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Forget 3D: 13,000 UK homes still watch TV in black and white

Harry Sheppard


Cant help thinking that [number of black & white licenses] != [number of people owning black and white TVs] :-)

Microsoft dragging its feet on Linux Secure Boot fix

Harry Sheppard

Different UEFI firmware

Do the hardware manufacturers not have a version of UEFI firmware that just doesn't look for a signed bootloader, a bit like the alternative loaders for Android handsets? You'd really hope there was an option in UEFI that would simply disable signature checking, or allow you to load your own CA so you could self-certify your own systems...

Apple granted patent for ebook page-turning

Harry Sheppard

The patent I really want to see...

...is the one detailing the "Method and Apparatus for Hoodwinking the US Patent Office into Accepting Patents with Precisely No Innovation or Non-Obvious Step in the Face of a Buttload of Prior Art"

Apple drops 'thermonuclear' patent bombshell

Harry Sheppard

Unbelievable as Apple are talking to El Reg!

When has that ever happened?

IPv6 networking: Bad news for small biz

Harry Sheppard


I've been using IPv6 at home for a couple of years now with no ill effects, initially with a Hurricane Electric v6 tunnel and then native v6 from A&A.

I don't see the problem, I really don't, and I've rolled out v6 in a commercial scenario and then changed ISP with very little hassle. As Mr. Berger above says, judicious use of link- or site-local addressing sidesteps the majority of the problems.

In a domestic situation, do you care if your IP address changes? No. uPNP, rendezvous, DLNA etc take care of most firewall / "finding things" issues and so once again it becomes a non-issue.

Obviously just my experiences, but with very little effort v6 has been deployed both domestically and commercially with essentially zero fallout on networks I deal with.

And I don't use Cisco or Juniper kit anywhere...

Air traffic control data found on eBayed network gear

Harry Sheppard

Cisco phones

Similar things happened with a bunch of Cisco phones I bought from eBay - CUCM details, call logs etc. all still present. It's amazing how people just discard this stuff without thinking.


Harry Sheppard

Dead pixel?

I have a digital camera that produces photos just like that :-)

Boffin seeks $300,000 to build eight-wheel 230mph EV

Harry Sheppard

It's just a Citroen DS

Albeit with a few more wheels...

UK's Watchkeeper drone in first autonomous flight

Harry Sheppard

Electro-optical camera system?

That's a digital camera, then...

Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Harry Sheppard
Thumb Up

+1 for Kickass Kestrel

No real comment, just as title :-D

Google boss brandishes 'powerful' iPhone

Harry Sheppard

Schmidt triggers...

I take my hat off to you, sir - that clever-yet-groanworthy pun nearly passed me by!

Netgear Digital Entertainer EVA700 wireless media streamer

Harry Sheppard

Black bars...

The reason for the "pillarbox" effect you see is that Microsoft's WMV-HD when at 1080i is actually using a 1440x1080 frame size with anamorphic pixels (the same way 1080i HDV works).

It's a pain, but you'd have thought that it would be able to scale and ratio correct for such a standard...


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