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Incoming... Trump! Notebook makers ramp production to avoid next tidal wave of US trade tariffs

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Re: I hope they impeach his ass.

"doubling down on obvious lies"

Like? WMD in Iraq? Landing under sniper fire in Bosnia? Not having sexual relations with that woman? Carrying hot sauce in his bag? "Always" in favour of gay marriage? "Attacked" by Bernie bros?

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Re: I hope they impeach his ass.

Impeach for what? Being a Russian agent? Writing the Electoral College system into the Constitution? Invading Syria, Yemen and Libya, leaving millions dead and 10s of millions displaced? Selling uranium to the Russians? Stealing the Primary from Bernie? Having sex with an intern in the Oval Office? Running an illegal server in his bathroom? Suiciding Epstein? Flying to the Caribbean with Epstein? Marrying his sister to get into the US?

UK ISPs must block access to Nintendo Switch piracy sites, High Court rules

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Re: Aren't UK laws optional these days ?

"...we'll still need to follow it for any and all exports to the EU of course"

Well, in so far as China and New Zealand "follow" EU law in order to sell their wares into the EU, and the way the UK already "follows" US law in order to export to the US, etc.

Yeah, yeah, PCs are dead? Ask Texan Mick and his Dell empire if that's the case

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Re: Mine's a 10 year old HP Laptop

Wait til they stop producing drivers for equipment/components more than X years of age.

The top three attributes for getting injured on e-scooters? Having no helmet, being drunk or drugged, oddly enough

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Re: @ecofeco - Scooter stoopid

The stupid people aren't the users*, it's the investors. The promoter makes a great living there for a while, but the investors see their money disappear upon listing...

In NZ, the first brand of rental escooters had a "software flaw": the park brake would randomly engage. The brake was a bolt through the wheel spokes. Facial injuries galore, helmit or none.

GIMP open source image editor forked to fix 'problematic' name

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Re: Eh?

You just gave me a microsoft...

Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families

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The UK ALREADY has the same requirements. I arrived in 1999 and had to "support myself". I was free to work & pay taxes (incl NI), of course.

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Re: Such transparent racism

"Such transparent racism"

Dude, most every country in the world already does this. Just ask any of your white British friends who have moved to Australia or New Zealand and then been unable to bring parents over due to health needs. The only way round it is for your parents to divorce and marry locals.

Cambridge Analytica didn't perform work for Leave.EU? Uh, not so fast, says whistleblower

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Re: No One Cares

"It doesn't matter what crimes you commit, so long as you win. If you lose, that's another matter. But to a winner, anything is permitted."

That's so true: Hillary Clinton lost the election and was promptly locked up for an illegal server and for the fraud that saw her beat Sanders in the Democratic primaries. She was handed extra years for colluding with the Russians and Ukrainians in order to prepare a dossier about Trump, prostitutes, golden showers and coke.

Whereas Trump wasn't hounded for 2 years by a rogue bunch of prosecutors, many of whom had links to the Clinton campaign or to the Clinton Foundation. After finding nothing, they tried to get him for obstructing their investigation, but he dodged that on a technicality: they couldn't find evidence of obstruction. And every day the media didn't call him racist, woman-hater, anti-Semitic, a nzai. But still he holds on to a decent approval rating. What a sneaky little weasel he is!

The level of progressive butt-hurt on here is amazing. True liberals are shaking their heads in disbelief at the intolerance, anger and hate of the folks using double-speak to label themselves "liberals".

Apple techies analyzing Siri recordings may have heard you unzipping and bonking – plus more

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Re: facial recognition

You are correct, sir (or ma'am): under Obama, none of this happened. And no one was deported and no middle-eastern countries bombed into oblivion. Orange Man Bad.

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Re: The Need For Speed

My mother-in-law turns off her router when she shuts the lid of her laptop (after playing solitaire), then wonders why her cellphone uses up all her included data and $9 credit on the first day of her 28-day pre-pay rollover period.

But at least she deletes all her text messages after reading, to save space...

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Re: This!

I asked, too, but Siri misheard "I want my hair back" as "I want my hair [on my] back". Still, I could have benefited from "I want my hair[ing] back" but no doubt it would have given me a herring, rather than my hearing. I suspect.

Brit infosec firms urge PM Boris to reform the Computer Misuse Act

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But having a second doughnut is naughty! I won't go to jail for that! You ain't taking me alive, copper!

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Re: Ha!

I wouldn't have to if I hadn't opened my wallet first!

It's Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Tech industry speaks its brains on Brexit-monger's victory

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Re: Disaster

"And you'll find the other party full of widely supported, moderate, sensible policies.*"

Jeremy: is that you?

* And antisemitism. But, hey, that other party is the most right-wing tory party in history. You do know that history started before you were born, right?

300,000 edgy folk pledge themselves on Facebook to storming supposedly UFO-tastic Area 51

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Re: Evil idea

Oh, good pint. (Add actual paper maps to list, and notes: don't trust the government GPS...)

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Re: Location, location, location

Wrong! Have you not watched Paul? You just take your amenities with you.

Yorkshire bloke's Jolly Roger flag given the heave-ho after council receives one complaint

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I've flagged this as hate speech.

Deepfake 3.0 (beta), the bad news: This AI can turn ONE photo of you into a talking head. Good news: There is none

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Re: The end?

Actually, we are in an unusually great time as we don't have to BE where something is happening, like in the olden days. We can watch video. And as long as the video is unedited, we can make our own minds up (cough, Covington kids). This is the power of youtube.

However, soon, with this AI, we'll have to go back to GOING to the scene of activity to see or hear for ourselves.

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So, did Sleepy Uncle Joe REALLY promise to cure cancer if you vote for him? Or was it a Fox News AI project.

PowerPoint to start telling you that your presentation is bad and you should feel bad

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Re: 'about equal to the size of Texas'

Duh, you conflated a measure of length, football fields, (although that is sometimes area as well) with volume, Olympic sized swimming pools. We measure height in double-decker buses, stacked one of top of the other. Large quantities of money are normally (Europe) multiples or percentages of the GDP of Italy/Greece/Spain, US: GDP of California/Wyoming, etc.

Larger distances are multiples of moon journeys.

Anyone else find it weird that the bloke tasked with probing tech giants for antitrust abuses used to, um, work for the same tech giants?

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Re: Anyone surprised?

Not religious my self, but if you are a "not bigot", why would you label "Easter" as a problematic search term?

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Re: Anyone surprised?

"Is that why most democratically elected governments have been overthrown by right-wing nuts then?"

Right-wing nuts like Stalin? Mao? Castro? Maduro?

But I agree: Islamic State are, effectively, right wing.

Hate your IT job? Sick of computers? Good news: An electronics-frying Sun superflare may hit 'in next 100 years'

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Re: Wait...

Un knizilind?

These boffins' deepfake AI vids are next-gen. But don't take our word for it. Why not ask Zuck or Kim Kardashian...

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Re: Seems good enough to fool most people to me

"It would be different if the number of spoiled ballot papers were more publicised but, until they are, driving down turnout to such a level that it's obvious the system is not fit for purpose is the most effective way to have discontent widely observed."

What would you suggest we replace our democracy with, comrade?

Church roofs? Nyet, say Russian scrap thieves, we're taking this bridge

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Re: UK scrap yards

Eh? How many bytes in an abit? I like the thought of an abit, alot.

Tech lobbyists turn on Trump over Mexican tariffs, then quickly try to smooth the waters

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Re: Trump is right

Thankfully, illegal immigration won't have much of a downward effect on my wages. But it's another story for the unskilled. Time and time again, those who are ok with illegal or rampant legal immigration look at the effect on overall wages, not on the effect on different socioeconomic groups.

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Re: Trump is right

Oh, yay: a wikipedia page.

Which starts with:

"The economic impact of illegal immigrants in the United States is challenging to measure, and politically contentious. The scarcity of reliable statistics leaves room for many methods of study, leading to diverse conclusions.

One possibility is that foreign workers entering the country illegally can lower wages"

Thanks for that.

One man went to mow a meadow, hoping Trump would spot giant grass snake under flightpath

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Re: To all my friends in UK

Nope, the nightmare ended when Hillary lost the election!

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Maybe you need to have a closer look at that Clinton (or Kennedy or Wiener) on your shoulder? They all do it, so Trump is only following a well-worn path. Get over it.

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Re: Once again...

"I take it you dislike socialism. For no legitimate reason ?"

Okay, apart from the fact that it kills millions, lays waste to the environment, leave millions in abject misery (materially and in terms of freedom of association and thought) and stymies technological advancement outside of the military, no: no legitimate reason to dislike socialism whatsoever. Lets implement it immediately!

(But I suspect you are confusing socialism with what the Scandinavian countries are doing: capitalism with strong social programmes?)

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Re: childish

"If the US approved candidate for president in a.n.other country won the vote by 3 million yet had a US opponent installed as president, the US would be round double quick to deliver 'freedom"

Err, can you give us an example of when Trump has done this? No?

If you are referring to Trump stating that he thought BoJo would be good for the job, then you may need to be reminded that Obama made a video appeal to Britons to vote Remain. That's a not very subtle way to influence an election...

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It is absolutely appalling that Trump has endorsed BoJo for the Tory leadership. It reminds me of the time Obama urged Brits to vote remain...

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Re: childish

Aye. MP gets called a Nazi, calls the police. Accused gets a ban from London and notes placed on his record. But throw a milkshake in an actual assault (no doubt ruining a suit at the same time) and ... nothing. Honk honk: it's clown world where the goose and the gander live under different rules and different sets of expectations.

Neptune-sized oddball baffles astroboffins: It has a good atmosphere despite star-lashing

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Re: Never mind the Neptunian desert

Are you sure? They've been known to cock things up.

Boffins don't give a sh!t, slap Trump's face on a turd in science journal

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Re: Curious precedent on what is allowed

"and many socialist nations function quite well."

Name one (hint: Scandinavian countries are not socialist. They are capitalist countries with strong social programmes.)

If servers go down but no one hears them, did they really fail? Think about it over lunch

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Re: you can set your own locale regardless of the software language

You got downvotes for the words: Margarita Pracatan.

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Re: A bit (less) noisy now...

So you're saying that everyone was happy and productive in the wprkplace as described?

No Huawei out: Prez Trump's game of chicken with China has serious consequences

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Re: Airbus & China

How 'bout (pfft) the euro?

I'll get me coat. It's the one with the sticker that says "No means No and Leave means Leave"....

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Re: Airbus & China

"He won the presidency but he didn't win more votes. "

Yep, but you can't change the rules AFTER the game.

Did you know that the UK is a first-past-the-post country as well? A government can easily win majority seats with a minority of votes.

That's why a number of countries moved to some sort of proportional representation.

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Re: Airbus & China

"China could retaliate by treatening to start calling in all the US Debt that it carries"

Err, you can't "call-in" bonds. You can only sell them to another investor.

Wine? No, posh noshery in high spirits despite giving away £4,500 bottle of Bordeaux

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Re: but what are you really drinking/listening to

"And sometimes he’d just sit in silence looking at it."

Well, maybe near-silence. I'm sure if you listened carefully, you could detect a low fapping sound.

It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware

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Re: This is going to be big.

"I tend to think that Facebook were suffering from technology naivety -- you develop a platform for a purpose 'x' and never dream of it being (mis)used for purpose 'y'."

You think FACEBOOK is naive..? They sold or gave access to almost anyone "hey, here's access to a large quantity of data, see what you can make of it".

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"Privacy of data slurped by FB, sure, nobody else should be allowed to slurp through FB apps, of course."

Except for the folks that FB give access to, such as: many developers, Cambridge Analytica and the Obama 2016 Campaign?

Feds nab top exec on allegations he hacked a competitor, stole info… about school lunches?!

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Re: Viva la France

Indeed, rather than food allergies, Southern Europeans suffer from bad air.


America's anti-hacking laws are so loose, even Donald Trump Jr broke them. So, what do we do about it?

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It was condensed into 4 pages already: no evidence of collusion.

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"Again, you make an assertion: "[he] did not collude or otherwise conspire with the Russians". And again, I invite you to post proof or retract."

Err, the Mueller Report? Everyone is talking about it...

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"An investigator should present their findings to somebody else to decide whether prosecution is warranted. "

Well, he did on the question of obstruction, and look how that decision has been criticized.

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"Really? In the US Ignorance of the law can be a defence?"

It's why Clinton got off on her private server that breached the Espionage Act. But she didn't INTEND to break the Act, so she wasn't prosecuted.

There's your precedent...

Huawei, Huawei. Huawei, Huawei. Feeling hot, hot, hot: US threatens to cut UK from intel sharing over Chinese tech giant

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Re: Quite right too.

Dunno, but it's about 10 Olympic sized swimming pools and reaches about 6 football fields and up to 15 double-decker buses stacked one of top of the other.



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