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Attorney sues Microsoft for $1.75M, claiming his email has been useless since May


After it became obvious that MS weren't going to fix it soon, I would have created a temp mail box elsewhere, logged into my DNS portal and redircted the MX, SPF etc to that - just so that I could function.

I'd then use the onmicrosoft email to test the old account.

That said, this gentleman might not have the knowledge to do this.

Laid-off 60-year-old Kyndryl exec says he was told IT giant wanted 'new blood'


If the average age is 50-55 instead of 35, then I can see why a company would be worried about that: You need younger people to be coming up through the system and no to have all upper positions clogged up. However.

If you're going to ask people to step aside, then be up front, honest and make it both voluntary and lucrative for older people to exit and perhaps retire.

Don't simply dump people on the heap of obselence once you've used up thier younger years.

Social media may harm kids. US Surgeon General says so


Those are certainly positives, but you've completely skipped the (very) bad bits: echo chambers, political and social extremism of all sorts, intolerance (by all sides), "othering" particular groups (and I don't just mean minorities). The list goes on.

Also, girls are suspected to be more susceptable to the negatives of social media, making them feel more anxiety and feeling attacked (this a generalisation, of course).

A large part of why people are as crazy as sometimes they are online is down to the above and it's wide spread and seemingly getting worse. It's also affecting institutions and certainly the media, who have behaved like activists rather than (at much as they can be) neutral parties trying to bring us the news.

UK's GDPR replacement could wipe out oversight of live facial recognition


Re: The reward for your support

That last part made you sound pretty bad. We're trying to push past judging people on the colour of their skin, but clearly we have a way to go. Just dump the race stiring and racism please.

The rest of what you said: Some truth there, although if you put Labour in charge you will get something quite similar with regards outcome, just via a different route.

Here's the truth as I see it:

No matter the skin colour, no matter the party: With a some exceptions, our politicians don't have the populace's best interest at heart because they pursue their fecking ideologies FIRST and what's good for the populace a distant second.

Microsoft to let Internet Explorer 11 haunt Windows some more


Re: Still a lot of ancient industrial hardware that needs it

Indeed! I'd want to try and get that VM and those coolers on their own VLAN and completely away from the interwebs.

UK and Japan ink agreement for semiconductor and security cooperation


Interesting stuff and it sounds positive.

First ever 64-bit version of Windows rediscovered … and a C compiler for it too


Re: Windows ME

Ahh but did you called it Windows ME as in the letters M and E, or Windows ME as in referring to yourself (i.e it was ME wot dun it)?

I think the official name was the latter, but everyone I know (including me) called it the former.

Guess who is collecting and sharing abortion-related data?


Re: The USA

I get your sentiment, but the US, from what I've observed, is far from what China presently is. I would say the UK (my own country) is closer to China on that score but, again, definitely not anywhere near it (China) - yet. I think all of the five eyes countries need to re-evaluate their laws with regards privacy and authoritarianism as things have slipped quite a bit in the last decade.

Autonomy founder Mike Lynch flown to US for HPE fraud trial


As others have said, I think that HP were quite possibly negligent due to not doing their own due diligence. However, intentional fraud is still criminal and it feels rare enough that people in financial circules are appropriately prosecuted (looking at you, bankers from 2008!).


Re: Interesting...

I tend to agree. There are some strange rules in the US, depending on the state, and I have heard some similar stories of people being charged costs for being in prison/jail.

Personally, I'm not sure that making the accused pay for such is enitrely just, although I suppose that he (the accused) could chose not to be released on bail. I would at least expect that such costs would be refunded/not charged if he is found not guilty.

No more feature updates for Windows 10 – current version is final


Re: Truly, certainly not

I will admit that I've not tried any recently, but when I used such an app with windows 8 (heaven help me) back in the day, it was quite flawed due to the way it wasn't (possibly couldn't be) integrated into the OS, so a crashing app might lock or crash it. As I say, been a while, so things may have changed. I might hunt one down, although it might not be worth it as I'm starting to lean into linux (Mint) a bit more as I don't like where Microsoft is headed with windows.


Re: Truly, certainly not

Give me windows 10 with a windows 7 START menu and I'm happy.

Online Safety Bill age checks? We won't do 'em, says Wikipedia


I'm pretty free speech minded, but even I can see a need sometimes to have restrictions.

However, (normal) porn sites are not THE most harmful things on the internet. Social media is probably one of the most harmful (and biased) things that I have ever encountered in person.

As for wikipeida. While they are there "doing the right thing", maybe they could also "do the right thing" and fix the collosal bias in any page which is remotely political or cultural.

They could also implement a system to prevent malicious arsecannons from rewriting someone's personal pages just because they disagree with them, etc.


Re: Most harmful thing to children in the UK

Now, now, don't be exclusionary. All our parties are quite harmful, and not just to children.

China again signals desire to shape global IPv6 standards


I can't stand IPv6. I realise that a new version is definately need, and I know IPv6 is future proof, but I still "don't like like it" (insert Little Britain vocie over here)

More ads in Windows 11 Start Menu could be last straw for some


Unlike some, I don't actively hate windows, but ads will definitely drive me more towards linux.

Semiconductor world in for a rough ride as chip bubble bursts at the high end


Re: Semiconductor world in for a rough ride as chip bubble bursts?

Yeah, saw a pi 4 a while ago on amazon going for stupid money. Glad I don't use them much, but I get your pain.


Re: Semiconductor world in for a rough ride as chip bubble bursts?

Sadly, I have to agree with what you say. I do use SMT, but it's useful to be able to easily swap ICs if you blow the living daylights out your pet poject. Also, 5V stuff is also going the way of the dinosaurs.

As for resistor/capacitor sizes: 0805. My aging eyeballs aren't as old as they used to be :).


Re: Semiconductor world in for a rough ride as chip bubble bursts?

Yep. Try buying a regular microcontroller for an electonics project: Your choices will be quite limited by the type and by the number availble. Also, the availability of many discrete logic ICs is way down and the prices way up, along with many DIP parts seemingly being withdrawn, leaving only SMD. That last bit may just be my imagination, but I've hit that wall a few times too often recently (SRAMs and some logic).

Bad time to be an electreonics hobbyist and it must be way worse if you have a business based off of that industry.

Ex-Twitter Brits launch legal challenge against dismissal


Well, not seen that Twitter has broken the law as yet. I.e Yet to be determined.

On another note (and this is not aimed specifically at you):

I find it genuinely bewildering at the almost foam-at-the-mouth reactions to the Twitter and Elon Musk situation. It's almost as if people miss Trump and have found another thing to scream and rage at because social media has wound them up so much for so long. It's incredibly depressing.


It sucks mightily to lose your job (had it happen a few times to me), but sometimes businesses change and you cannot say that twitter hasn't changed under Elon Musk (whether you like those changes or not). However, Elon Musk needs to follow the law like everyone else, although if he hasn't then he won't be the first.

That being said; Practically speaking, I'm not sure what else those laid off expect to get if their jobs no longer exist - unless they've been cheated out of money or something similar (beyond the proper process).

But maybe I've missed something (which is entirely possible).

Native Americans urge Apache Software Foundation to ditch name


Re: Bit ridiculous

He also gets quite annoyed if you avert your eyes:

(God) "What are you doing now?"

(King Arthur) "I'm averting my eyes, Oh Lord"

(God) "Well don't."

Patients wrongly told they've got cancer in SMS snafu


Re: This should be

There are some terrible plunders which do deserve firing, but beyond that I completely agree with you.

Where I work you're far more likely to get a bad outcome if you lie or cover up what you have done wrong. In IT, not knowing the source of an problem can slow a fix down considerably.

Nexperia calls in the lawyers to save Welsh chip fab deal


I don't think trading with china is bad, but we shouldn't sleep walk into the CCP* (via it's puppet companies) digging it's claws further into western companies and/or infrastructure. Like many governments, the CCP isn't "nice" - they feel that they want to be top dog in the world (they deny it, but their actions say otherwise), and if they have to ruin other countries in the process then they'll happily do it and with few scrupples. A good example is the belt & road initiative and the dept that has incurred to various nations.

We (the west) need to accept the CCP for what it is and act accordingly to protect ourselves and our interests in an effective and balanced (trade-wise) way.

License to launch: UK space regulator gives Virgin Orbit satellites the go-ahead


Re: I'm confused by all this...

"...but you do need a fish licence."

As long and they're called Eric. And let's not forget the Bees (called Eric) licenses!


Re: Good News!

I'd vote for that, particularly Mr Gates :p


"UK's galactic gateway"

Sounds unpleasant!

Seriously, it's good to see something moving forward in the UK with relation to space, etc.

Although the ideo of a Cornish spaceport sounds amusing. I expect they'll be offering duty free pasties...

Why would a keyboard pack a GPU and run Unreal Engine? To show animations beneath the clear keys, natch


Wait until you accidentally spill your drink on it :D

Elon Musk to step down as Twitter CEO: Help us pick his replacement


Elon Musk (like him or hate him) has just purchased Twitter for an enourmous amount of money - waaaay more than it's worth, imo.

As such, he's still going to be mostly in control and after paying such an amount, one can argue that should be the case. So you could argue "why bother?".

Beyond the pressure from investors from his other companies, this will hopefully give a buffer so that there is less knee jerk/arbitrary-seeming decision-making which can be Elon Musk's style.

A style which, it has to be noted, has got him to where he is. However, social media/forums/etc really need calm, measured policy-making and a measure of pursuasion, not stick.

As such, having someone sit between Elon Musk and policy might be a good thing, depending on the individual, as they will need a backbone and be able to tell truth to power.

They pay should be nice though.


Re: Ughhh...

I tend to agree with some of what you say, but it *may* point to political corruption and so it should be examined in a fair, non-partisan, non-histrionic and transparent way. It also has to be mentioned that it's not like these kind of events are the bag of just one side: Any ideology or poltiical party can have such a scandal.

The only thing for me which is alarming is the media's reaction and the deep politicalisation (and resulting polarisation) surrounding it. You can't mention the bl**dy thing without people assuming that you're on one side of US politics or the other and then watching them go thermonuclear.


Re: Ughhh...

"Are they behind the increase in fairly toxic right wingers?"

We can add those people to the existing toxic left wingers. The lesson is that people of all sides can be toxic and the definition of toxic itself is somewhat subjective.

Elon Musk starts poll with one question: Should I step down as head of Twitter?


I have no issue with him stepping aside (let's be real, it probably won't be down).

What I want to see (and I've said this before) is that everyone be treated equally, transparently and consistently - no vague, arbitrary rules. That is what most people ultimately want, I think. Who wants a world where an activist or journalist can doxx someone, get away with it because they are part of some special group or club, then when you do it (which you shoudn't), you get the banhammer?

Amazon, Games Workshop announce Warhammer 40k film deal


From what I understand, Henry Cavill is very much a fan and if he has any control then it should be better than some of the IP destroying projects that we've seen in recent years. One can hope, at least.

Twitter staffer turned Saudi spy jailed for 3.5 years


Re: Still one more spy

Now that's just ridiculous.

London cops break into gallery to rescue lifelike art installation


Re: Were the police constables able to authorise the break-in themselves...

He does, and don't call him Shirley!

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried charged with fraud by just about everyone


I'm mostly interested in the timing of FTX falling over and the recent shenanigans at Disney with their CEO and CFO. Might not be linked, but the timing...


It'll be interesting to see who and how many they eventually nail to the wall over this.

I'd also love to see who the crediers are, but it seems that the judge in charge of that has granted them all anonymity...


Re: Conflict of interest

Just a bit. I would have thought that she would have recused herself straight away.

San Francisco investigates Hotel Twitter, Musk might pack up and leave


Re: Step back / Bigger picture

I'm going by what I've read and guess what? No one from the media is calling it out that I can see - probably because they're not commenting at all for the most part. However, I might have missed some articles, so if you have something that goes against this then I'll happily look into it.


Step back / Bigger picture

Step back from cliff face of the "out-rage internet" and look at how various players are reacting to what is going on.

Elon Musk:

Elon Musk does tend to generate attention and controversy and I'm really not sure that I'd like to work for him. However, I'm not super worried about how he's handling twitter, but we'll we need time to see how it goes. *If* his intentions of having something more balanced, but with some censorship for bad stuff (genuine hate speech, CP, pile-ons, etc) are true, then I think the changes will ultimately be good for the everyone.

U.S. Government:

I'm not entirely surprised that they've reacted badly, because they've been caught asking for people to be censored. I expect that from my own government (UK) as they think over-censorship is good because they view us all as children.

This is far more serious for the U.S. from a stated-aims/cultural perspective, i.e. freedom of speech and all that. Although this seems to have primarily been Democrat (because of the political slant of twiter emplyees), the Repulicans did this as well. As such, both sides need public condemnation, even if they've skirted breaking U.S. law. Perhaps a new law is needed to make political censorship on "public space" platforms illegal. Something for discussion.


This is the worrying one. Most media have slammed Elon Musk with what can only be described as hit pieces. That's not to say that some points made aren't valid - some are very valid - but they also don't make any effort to try and present (steel man) Elon Musk's perspective. I'm not a conspiracy guy, but to me it's very, very plain that there is some consensus going on between media companies of how this is covered. Even to people who really dislike Elon Musk, that should be concerning. This is particularly true of the "Twitter Files", for which there seems to be a stunning silence from media companies about - even if it's just to rip it apart.

Those working at media companies need to make up their minds if they want to be journalists or activists - and I include the right side of the isle in that as well.

Greater London wing of comms union urges BT workers to reject pay offer


"...it paid CEO Philip Jansen a 30-plus percent pay rise to £3.46 million."

And this here is the issue. In bad times particularly, the percentge payrise should match across the board and even then the CEO will have more actual money out of it due to a much higher salary. As my father used to put it "Pigs at the trough"

UK lawmakers look to enforce blocking tools for legal but harmful content


Re: Grow a brain

"Verified users or cowards..."

Many people like their anonymity who are also not cowards or bullies.

Theranos' Sunny Balwani gets longer sentence than Elizabeth Holmes


Re: What were they thinking?

There's a confidence that seems to go with high drive & ambition, and I think that confidence goes hyper and blinds people. It's not that they don't think that it could all go wrong, but they are confident that they can make it work before things go south. That mindset seems to stay in place right up until things fall to bits. Kind of like driving off a cliff.

Windows 11 still not winning the OS popularity contest


I worked at a small computer shop at the time when ME came out, offering new builds and repairing 3rd party builds.

The percentage of issues (mostly BSODs) was quite high with ME, to the point that we stopped offering it as an install option and just leapt to XP when that came out. Our builds were varied, with different manufacturers - they all seemed to have issues.

I'm sure there were some machines with ME which worked (I've heard the rumours), but our experience was quite negative.

Microsoft: Whoops, Patch Tuesday might screw your database connections


I can think of at least 2 servers we have which use ODBC on the back end. Time to hold off on patching, methinks!

As for Microsoft: Yet another miserable failure due to lack of QA testing.

How do you solve the problem that is Twitter?


*peering at the comment section* Now where is the popcorn icon when you need it?

Twitter tries to lure brands back with spend-matching scheme


So... who?

Out of interest: I'm interested in knowing which version of free speech which would be acceptable and who people think should be the arbiter?

I.e. Who gets to decide when something is a joke or not, whether something is hate speech or not and who protects us from censorship along political partisan lines? Because clearly people seem to feel that someone must decide, but who in this incredibly (and depresingly) toxic, tribalised world that we now find ourselves is even-handed enough to do this?

If many feel that the current version of twitter isn't good and an equal number of people think that the previous one wasn't good either, then who/what should be and how do you guard against corruption - particularly from your own biases?

Or should we turn off the servers & wipe the backups (and do the same for facebook et al)?


Good grief. The comment sections on these Elon Musk articles come across as a giant echo chamber. Almost like all the dissaffected twitter users have moved here.

FTX's crypto villain Sam Bankman-Fried admits 'I made a lot of mistakes'


Re: Fortunately he took out some insurance

It really depends on how powerful the people who have lost money are. I'm concerned that he and those involved and those who were aware of all of this will walk away with little or no ramifications. I'm also cocnerned that, Sam Bankman Fried at least, will get Epstein'd. Neither is palatable.


Re: Fortunately he took out some insurance

Not just Republicans, but the Democrats as well.

The take from this is not to go tribal, but to look at the fact that he was buying your politicians. *That* is the issue here.

Perhaps follow the money and hold all of them to account, ask uncomfortable questions and drive the obviously corrupt officials - no matter the party - out of office.