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Kylie comforts the Time Lord


Over here!

My mum had a little tumble on the stairs last week. She's alright, but I am still very upset about it. Please send Kylies.

Catherine Tate to accompany Doctor Who



Is he casting an iconic sci-fi show or a christmas panto?

Doctor Who recruits new sidekick



"why do all modern companions want to get in the doc's pants?"

Because he's David Tennant. The same reason my girlfriend wants to get into the doc's pants. It wasn't likely to happen so often to John Pertwee or Sylvester McCoy, let's be honest.

They should hand over the whole shebang to Steven Moffat. This series had two stand-out episodes, one of course being Moffat's, the other an adaptation (Human Nature) that gave Davies only the most slender of opportunities to fill it with nonsense (but being the consummate professional he was apparently undeterred, and stuffed every empty second with throwaway romantic tripe).

The rest of the run was as uninspired as it was badly performed. And the climax fell flat on its arse because they haven't noticed that Tennant has been carrying the show single-handedly, and decided it would be clever to replace him with a futuristic Gollum graphic.

Stupid arses.


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