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SeaWorld killer killer whale must die, Bible insists

Dan Salter

The clue was in the name

Killer whale. Nuff said.

Sales show SanDisk's SD-not-CD player a hit with punters

Dan Salter


I really am. I thought this one was a real non-starter. Just goes to show, nowt as strange as folk.

SanDisk reinvents 1980s personal stereo for the noughties

Dan Salter


Words almost fail me. How can a group of what must be fairly bright people come up with an idea like this and possibly think it might be succesful in a post-iPod world?

How could they possibly imagine people might be convinced to pay £16 for something they can either download for free or get from iTunes for £7? Have they learnt nothing from the last 10 years of music biz decline?

They might as well go out to the car park of their factory and burn several million dollars and save a lot of people a lot of effort. Madness!

Forgot your ID? You must be a terrorist

Dan Salter
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If these people haven't got their ID & have been unable to prove who they are, what information is going to be input to the database?

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

Dan Salter


I turn 36 next month & now I'm worried I may suddenly turn in to a sex offender.

This is ludicrous. A complete nonsense reaction to the governments nonsense notion that sex offenders will only have one email address.

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's

Dan Salter

Such A Shame

This story has more comments attached to it than any other I've seen in my time of reading El Reg. I think that tells you all you need to know about the impact Terry & his work has had on our world.

I for one will be raising a toast tonight to this giant of his art.

There is only one word that can sum it up really, Oook....

Click here for the UK's worst-paid IT job

Dan Salter


I hope Mr Majid's employers don't read The Reg, or he's just blown the fact he's looking for a new job!

Virgin Mary pebble provokes holy online bidding war

Dan Salter

I'm thinking...

Paddington Bear.

Theatre and democracy in Second Life

Dan Salter

Have you ever considered....

.... turning off the PC & stepping out your (real) front door once in a while?

I really think maybe you are taking what is by your own admission a 'game' way too seriously.

Dan Salter


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