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Software company wins $154k for US Navy's licensing breach

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Pyrrhic victory

Sure, they won, but at what cost?

China in the grip of a 'NUCLEAR WINTER': Smog threat to crops

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Re: "much of China's farmland will see crops wither or poorly develop "

It does. I've lived there for 3 years. Traveled too. Look at the satellites pictures (rent is cheap). Believe it or not the area covered by smog is usually the whole of Hebei province and part of those around as well.

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It's worse

Just came back from Beijing Sunday. Spent 3 years there. Monitored pollution with my own equipment. The pollution has a smell. The best way to grasp how bad it is is to use a flashlight in the dark to see the dense, dense fine and ultra fine dust or pollution in there.

Here's a few pics of the countryside, at noon (mind you), with zero humidity, just outside the city in the countryside.



ps: Please note that Xingtai and shijiazhuang are far worse than Beijing in pollution.

pps: refer to




Boffins claim battery BREAKTHROUGH – with rhubarb-like molecule

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No surprise here.

The puddle of Goo, that cradle of life, of which Q elegantly reduced us to, emerged simply because those various molecular configurations lowered the base energy level of the system. For the same reason hydrogen comes in pair. Second law of thermodynamics at work. The trees in a forest serves the same purpose as the pins of a cpu heatsink. Life is nothing more than a more efficient way of respecting thermodynamics. Therefore, that they finally look at organics is only natural.

China challenged to take down all of AWS and Google

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They'll pressure Amazon and Amazon will cave in, of course.

Furious Frenchies tell Apple to bubble off: Bling iPhone isn't 'champagne'

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two reasons

downvoted because:

- Without wit, succinctly, clinically, I called the author a moron.

- I unconsciously reminded the hard hats that engrish.com also has its variants in other languages.

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Don't subtitle a story in a language you don't speak, moron. It's "Nous crachons sur votre horrible telephone".

Ex-Windows chief Sinofsky flogs brains to Valley startups

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So bullshit apart, just like a well managed casino sits a pretty girl to an empty table to lure the suckers, so a well managed startup gets a famous head to lure investors.

Google Glass: Would you pay a mere $299 to plop one on your brow?

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For Teachers?

I'm an ESL teacher in China and I'd wear one if it could records four hours on one charge. I'd use them to record exams. Hard to argue you didn't cheat when its on video. Then again, who the hell cares about the ESL clowns anyway.

Patching Xerox's number-changing photocopy phlaw will take weeks

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Re: From an Insider... @Dragon Leaves

Hi! I was your cousin way, way up north...

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From an Insider...


I worked for many years, until recently for Xerox as a technical support level 2. This means that when you called in and they escalated, you reached me. I did production software and machines. Here's the low down from someone that worked there many years. I've won numerous awards and was treated to paid vacation trips etc. My customers loved me and asked to talk to me directly. I did my utmost for them. Most of my colleagues were smarter than me and were very professional. Xerox has a lot of talent.

Ten years ago that bug would have been fixed within a month. And I mean fixed. They'd go to the source and improve it to get rid of the issue. Today, if your arm hurts, they'll cut it, and that's actually an apt analogy. Xerox used to have brains goddammit. We invented the GUI and a bunch of shit no one remembers. I used to work next to a goddamn Russian Nuclear Scientist. That guy could explain the machine down to the molecular dynamics. I myself often wrote the code for the patch and sent it to engineering to save them time. We were well paid, had great colleagues, safe jobs. These were the days. And then we got a CEO with no balls (literally and figuratively speaking) who gave up on our future and decided to go into Services instead.

Shit happens constantly. Because we're the best, people expect perfection, literally,and get all whiny and bitchy the moment reality creeps in. That's just human nature. That's fine. Its everywhere like that. Now, usually, the customer calls the sales guy to report his distress. Then the sales guys calls the analyst. That guy will usually go onsite. Then he'll call or tell the customer to call us. At that point, the customer lost a day at least in production just because he can't stand to call us. Now, remember, I'm just giving you the average customer.

Now the second level, us, we're the one doing what's called a SPAR (Software Product Action Request) which essentially tells engineering to fix the issue. To do so, we must replicate the problem first. Now that's when the ugly reality started sinking in around five years ago. You see, around five years ago, Xerox decided that they'd go in Services instead of Products. They started then to drastically reduce the R&D (essentially its done by Fuji now mostly) and started to slash support teams and equipments. So the brains in level 3, in engineering and the necessary hardware to replicate started to vanish. This happened globally. 2 years ago the Wide Format team got decimated from 23 support engineers to ONE. That's the level of destruction they inflicted on the quality of Xerox Support. Then, they outsourced software development to India and let's not forget patches started to get written there too. And the whole process got slower and slower.

Now, to get back to our customer, he usually can expect a patch for something that was SPARred around two to three months later for a sev 3. For a sev 4... good luck! A severity 2 requires critical functions to be inoperable. A sev 1, the whole machine is unusable. I pulled in all my career only one sev 1. It got fixed in 24 hours flat. Sev 2 will take around 2 to 6 weeks to fix. Sev 1 they're on it 24/7 and takes a week at most. These are guidelines of course, but they're pretty accurate with my experience.

What you must remember from all this is that Xerox is moving away from hardware. The quality of the support is not there anymore. The experienced folks have mostly been retired early. The machines are no longer there to replicate the issues. Patches are done in India. Tech support can escalate something they can't replicate. And they don't have the machines, most of the time, to replicate.

Xerox manages, since the analysts are usually pretty smart and can find workarounds. Ditto for tech support level 2 and 3. Same for onsite technicians. The parts supply is well managed too. In cases like the one we've just read, the word of a VP will make everyone shit their pants and get everyone to focus on the issue with overtime etc. Shit still gets done when required. Xerox is still a world class company, overall.

Over the coming years, the lack of real innovation due to the lack of serious R&D will erode Xerox. Moreover, the cuts made in support are making themselves felt by customers, and that will cost them too. The current CEO essentially gave up on Xerox's core and decided she'd go for Services instead. Do not make the mistake to believe that this decision will not affect the quality that Xerox ONCE had. I saw how bad it because from the inside, through all its grotesqueries.

Xerox is still the best in the production arena, in terms of overall ROI, reliability, support and quality. Sure. But when you sign a contract, make sure the SLA for SPARs are stated and compensation demanded if they take much longer. Put that on paper, and hold them to it. Also, CALL the hotline yourself. Don't waste time with the analyst. The second and third level will usually give you a workaround and create a SPAR if you ask them. They're good folks, and talented. But they're not GODS. Shit takes time to fix, in whatever industry you are. Shit happens, too. So be nice and take it easy. They'll do their best in any case. That's still the Xerox culture and you can still bank on that.

First burger made of TEST-TUBE MEAT to be eaten on August 5

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Cloud Atlas?

Considering recent findings showing that in the DNA strands of GMO foods, the GMO part doesn't stick well so to speak and finds better adhesion on the host (that's YOU!) it appears that we have no frigging clue what the hell we're doing and maybe, thus, just maybe, we shouldn't feed humans that sort of monstrosity until we're sure what it does to animal.

Applicants sought for one-way trip to Martian Big Brother house

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history again...

just send the convicts!!

Chinese search giant Baidu launches free AV

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live in China. .. never got a virus with 360 in 3 year's time... kudos to comodo, same. norton fails every few months. .. have 4 puters

Tito's Mars mission to use HUMAN WASTE as radiation shield

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We come in peace, and we're wrapped in dung and piss.

To meet E.T. would be the highlight of our history and the pinnacle of our embarrassment.

Higgs data shows alternate reality will SWALLOW UNIVERSE

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Off the chart bullshitting

Modern physics is so full of bullshit.

Miles Mathis to the rescue.

$195 BEEELLION asteroid approaching Earth

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aim for the lushes, they're headquartered in Toronto. bande depais, de tetes carrees!

WTF is... Weightless?

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Student claims code flaw spotting got him expelled from college

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Montreal or Berlin?

Montreal and Quebec in general have seen an immigration of Muslims whose radicals want to impose their laws, religious laws, on the rest.

There is currently a vast resentment and tepid racism brewing and being from there, and having graduated from Dawson's Ineptitude, I would easily place my wager that things would have turned out different if his name was.

The uneducated in Montreal are usually racist. And it's spreading. Give that place a huge economic crash and a bullying loudmouth as leader and history may come back under a different guise.

Boffins develop microwave weed-zapper

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Microwaves do wonders to DNA, yay!

GMO are often a byproduct of microwaved lifeforms. Isn't that just great?

Minicam movie pirate gets record-breaking five years in prison

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When the guys with the money gets the guys with the guns to do what they want it's called Fascism. When an online pirate gets more time than a bankster defrauding billions, its Fascism. Oh, what has become of America?

China turns the screws on netizens with real-name registration plans

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well in canada,,,.

u need prooof of id too, doesn.t it work that way everywhere? ??