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Microsoft joins the two-step verification party



did they remove the maximum password length restriction

Shaky liftoff for Sputnik: Dell's Linux lappie runs its own cloud, ish


You would think that using free software would mean a lower price.

The pricing is designed so that you pay £1.01 for the microsoft licence. That was if you disagree to the EULA and try and claim the money back, your only entitled to a quid.

Redmond to skip Patch Tuesday for Windows Store apps


Re: Better or different?

"...because the Windows Store programming model is inherently better than what has come before.".

Obviously hasn't written any Windows Store Apps yet then

Holy crap! EMC gives Vatican Library 2.8PB to store manuscripts


Re: So EMC are giving them a 6% discount

6% is generous for EMC

EMC = Extra Money Company

Kim Dotcom flashes his rack


Just where the rack is and what it contains is not clear

CyberStore 445S-DAS Storage Servers