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Could immutability be a Leap too far for openSUSE users?


long article, no explanation what this "immutable" is about.

which is kind of sad...

"immutable" simply means you cannot login / become root and screw up the system by accident.

because / is mounted readonly.

mount -o rw will fix that. that requires an action that cannot happen accidentally. so no excuses anymore, system operators.. :-)

the tech is called snapper. it makes snapshots of filesystem. its been there for 10 years.

you will need to use the transaction mechanism. knowing suse since ages, this is probably going to be automagic, *unless* you turn it off. just like snapper snapshots are right now.

updates / installs become a transaction. which you can roll back. works like a charm. and that is nothing new; its been there (in suse) for a looong time.

its not btrfs only. snapper also used to work with ext4 but will be / is discontinued.

really dont see the issue here. unless one's idea of freedom is the freedom to screw up a system due to blissful ignorance.

Red Hat's open source rot took root when IBM walked in


sorry... RedHat had the rot before IBM walked in...

this is just the so manieth attempt of redhat to make live difficult who want to use their source and build a distro from it.

this already had one incarnation, LOOOOOONG before IBM stepped in.


that was 12 years ago.

nothing changed much.


who wants a linux with a backported kernel based on code from 5 years ago ? you ? really ? are you sure ? Paid your enterprise license then ?

think what ever you like :-)


sorry... RedHat had the rot before IBM walked in...

this is just the so manieth attempt of redhat to make live difficult who want to use their source and build a distro from it.

this already had one incarnation, LOOOOOONG before IBM stepped in.



who wants a linux with a backported kernel based on code from 5 years ago ? You ? really ? paid your enterprise subscription fee for your 5 year old software ?

think what ever you like :-)

Another redesign on the cards for iPhone as EU rules call for removable batteries


Re: As luck would have it....

You live on an island.

That does not mean you are on an island.

Gen Z and Millennials don't know what their colleagues are talking about half the time


*We went to great lengths to make sure this passage meant very little in as many words as possible.

done. 100% low hanging fruits scored.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 as a Linux laptop


Re: Re:macOS is the worst of the bunch

sounds like either you internet is dog slow (==internot), or

you have a hardware issue

e.g. disks still functioning, but resetting every second operation... this happened to me once;

since we do not expect that digital hardware is a "little broken": it s broken or it is ok;

this is really hard to detect (in linux one can at least see what the kernel is muttering in such a case... hundreds of errors per second... )


high dpi... on 15 inch or smaller ??

I wonder what these folks are smoking / drinking..

had this issue already 10 yrs ago on a very nice asus laptop...

It took the X and MS folks a year to "discover" that the hardware also supports simple 1080P instead of 4K

since then.. always shunned this 4K nonsense (on a less than 20 inch screen, it IS nonsense.. )

Should open source sniff the geopolitical wind and ban itself in China and Russia?


foss, breadknives and webcams too ??

people have been killed with breadknives.. and with drones equipped with common off the shelf web-cams (thats you, logitech... )

lets put them on the forbidden list for russia, saudi arabia, israel, the USA and china ( add your favourite repressive regime here <.....> )

why ?

they do not acknowledge the international court of justice, or simply ignore it. in common english : they think they are above the law.

sorry guys. no more bread cutting for you with my knives.. and no more logitech cams...

really ? anyone think this is realistic, effective or even theoretical logical ?

put the restriction in the license, if you want. "use of this code in order to invoke damage, hurt, death on anything, or anyone living or dead creature, including humans, is strictly prohibited"

this is forbiden anyway by any law, national or international, but go ahead. lets make sure.

thats enough. it will standup in court if the perp can be brought to justice. if not, we need to fix that. (exactly whats going on in ukraine right now ) , not the export list.

China may prove Arm wrong about RISC-V's role in the datacenter


uhm... relativity !!

I read your quoted article a bit..


"...... an ASUS AMD EPYC 7773X (“Milan-X”) CPU with 64 cores has published results of 440 or 6.875/ core, but with half as many cores and older generation DDR4 (albeit with a larger L3 cache.) ....."

301 vs 440 *but* half the cores / half the energy or worse.

actually 150.5 vs 440

chip architecture is a piece of paper, that might be briliant.

actually building a chip that implements the architecture, is a veeeery difficult job, and china / india / etc

do not have the brains walking around to do that


the necessary ecosystem / tools AND experience.

there is no 5 day course for "experience"

There is enough smart people in these countries, without a doubt. but experience / tools / etc is not for sale.

And last but not least: ASML does not sell the Ultra violet machinery to China. fullstop.

India's IT services sector wants workers back in offices – but not all the new hires


Re: "detailed how Infosys pushed back her employment by five months"

thats forbidden by law in any EU country :

" just to Swiss people and living in Switzerland "

and switzerland has signed up to the EU laws concerning workers rights ( free movement, no discrimination etc )

Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister



this is nonsense.

things were bad in the UK. worse than most other places, by the way.

after the speech of Kwasi Kwarteng, the UK economy has collapsed.

a very precise , easily pinpointed fact.

since that speech, and nothing else,

mortgages going through the roof

GBP devaluated, causing even higher prices in the supermarket

peoples pensions saved by a 65 Billion GBP action by BOE, which is fortunately not controlled by idiots..

a 15 min speech.

hopefully the man never says something again.

or gets a court injunction to shut up for ever after, until he leaves the job. should be soon enough.


Re: IMF & equality.....

the equality point that IMF is making is fairly simple and based on historical, cold, hard evidence :

moneys used to filling the pockets of rich people does not get invested in economic activity that *might* give us jobs, security etc.

it tends to end up in buying bonds, luxury boats, jewelry or simply disappears in the cayman islands somewhere..

Voyager 1 data corrupted by onboard computer that 'stopped working years ago'


Re: Foresight

1980s alfa romeo built in south italy being the exception....

one could hear them rust .....

Get over it: Microsoft is a Linux and open source company these days


Re: 'The Evil Empire' hasn't been evil for about eight years now


visual means you have to look hard to see any benefit of using it.

linux for windows is a me too thing. useless. cygwin does a better job.

powershell is a useless obfuscation mess, does not even work well with windows. slow, error prone.

on the bright side, windows is now contained to what it hardly does.... being a very slow desktop environment, full of security wormholes...

disclaimer: i earned good money making microsoft windows apps. but it is imo still a hopeless bloated mess.

Big Brother

microsoft ? worry about google, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, linkedin, tiktok etc etc

these a-social media are a problem waiting to be regulated..

sooner or later. inevitable.

Misguided call for a 7-Zip boycott brings attention to FOSS archiving tools


Re: A couple of points

different vs undifferent ??



Re: A couple of points

and what about east end cockney ? that english too ?



Re: I like 7Zip.

dont worry. even Boris's father became french in a gesture of paternal disapproval....


DARPA study challenges assumptions about distributed ledger (and Bitcoin) security



this technology is designed as computer democracy ... 51% of a unknown subset of the nodes in the network.....

.... might be 1 (one) single person or organisation behind these nodes .... who knows.... there is no trustworthy registry of computer owners... :-)

thus, any malicious player (all state actors, therefore, plus Bezos, Musk et all .... ) with deep pockets can control bitcoin and < ... your fav crypto coin(s) ....>

and of course, (malignant ) version of the software ... unknown

it simply will not work for any real world scenario where trust is crucial.


openSUSE Leap 15.4: The best desktop on the RPM side of the Linux world


it *does* have a live installer

its here:


click on "Alternative Downloads"


Microsoft: You own the best software keyboard there is. Please let us buy it


pay microsoft for a *working* product.. we don't have that... must be hoax...

its just a contradiction in terminis... working product and microsoft = !Error!


but its true. swiftkey is the only one worth using... never saw swype, but it sounds good :-)

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux


Re: Not be happy ... to reinstall my OS from scratch every year or two

just curious... *why* do you do that ? ( to answer your question: I never heard of anyone doing that.. )


Re: "just works"

monitors work just fine, IF they have an Apple logo on them and the price tag that comes with it.

otherwise.... read the fora.... disastrous....


amusing and

completely useless for anyone looking for hints of information.

lots of jokes around the tribal wars

by the way, opensuse / suse package manager uses snapshots before every update.

since a very long time.

Why the Linux desktop is the best desktop


Re: Linux "Desktop"




Re: Linux "Desktop"

that's not true.

i got compiled stuff from 10 years ago, still works.

device drivers and such ok, but these are renewed anyway

Testing for COVID with the sound of a cough? There’s an app for that


free but not free?

comments on playstore day u need a doctor's "code", fastener that means....

Amazon tells folks it will stop accepting UK Visa credit cards via weird empty email


lets wait and see when (not if) mastercard is changing

their fee per transaction, lol

lots of fun in the not so United (anymore) Kingdom

Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?


win 10 or better....

penguins at your service

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture


their own server to collect this stuff....?

would make more sense..

for a few dollar p month....


their own server to collect this stuff?

would make more sense..

for a few dollar p month....

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


its the stupidity of greedy people that never goes on trial... amazing as it may seem.

greed.... and nothing else, from greedy investors made it possible .......

get quick rich is still a very attractive product, people keep putting money into it.

How's this for overachieving? Man accused of running software outfit as a Ponzi scheme while on parole from previous fraud


get rich quick... the easiest thing to sell in this world.

nuff said.

its just stupid greed of stupid people. He earned every penny of that 7 million.

who believes in chrystal bowls from software ??

stupid people who are greedy, wantint to get rich quick.


Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data


the clone does better.

they could have switched to libre office.

its a clone ? yes.

does it turn sep1 or SEP1 into a date ? no.

actually, excel does not do that either.

the spelling help ( this kind of help kills people, yes.... )

first sees SEP1, decides for you that it is SEP 1 (with a space) and then excel kicks in and says "hey, that is a date, let me help you... "

and there you have the real problem: use common word processing functions stupidly and non-context aware for anything. even in a spreadsheet's data cells....

and that indeed proves that MS doesnt give a damn. which we can fix by upgrading to something less dismal...

Microsoft open-sources fuzzing tool it uses in-house to keep Windows so very secure


54 criticals in 92 days

every 2 days a gaping hole in your roof would not qualify as secure from rain, i suppose....


NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount


realistic option in every sense. ...... albeit 1st of april..........


saturn is at least a good starting point of something that has proven to be working

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide


Re: The way I have always seen it

and here you touch the reason why AMD will get off the hook :

"This means that all the cores could end up sharing an FPU and caches, although I would expect a decent chip to give each core its own L1 cache."

- intel : yes. most of them, but not all. (i X versus Xeon xxxx )

- sparc : it depends. old stuff yes, newer stuff sometimes yes, sometimes no

- ibm POWER : no. never shared anything processing : prefetcher, predictor, fp unit, integer units: all dedicated. cost you something, but hey....


Re: FX8350


now, what task did you do with the phenom which did not improve on the 8350 ??

I made the same switch, made a big difference (= rendering video's and run multiple vm's )


Sun is gone. fortunately for them. cuz they had 256 core cpu's

which could not execute simultaneously..

so if AMD bites the bullet, Oracle can start counting the millions they are going to loose :-)

State senator sacked by broadband biz Frontier after voting in favor of broadband competition


democracy ? whatsthat ?

really. when are we going to wake up ? elected representatives being pushed around, not representing who elected them but the company they work for ??

unless they are willing to sacrifice their and their family's income / security.

Former NSA top hacker names the filthy four of nation-state hacking


Re: "there are active campaigns to hack the US vote".

since 90% is still handcounted and votes are done with a pencil,

I wish them good luck with that.

by the way, what exactly was mr Trumps campaign doing with Cambridge Analytica's services ???

oh yeah, right......


who cares about #1 to #4. The USA is #0, top dog.

nuff said.

Or did we forget our friends from the NSA exposed the entire world to serious vulnerabilities

by not alerting vendors to fix them ??

etc, etc.....

More ad-versarial tech: Mozilla to pop limited ad blocker into Firefox


Re: You'd expect a FOSS browser to be on the forefront of this

We, the government should ensure this.

Of course we first need to take it, i.e. The Government, back from the clowns and the billionaires who control them, we gave it to...


Firefox private mode = ad killer.

Even facebook shuts up

Some 'security people are f*cking morons' says Linus Torvalds


one thing.

it not 15 years.

I first got to know Linus in 1991. that is 27 years ago, my first kernel was 0.83

by the time i finished downloading (z protocol, modem, fidonet :-) )

they were on 0.84


what a shame.

your post is accurate, apart from the left wing bullshit.

this is from a left winger:

you are right.

This Linus thing has nothing to do with left wing. there is responsible folks, and there are irresponsible folks. you will find them in every camp / religion / sectarian outfit.

Linus happens to be responsible.


what matters most: a working, stable kernel for the masses or softly massaged developer ego's ?

to me it is Obvious that people like this mr Cook do not understand that they are toying with something that needs to work, no matter what.

Linux is running our society. your elevator, your car, your aeroplane. your power grid, your gaspipes,

whatever you can think of: some critical part is controlled by the Linux kernel.

mr Torvalds is not insulting people, but he is very explicit about their actions when they are being irresponsible about the physical safety of millions / billions of people on this planet.

that's all there is to it.

When Google's robots give your business the death sentence – who you gonna call?


In addition, we're keen to hear of any insurance policies

have 2 clouds, not from the same outfit.

double cost, double trouble. double work. just like it Always used to be.

only the running a datacenter is what you loose, apart from a lot of cash... :-)

cloud@home would do nicely, but that depends on who you are and what you need.

Cambridge Analytica dismantled for good? Nope: It just changed its name to Emerdata


9 year olds have a lot better memory than adults.

try having kids.... :-)


uhm no, that was a little different

accenture indeed used to be anderson consulting.

they were trying to break with the accountancy branch since the early 90's since they had to pay up being the more succesful branche to the weaker accountant brother.

in 2001 (the year of enron, or at least december...) they became finally independent.

had to pay andersen, though, quite a bit of cash. (the 15% they had put into custody, pending break away negotiations )

which was money down the drain, after all, we all found out soon after...