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Airbus plans beds in passenger plane cargo holds


Beds will become seats

If they get the safety certification (probably by replacing cargo hold doors with more conventional emergency exits with slides) then the beds will soon be replaced with row upon row of seats in a sub-economy product that doesn't have a window view (of what exactly, sky?). The A380 will then become a triple decker but with the problem that baggage capacity and allowances will be reduced - not be weight, but by volume.

The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path?


200 systems.... held together with Excel(TM) macros

200 systems, but there are probably a plethora of Excel(TM) spreadsheets with VBA macros extracting something from one system and pushing into another using sophistication mechanisms such as,.... oh I don't know.... screen scraping!

WIN your FREE Nokia Lumia 630 smartphone HERE!


Second prize ...

Second prize ... two free Nokia Lumia 630s!

EU move to standardise phone chargers is bad news for Apple


the best connector would be no connector at all.

Let's skip this standardisation phase and go straight for wireless charging standardisation!


By the time this happens Apple will have gone the way of Nokia

Which either means it will take ages for the EU to agree or Apple is nearer the end than we yet understand.

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal


FAQs posted by O2, no mention of pricing

So O2 posted some FAQs about the move - standard blah about keeping the router etc etc. But NO mention on prices! This is going to be one big Fail.

Helium: Can it prevent the onset of Shingles?


Vacuum packed hard drive

How about removing all the gases and having a vacuum packed hard drive - no drag at all then!

Help us out here: What's the POINT of Microsoft Office 2013?


2003->2010 urgh

Only recently changed from 2003 to 2010 and can only find one feature that's worthwhile - the ability to combine shapes in PowerPoint using shape union and shape subtract. The rest is garbage and I've discovered several bugs already, particularly in Excel.

Toy train company bids for West Coast Mainline


82 days for a response!

Interesting that it took 82 days for a government response. I expect a final decision will be made sometime in November 2029 for the real franchise then!

'Leccy-starved Reg hack: 'How I survive on 1.5kW'


Definitely scrap the kettle

Definitely scrap the electric kettle and get one for the gas hob. You'll find it cheaper as gas is about one third the price of electricity per kWh. I've done that in the UK (even with my 100A supply).


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