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Huawei CTO insists: 'We are not a threat to UK and US national security'


Re: Are the Chinese really the enemy?



Re: @Mike G With the greatest of respect old chap nobody here is suggesting anything of the sort.

No, the issue per this article is whether or not Huawei can be trusted, regardless of what the NSA/GCHQ are up to.


Re: Oh yes they are...

Huawei has its own Chinese run chip fab, HiSilicon. Big difference. Your argument is oft repeated and indiscriminate.


Re: Obviously

That's a dumb argument, especially for any potential western target for Chinese industrial espionage.

China has another go at rare earth dominance


Re: Not learning from history?


I'm sorry, but that is being too generous.

Revealed: ITU's deep packet snooping standard leaks online



I'm for this, with reservations of course, and hope dictators use it liberally. Because then the boiling point of dissent will be reached, all the dictators will be guillotined, and the Chinese will get their own Gangnam style going. Then the free world can sit back and enjoy as DOS attacks and all kinds of garbage are choked to death, and the perpetrators have to get real jobs.