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Raspberry Pi M.2 HAT+ here at last with a $12 price tag

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Re: But still only 8 GiB RAM maximum!

I remember well when a gig was a shit ton of memory.

But then, I'm old, even old blue is wrinkled or something.

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The story being deficient in eight links, only one being on the device.

VMware giving away Workstation Pro, Fusion Pro free for personal use

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Re: Great chance to get some free experience

I trust them as much as I already did, back when they promised be free.

aka, fuck them as they did us.

Microsoft confesses April Windows update breaks some VPN connections

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Microbrain isn't fessing up to what they cocked up. Likely, a bit of obfuscation to discourage litigation by impacted VPN vendors and users. As if they couldn't link the patch release/installation and sudden increase in support calls...

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Re: 30 years and counting...

Well, no QA worked well with ME and Vista...

Maybe they'll move on to Act II, reviving the Ping Of Death...

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Re: 30 years and counting...

"I must be a sucker for punishment putting up with MS for so long. Stuck with it through thick and thin, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer...until death do us part."

I call it career security. If one cannot be part of the solution, there is money to be made in prolonging the problem by patching the patches patches patches patches.

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"...but this is a patch of a patch so they're not really forthcoming with details."

Never fear, the infinitely recursive patches will be provided shortly by the infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of keyboards, all filtered through an AI that runs exclusively on spherical cows.

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"(while they wouldn't bother to list Windows Vista, 7, 8 etc. consumer products)"

So, enterprise versions like Pro editions are consumer products? No, they're still hind teat, just properly named desktop products and a whole lower echelon than servers...

Well, until the entire enterprise has their entire staff staring at the walls while on the payroll, as all of their desktops randomly borked after the patch randomly blew them up, despite adequate testing (well, previously adequate)... Yeah, saw that many years ago as well.

Indeed, at this point in my life, I'm patiently waiting to see a novel screw-up, as I'm fairly certain that I've witnessed every form possible under the sun. Still, I've no fear that the novel will escape me, some vendor will invent a new sun to burn us with.

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"Which is outside of even the most extended-extended support (i.e. running it on Azure). So if you install the patch which wasn't issued anyway, it might cause the listed problem. Right. Gotcha!"

Well, there was that extended paid support. Then, there were special cases, like NT 4's SP7. Oh, never heard about SP7? NASA paid for Microsoft to develop it exclusively for them, as they had way too much software to convert in a reasonable amount of time...

No, I'm not joking. Worked with someone that gave me a copy of it that he acquired while working for NASA.

Razer made to pay $1.2M over 'N95' face mask that wasn't

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I remember the turds when they introduced them

Didn't trust them then, don't trust the company at all for anything now.

Alas, the US government took the cheap path, settlement with no admission of guilt, a wrist smack, and "go and sin some more".

Rather than a more appropriate hanging, drawing and quartering, in the traditional manner.

Microsoft really does not want Windows 11 running on ancient PCs

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Re: What happens when

"Are those the specs from marketing, the minimum requirement to show a screen and drag a cursor across it or the minumum to do something useful?"

It's Windows, that hasn't done anything useful for decades, just different UI, added bells and whistles that were mostly absorbed from small enhancer firms that Microsoft bought out, up the hardware requirements, break things on disfavored systems and call it a success and major innovation.

Seriously, what has Word, Excel, Powerpain really done that's new and actually useful in the past 20 or so years?

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Re: Alternative

BSOD is the least of my aggravation. New out of the box, took a Windows update, it borked my network drivers. *Every* update, I have had to install the drivers anew.

Then, the latest update came down, borked the driver even more, reinstalling it won't work. And I get an update nag.

Apparently, I'm to upgrade to the OS version that isn't supported, while my network driver is borked and well, next, juggle 16 flaming chainsaws.

Oh, the fun part? They did it with other versions in precisely the same way in the past, from XP to Vista, from Vista to 7, 7 to 8 and now this tripe.

If I'm to work this damned much at home, I should get paid what I get at work for it!

So, I'll go from one Windows machine in the house back to none and be unable to pull logs from my medical equipment again, as there are no open source alternatives for any glucometers that give kickbacks to the insurance companies in the US or for that matter, any other packages that support open source.

Oh well, hearts are overrated anyway, but being too sweet is always recommended.

It's the price one pays for buying obscure branded computers, like HP, Dell, Gateway... I'm sure that a smurface would work perfectly.

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Re: Alternative

Cool! So, replace my year old computer with a new one or toss my medical equipment that requires Windows to work and has no open source software alternatives out.

Fortunately, the river is right out front.

Who needs to live anyway?

Ex-Amazon exec claims she was asked to ignore copyright law in race to AI

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Re: Copyright and Patents only matter when you have a product

No, copyrights and patents only matter for some companies *only* when they own those copyrights and patents, to hell with everyone else's rights to their property.

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Re: "Everyone else is doing it."

"This is actually seems to be SOP here in CA."

Later, this individual will react with alarm at the US birthrate declining for multiple years by 13%.

Just more from the barefoot and pregnant lobby.

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Re: "Everyone else is doing it."

What do you want to bet that the data store that they wanted purged also contains her discovery data?

EU tells Meta it can't paywall privacy

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Re: Thank you!

I remember this model. Pay me or I beat you up and take your lunch model.

Civilized people simply refer to it as extortion.

Support contract required techie to lounge around in a $5,000/night hotel room

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Re: So, a nice week-end then

"Get a tech out here, now. Don't give me details, just make it happen."

That way, if things go sideways badly, they can point to the vendor being responsible.

We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners

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Re: never again

Yeah, Samsung has turned a lot of their products away to other companies or straight into shit.

I've had three Samsung hell phones, each one lasting a year, then the battery forces the rear cover off of the phone and in the most expensive Galaxy phone's case, also breaking the display.

So, Samsung and HP have fully joined the senior ranks of my shit list. They should be happy that I don't return their crap from 50000 feet.

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Re: never again

"It's a shame - I have an old scope with a proud HP badge - from the days when HP was HP"

My ancient HP LaserJet 5N happily churns along, only needing a few rollers and occasional offbranded toners.

Someone gave me a much newer HP printer, it's at the bottom of the river.

HP is using the lesson of the cheap razors, give away the handles, charge a war price for the blades. Not appreciating the market increase in straight razor sales, of which I own and use a few in rotation.

They'll keep on going though, can never admit to an error in the judgement of leadership until they join the Edsel.

Change Healthcare faces second ransomware dilemma weeks after ALPHV attack

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Re: Let that be a lesson

"If there is actual negligence then it should be easy enough to take action."

No, no negligence at all, the malware fairy dropped off malware to hose the systems.

But, rather than providing healthcare, they're now paying out to criminals. Maybe they'll at least be able to cover euthanasia.

Techie saved the day and was then criticized for the fix

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Re: I have done the air-con shuffle in the past!

Yeah, much the same on AC shuffle and souper seekret shit.

End of the day, wanna give an attaboy or burn when I turn off she shit you object to.

One attaboy qualifies one to be a leader of men... And earns one precisely dogshit in terms of a meal.

But, keeps the wheels churning.

Now, some thumb sucker came along and tagged me REF.

Retired, Extremely Flatulent.

But, I still remember The Room, where we knew flying saucers originated in domestic discord.

And Harry Potter was playing only with his twig, as usual.

Iowa sysadmin pleads guilty to 33-year identity theft of former coworker

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OK, the state did what states should do, issue a warrant.

Where the US federal government fucked up massively was, arrest and entirely fail to examine fingerprints to prove identity.

At that point, might as well confined King Charles and legally, that is equal, both innocent, both confined without any fucking evidence at all and exculpatory evidence abounding.

And unlike other nations, we do air such dirt laundry to ensure other peers don't have to do so.

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Restitution, OK, via vivisection.

ID theft, OK, ya got me, screw me, get hanged, drawn and quartered and consider it merciful.

I freely admit to a character flaw, I am a very, very, very vindictive man, who terrorists feared due to that vindictiveness.

I'm otherwise a really nice guy, who strangers trust to babysit.

But, there's that narrow crossing where things go cross, as narrow as the Río de la Plata, Then, you'll get to enjoy a meal of your own offal.

Can't figure out why people fear my anger at all...

Britain enters period of mourning as Greggs unable to process payments

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Re: Ok adding my not so consipracy take...

Вкусно–и точка, Delicious - Menses?

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Re: Ok adding my not so consipracy take...

So, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Falklands, Gulf War I were not wars.

Rather like, "If we ignore the last three pandemics, there have been no pandemics since...

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Re: Ok adding my not so consipracy take...

Testing, testing, testing and don't feed them after midnight.

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Best thing on the menu IMHO

Only because they don't put the exit on the menu.

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"But we do know one common factor: single point of failure. Bean-counters want cheap, little if any redundancy and then get taken by surprise when the beans stop arriving."

Frankly, sounds like a common vendor, making the same mistake of not testing updates before pushing them out.

Or a Typhoid Mary employee, sacked for bollocksing one update, hired on to bollocks up the rest of the universe, one employer at a time.

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Yes, the Cuyahoga, running through the post-industrial rustbelt hellhole that was Cleveland, Ohio, in the seventies. I am not insulting it, I lived there.

Also, the Schuylkill River in Philly, back in the 1890's. Killed some fishermen when the kerosene on the river caught fire.

Then, there was Love Canal, NY, where a school was built on top of a chemical dump site and the creeks notoriously caught fire when kids threw stones against the gravel of the banks.

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Re: What comes between Y2K and 2038?

Soylent Green is people!

Judge demands social media sites prove they didn't help radicalize mass shooter

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Re: It’s the algorithms on trial [Hold Up Here, Chief]

"Tobacco, drugs, alcohol and sex have legal age limits because vulnerable people have been deemed unable to practice the necessary self control."

One has no Constitutional right to tobacco, drugs, alcohol or sex. Indeed, that's at the heart of every INCEL's objections to life.

One does have the right to free speech - within specified constraints to ensure the welfare of the public and society. Hence, the defect of Section 230, as those constraints are removed and antisocial media, in order to serve advertisements for profit then steer objectionable, frequently unlawful in many jurisdictions discussions toward unsuspecting users.

The product isn't defective at all, it's functioning perfectly as designed, it's used amorally, but we don't legislate morality, we restrict unlawful and likely to cause civil harm - save in these "common carriers" (a term previously utilized by mass transport, shipping firms, internet and telephone carriers and decidedly not publicly available bulletin boards).

Everything operated correctly, as designed and intended, with unintended results, exacerbated by parental non-supervision.

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Re: It’s the algorithms on trial [Hold Up Here, Chief]

"First, all this -- the lawsuit and many of the comments here -- totally disregard peoples' moral and legal responsibilities!"

Therein lies the problem, inappropriate tool usage. BEM is morally liable, not civilly liable, as US courts do not enforce moral code, but legal code. When one goes into things moral, those are addressed socially via political processes and appropriate legislation (and more often, inappropriate legislation, because if you want something fouled up, give it to a politician (regardless of nation)).

Trying to claim that their product is defective, when it was operating as designed is like holding a car manufacturer responsible for a driver intentionally running down pedestrians. Using the courts in this manner, akin to trying to screw together shelves with a scalpel - a tool not designed for that purpose and one that would inevitably fail, typically in an injurious way. Then, bitching that the scalpel was defective as well, as it was used for a purpose it was not designed to perform, in a way it was not designed to be used and predictably shattered, spewing sharp edged shards about.

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"Same apples to everybody else, but if they can't do that then they're not a "common carrier" and are liable for content."

OK, then the postal service is not a common carrier, despite legal code and case law. They filter content (mail) by content (address) and deliver it to the address indicated. So, if any terrorist receives "go" orders by postal mail, obviously the postal service is defective in that argument.

By that standard, all mechanical devices, from hammers and knives to motor vehicles and highways are defective and need to be shut down, as all have been utilized to commit crimes.

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"With regards to 'defective', I think the argument that FB etc are 'defective' products that are causing harm through some defect is quite wrong. FB etc are causing harm through their 'correct' (ie as-designed) behaviour. Which is, I think, even worse."

I completely agree, however such is not actionable in court. Otherwise, Ford would be found responsible for introducing a defective product because it functioned correctly when a malcontent driver decided to run over a crowd of pedestrians. The truck operated properly as designed, the operator used it in an unlawful manner.

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Re: No clean hands

One problem with your characterization of the 4chan and 8chan message boards being more responsible by non-promotion of the objectionable content. You basically crafted a position of "heads I win, tails I lose, now prove your innocence beyond the shadow of the most unreasonable doubt", which is the antithesis of what our judicial system requires.

And defending those two groups makes me feel physically ill!

The antisocial media corporations have algorithms that steer users to what is detected to be preferred content of interest, largely in order to display advertisements for profit that would also interest the victi - erm, user. The xchan boards do not, they simply are message boards for flakes and malcontents.

So, with zero respect to the plaintiff, it appears that both products are operating as designed, regardless of objectionable content. It would be like trying to old Ford responsible because a driver of a Ford truck decided to drive over a crowd at a bus stop. When the "defect" is the user utilizing a device or service, the product isn't defective, the user is.

Hence, the matter should not be addressed by the judicial system, but via the social and hence political system. You don't use a scalpel to screw together a bookshelf.

Voyager 1 starts making sense again after months of babble

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Re: Just a thought

Million monkeys and Shakespeare, the biggest problem being how many people cannot ascertain the difference between the output of either group of primates and the singular primate.

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Re: Real Time

Those DSN dishes are scheduled to be retired after the Voyager program ends, which will be after the final processor finally goes titsup or the RTG finally gives up its last gasp from its thermocouple (the RTG will continue to heat, the most common failure in RTG's is the thermocouple).

Attacks on UK fiber networks mount: Operators beg govt to step in

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Re: Using phrases such as "Genetically predisposed to violence" ...

Well, there is one species that is genetically predisposed to violence, it being even more violent than its closest peer species, pan troglodytes, pan sapiens, aka homo sapiens.*

*How to start a riot at a taxonomist convention: Pop into the pub at closing time and shout, "is it pan sapiens or homo troglodytes", then run like hell.

Cyberattack downs pharmacies across America

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Re: forced some folks to pay for their medication at full price in cash

Given my insurance company wants to literally wait until my last dose is taken to refill my beta blockers, I'd get my meds on time via the emergency department.

It's either that or my aortic aneurysm pops apart.

Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account

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Re: Some elements of the operating system simply do not work

I'm sure somewhere there are about three people (two of which are held at gunpoint) which really consider moving from a power-efficient, user friendly modern platform which lets you get on with things to the shit show and sea of pain and mediocrity that is Windows, with its constant flow of buggy updates and increasingly invasive ads and nag screens, an improvement.

I dunno, I've grown quite fond of reinstalling my network drivers with every update.

Which is the only reason I end up logging into my only Windows machine. The rest are Linux boxes. I only have to fix one of those maybe once per year at most.

Americans wake to widespread AT&T cellular outages

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"If 2., then removing the SIM should allow you to call 911, as the cellphone will then not remain tethered to AT&T, but will default to whichever (working) network it can pick up."

And if your phone uses a soft sim, you're just screwed.

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"Until you have a powercut and discover that the battery they included in the modem died years ago. or you find that the cabinet at the end of the road that the fibre terminates at doesn't have battery backup."

And that the included battery, if working, still only gives a couple of hours of service before discharging. Had to put a massively oversized UPS onto mine to retain service during an outage during hurricane Sandy.

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Well, they did build fiber, tons of it remains dark. Interestingly, AT&T being one leader in owning dark fiber.

All backbone stuff, no last mile or well hell, last 20 miles stuff.

They were quite miffed when the US government returned a bunch of leased fiber that they didn't need, leaving AT&T with even more dark fiber.

In its tantrum with Europe, Apple broke web apps in iOS 17 beta, still hasn't fixed them

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Re: The EU is a cancer

Hitler, Stalin and Mao are dead and the world is better for it. Soon enough, Putin and Xi will join them, much to the betterment of global stability.

So, back under your bridge, there's a special goat waiting there just for you. You'll spot it immediately, it's glowing blue, because it's special.

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"It’s not expected to work properly, because it’s, well BETA!"

Um, no. Alpha isn't expected to work properly, beta is testing to ensure it is working properly and continues to work properly, as the next stage is release.

Seriously, have you never tested software personally? Frequently, there's even subdivisions of internal alpha, then external alpha, then internal beta, then external beta testing conducted. Done all of the above.

With internal alpha frequently being, "so, that's what the interface is going to look like - once it stops crashing". "Oh, they got it to stop crashing at idle, now it only crashes when you try to do something". When it sort of works, it goes to external alpha. When it's working fairly well, it's internal beta, once those bugs are hunted down, external beta. After that, it's release time and only Microsoft treats an initial release like it's an external beta. :P

One has multiple versions of alpha and beta test, as bugs are ironed out, but by the time one goes wide beta, all of the biggies, like this regulatory compliance issue are worked out and this would be a software developer's version of flipping the bird at the regulators.

Providing a release with a similar disability, the kiss of death for conducting business with an entire continent. Oh well, I hear Antarctica is a wide open market...

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Re: a dev

"No, it’s usually out of ignorance or laziness… or unjustified fear."

As an old SA type and later, network security type, I don't have to justify my reasons to end users, but usually explain when asked. The purpose is to secure the enterprise, not splash access to resources and information outside of authorized areas. Not for your personal enjoyment and trust me, those restrictions can be a pain in my own ass as well, as I never requested an exception from policy for my own platforms, save if it was essential for the enterprise and even then, grudgingly. While looking hard at replacing the offending application.

Try to evade policy, well, busy is busy and it's really a matter for HR and legal anyway. Something that I've explained to an in-the-process of being terminated user's face.

I also didn't tolerate ignorance or laziness on the staff, ignorance was retrained, lazy on a corrective action plan, as it undermines trust and garners attitudes like yours.

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Re: a dev

I miss the good old days, back when computing platforms put things either in admin mode or for the overwhelming majority of applications, user mode.

For some reason, Apple decided to reinvent the wheel and how has made it square, with a fixed axle and called it compliant, which basically is proclaiming absolute contempt.

And a truly creative way in which to lose 448 million customers by regulatory action. I'm sure that the stockholders will be thrilled, thrilled enough to replace a golden parachute with a one made of the finest lead.

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"Jeeves, I will require my mobile telephone and the number 4 iron."

Don't bother, just put it on the pigeon pile on the skeet range along with mine. Here's a spare shotgun...

Bonus if you get the battery to ignite.

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"Perhaps should have been the lede, eh?"

So, the lede should be speculation, then follow with facts. What an odd format your version of news is!