


Re: FX8350


now, what task did you do with the phenom which did not improve on the 8350 ??

I made the same switch, made a big difference (= rendering video's and run multiple vm's )


Sun is gone. fortunately for them. cuz they had 256 core cpu's

which could not execute simultaneously..

so if AMD bites the bullet, Oracle can start counting the millions they are going to loose :-)

State senator sacked by broadband biz Frontier after voting in favor of broadband competition


democracy ? whatsthat ?

really. when are we going to wake up ? elected representatives being pushed around, not representing who elected them but the company they work for ??

unless they are willing to sacrifice their and their family's income / security.

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking


Re: "there are active campaigns to hack the US vote".

since 90% is still handcounted and votes are done with a pencil,

I wish them good luck with that.

by the way, what exactly was mr Trumps campaign doing with Cambridge Analytica's services ???

oh yeah, right......


who cares about #1 to #4. The USA is #0, top dog.

nuff said.

Or did we forget our friends from the NSA exposed the entire world to serious vulnerabilities

by not alerting vendors to fix them ??

etc, etc.....

More ad-versarial tech: Mozilla to pop limited ad blocker into Firefox


Re: You'd expect a FOSS browser to be on the forefront of this

We, the government should ensure this.

Of course we first need to take it, i.e. The Government, back from the clowns and the billionaires who control them, we gave it to...


Firefox private mode = ad killer.

Even facebook shuts up

Some 'security people are f*cking morons' says Linus Torvalds


one thing.

it not 15 years.

I first got to know Linus in 1991. that is 27 years ago, my first kernel was 0.83

by the time i finished downloading (z protocol, modem, fidonet :-) )

they were on 0.84


what a shame.

your post is accurate, apart from the left wing bullshit.

this is from a left winger:

you are right.

This Linus thing has nothing to do with left wing. there is responsible folks, and there are irresponsible folks. you will find them in every camp / religion / sectarian outfit.

Linus happens to be responsible.


what matters most: a working, stable kernel for the masses or softly massaged developer ego's ?

to me it is Obvious that people like this mr Cook do not understand that they are toying with something that needs to work, no matter what.

Linux is running our society. your elevator, your car, your aeroplane. your power grid, your gaspipes,

whatever you can think of: some critical part is controlled by the Linux kernel.

mr Torvalds is not insulting people, but he is very explicit about their actions when they are being irresponsible about the physical safety of millions / billions of people on this planet.

that's all there is to it.


Re: Google's Pixel security team

political correctnes does not cure irresponsible behaviour,

which is critical when dealing with a software system that millions of people and businesses are relying on.

It's not unthinkable that human lives might be at risk when you kill a proces in a system, although you are not quite sure it needs to be killed; quite possibly you actually never heard of the system your code is running in, let alone understand what it is doing....

Kees Cook is obviously not quite aware of the context in what he is doing. to much Pixel focused, I suppose.

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?


In addition, we're keen to hear of any insurance policies

have 2 clouds, not from the same outfit.

double cost, double trouble. double work. just like it Always used to be.

only the running a datacenter is what you loose, apart from a lot of cash... :-)

cloud@home would do nicely, but that depends on who you are and what you need.

Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata


9 year olds have a lot better memory than adults.

try having kids.... :-)


uhm no, that was a little different

accenture indeed used to be anderson consulting.

they were trying to break with the accountancy branch since the early 90's since they had to pay up being the more succesful branche to the weaker accountant brother.

in 2001 (the year of enron, or at least december...) they became finally independent.

had to pay andersen, though, quite a bit of cash. (the 15% they had put into custody, pending break away negotiations )

which was money down the drain, after all, we all found out soon after...


Re: Liquidation

that's the nice part:

hang they will. this is not the bloody usa where everything goes except for sanity.


hang they will........

too much damage done.

Neil Young slams Google, after you log in to read his rant with Google or Facebook


not quite fair. you can just as well register with an email addres

so next time, think before you submit...

Open-source world resurrects Oracle-free Solaris project OmniOS


solaris itself is fragmentation

it was derived from freeBSD

and by the way, those 250+ Linux distro's share the same code base.

milk comes from thousands of dairy makers. it is still milk.

Permissionless data slurping: Why Google's latest bombshell matters


CCTV camera's not coupled

oh. really. just like google was not illegally harvesting our location, I guess.

wake up.

the NSA does not build $ 2,5 billion datacenters to play counterstrike.

neither does the GCHQ nephews.

Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?


mrs Rudd and the techies are both missing the point. criminals are criminals, so....

they will never use government approved and backdoored encryption.

thank you for your attention.

BYOD might be a hipster honeypot but it's rarely worth the extra hassle


Re: No hassle here. .... over here it was..

a nightmare to implement, and it takes an entire team to run and maintain and costs a ton.

handing out a bunch of locked down company kit would've been a lot cheaper.


gartner is always wrong..... and a track record to proove it.....

---199x the mainframe will disappear in 5 yrs time : NOT

--- 1999 : gartner says the datacenter is going to be windows only : NOT

--- 2002 gartner says windows server will dominate the internet NOT

--- 2003 private datacenters will disappear in the next 5 yrs NOT

-- 201x the cloud will be 30% of spending in 5 years NOT ( it's at 1.5% at the moment )

and so on, and so on......

No, the cops can't get a search warrant to just seize all devices in sight – US appeals court


lazy cops make for free card out of jail.

cops only had to ask for a warrant on grounds of a reasonable suspicion, and limit it to the devices owned by the individual.

then they would have gotten away with it.

so the judge was right. " do your job" , is basically what is he is saying to the cops, "or

I will have to do mine"

and that's what he had to do.

GoDaddy gives white supremacist site its marching orders after Charlottesville slur


Re: RE : Brexit

You don't have to.

Or make it your place again.

Kaspersky repeats offer: America can see my source code


a country that has an active policy to destabilize ???? let us see about the USA.....

- salvador allende: murdered, with the help of the CIA

- mossadegh, democratically elected prime minister of persia : ousted

- every head of state in europe : ( merkel, berlusconi, <-.....-> ) : spied on their conversations with anyone

- nicaragua : dead squads and the works, supported by the usa

- el salvador : same thing

- guatemala : same thing

- panama : noriega, known dictator, murderer and drug dealer. henchman of the CIA, until he got too greedy

- argentinian generals in the seventies: cia backed, murdered thousands of people

- greece military coup in the seventies: murdered thousands, backed by the CIA

the list gets on , it is boring. but please DO FORGET about the USA being a benevolent state. it is not.

- it murderes, conspires, bribes, eliminates, keeps people imprisoned without due process,

- it TORTURES with presidential approval

- it murders by proxy.

thank you for your attention.

Michael Dell? More like Michael in-Dell-nial: No public cloud, no future


3000-3500 bln is a bit more than 20-30 bln

the first number is the average number mentioned as the IT spent of the world.

the 20-30 bln is what is spent on amazon and similar.

1% of the IT spend = cloud, sort off.

so, what does the cloud not have what the not-cloud does have ?

the spending.

the cloud idea has seen huge adoption. the cloud as a off the shelf product not so much when it comes to the big spenders: facebook, google, amazon itself. they run their own......

Amazing new boffinry breakthrough: Robots are eating our brains


finally we dont need to work 40 a week anymore.... if we can get rid of the

greedy couple of 3 or 4 -thousand billionaires who are hellbent on dominating the human race in it's entirety.....

Leaked: The UK's secret blueprint with telcos for mass spying on internet, phones – and backdoors


welcome to the United Soviet of England + Wales. Stalin would've loved it.

One more reason for Ulster to reunite and Scotland to become independent.

British government has bought a £200m 5G 'academic wet dream'


What FC Utrecht has to do with 5G ?

Is a mystery to me.

the Reg can explain ? ( there is plenty of empty football stadiums all over the planet, especially during weekdays, no need to pick one that had and has a rather fanatic supporter tribe for the past 50 yrs or so )

Hackers uncork experimental Linux-targeting malware


these people are not hackers

they are criminals.


indeed. nobody

is using it.

Wi-Fi sex toy with built-in camera fails penetration test



the answer is B


Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it's scarcely fit to fly


if you cant fix it, you change the spec, right ??

including 17 documented failures to meet specification requirements

for which the program acknowledges and intends to seek

contract specification changes in order to close out SDD.


and then some...... need to have 2 helmets with you.....

Part of the weight reduction to the Gen III Lite HMDS

involved removing one of the two installed visors (one

dark, one clear). As a result, pilots that will need to use

both visors during a mission (e.g., during transitions from

daytime to nighttime) will have to store the second visor in

the cockpit. However, there currently is not enough storage

space in the cockpit for the spare visor


Because of the risk, the Services decided to restrict pilots weighing less than

136 pounds from flying the F-35.

uh...... 4 ft 3 inch midgets only ?

Redmond's on fire, your 365 is terrified: Microsoft email outage en masse


they fixed it, indeed. azure works, logged in via live.com

no text

I was authorized to trash my employer's network, sysadmin tells court


Re: "I wish for world peace" ---- of course, we all do, but not necessary

this sys admin is not going to get away with his "damaging actions"

because that is what counts here.

We are all empowered to do things like updating and deleting and so on.

We are NOT empowered to do that with harmfull intent.

No authority given to any sysadmin (or cop, or pharmacist, or hairdresser (with the scissors...) was intended to allow anyone to do damage.


this guy is going to cough up the 130K usd and his sentence will be upheld.

Russia to convicted criminal hackers: 'Work with us or jail?'


Re: You see comrade... there is a U in gUlag and in Usa

nuff said... :-)

Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun


end of java from larry. openJDK taking over. which it already did, sort off...

obviously, no one is going to accept this crap:

"cannot install separately, have to remove bits and parts manually."

UK's new Snoopers' Charter just passed an encryption backdoor law by the backdoor


it is time to start using the secure pub/private key exchange network.

and that's all it takes to make this law ineffective, null and laughable. especially if we, the people, start using it *always*, producing an insurmountable money-black_hole of encrypted communication.

perhaps a good idea for firefox / thunderbird & all other open source software to build it in by default.

Democralypse Now? US election first battle in new age of cyberwarfare

Big Brother

blame russia ? what is in it for them ?

this blaming russia is getting absurd.

but very helpfull to turn the attention away from yourself, of course.

there is not a single government in this world who is interested in a USA that's terrified by paranoia of the general public and government in unison.

there are however always folks that like to show us what they can do with a couple of million of unsecured frontdoor webcams that have been hacked through upnp because it is so handy for the home owner to see who is at his frontdoor. Secured with stdard immutable password and userid, if any at all....



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