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UK.gov confirms: Yes, our former DWP perm sec will join Salesforce


Public Sector Sell?

What does the public sector sell to require sales force?

Genuinely asking as we started using it but it slowed our sales team down no end so we sacked it off.

RIP Dr Peuto, Zilog and Sun's bright SPARC


That is most impressive!

Bloodhound Super-Sonic-Car lacks Super-Sonic-Cashflow


Surely get on kickstarter and sell advertising space or something to get your silly logo or meme printed onto the car, or maybe naming rights on it etc.

Surprise: Sage Group head honcho has left the building


Its a lot more cut throat the markets that they are in. I just their payment solutions however we recently have moved to Stripe as it is much more developer friendly and cheaper.

Their accounting tools also are in an ever increasing market that is becoming ever more cut throat.

Virgin Trains dodges smack from ICO: CCTV pics of Corbyn were OK


What about investigating Corbyn for making bogus claims now? Surely there should be some sort of investigation into that?

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity


Honestly thought I was reading the Daily Mail then!

This kind of article is not why I visit this site!

It's almost as if you are wanting to write trash to get people writing comments to click more adverts and get those precious impressions up on your site for advertisers!

Shame on you Reg!

It’s Adobe’s Creative Cloud TITSUP birthday. Ease the pain with its RGB-wrangling rivals


I don't do much editing really as I am not that gifted in the arts department. However I did like using Paint.Net on windows that was quite easy to use.

Eyes on the prize: Ten 23-24-inch monitors for under £150

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Nice article I thought.

Has there been such an article from the Reg regarding higher end montiors maybe >£150 - £300.

More pixels to see my code!!!!! :D

Microsoft notices Xbox gamers actually slack-jawed TV fans, adds 43 new apps


Well I Like It :D

I play games and use my xbox. I don't see a problem in paying for the xbox live service. I find it a great service.

It is one of the things that I think MS has done right right in recent years. I think for more casual gamers like myself who want to pick up and play games quickly and easily it is great.

It will never be as good as PCs in terms of cutting edge and the ability to tweek settings etc but i dont have the time or spare funds to spend £1000 on a machine these days sadly :(

Just my two pence worth :D