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Apple's iOS 6 maps STILL muddle Mildura


Mildura not the only place Apple Maps has wrong in Australia

I was in the New South Wales region last month visiting the Jarvis Bar Area, the girl of my dreams was driving (she's from Sydney) and I was the designated map reader. I was (stupidly) using the Apple Maps to navigate us to one of the many beautiful and secluded beaches in the Booderee National Park area. Thinking, as it was a reasonably built up and inhabited area, the maps would be pretty accurate.

Placing faith and trust (stupidly) in Apple Maps I vehemently insisted that I knew where i was going and that I would have no problem getting us to our destination, the roads were clearly marked on the GPS, however it quickly became apparent that the roads on Apple Maps don't actually exist in real life. This resulted in us getting unnecessarily lost, which in turn lead my date to getting anxious and very frustrated, which culminated in her crying and announcing that she wants to go home!! This was followed by an very awkward silence until we finally ended up finding the beach.

Thankfully the day ended well and I was forgiven, however the lesson learned is dont trust Apple Maps if you are trying to impress a girl or get her to date you!!