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Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year



Anyone remember what spec the original version of XP ran on and what it takes now to run at the same efficiency with sp2?

vista does have some serious issues like bugger all wireless card support..

as for wherer or not you should deploy? see if it works on your system first, then decide if you acctually want it

ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel


Wow microsoft is getting a better repour

My First PC was a Windows 3.1 2mb ram 52 mb hdd job, back then i knew nothing about security or even have the internet but it did ship with Q basic! after this PC it went down hill.. tinternet and windows 95 armed with AOL 2.somthing this is where your Windows machine was open to everyone who wanted to be leet and the same for 98 when it came out, same stuff different day but more people trying to be leet.. this is when microsoft started trying to put security features into their desktop OS's with XP sure they started off badly (any one remember Net Send adverts?) but by SP2 they'd started to make it secureish and low and behold some people are starting not to blam Microsoft for the sake of blamming. now Vista is here shipped with more security gadgets than everyones favorite inspector! once these early day problems with any new OS that comes out are delt with will there be a generally secure OS that is not prone to script kiddies united? IMO yes there will be less automated hacking scripts yes there will be fewer malware etc apps but what will be the cost of this? heavy weight applications that need big pimping specs to run them.. an example how big was XP install and how big is an XPsp2 install? and compare the idle process numbers, ram usage %? that's going to be the cost of water tight security measures

PS excuse my lack of paragraphs grammer and spelling etc im ill today

US nutter counts to one million on net


so much

so much for so little pay? would be nice if someone donated a million $ surely he could just work for a month and take about that if not a little more home?

Pensioner used live shell as doorstop



you've missed a good pun

it's amazing how these things happen!

Woman arrested for WoW love affair



this is the kind of thing that makes me refuse to go to Amercia, always out for the easy buck doesn't matter who or how


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