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UK should set its own tax on tech giants if international deal isn't reached – Chancellor

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Re: Promises are cheap ...

Am I the only one who finds the Tory lower tax claim to be totally bogus, the extra money in my wage was quickly spent on assisting my children with affordable housing, funding changes to my mother house which the local council can no longer afford to support her age related disability, and constantly replacing tyres due to the poor conditions of our roads. Low tax my arse.

Data retention: It seems BORING ... until your TV SPIES ON YOU

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oh hum

I suspect given the size of the libraries used to check the multiple languages the cloud is the only way to get advanced voice recognition working. Features like this assist people with accessibility problems. If you don't need switch it off it get off your a**e and find the remote.

Panasonic: We'll save Earth by turning CO2 into booze

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Save the Planet and get drunk on the results. What a great invention.

The LINUX TABLET IS THE FUTURE - and it always will be

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Stupid Article.

Not considering Android as Linux. Utter Garbage. Now to calm down.


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