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Apple pulls Tank apps after Cartier complaint


@ Mei Lewis

Tank is a style of watch...I'm guessing the infringement is design rather than the word

Although Dunhill succesfully patented "millenium"

Emotional arguments do not make Street View illegal


But surely

By taking my photo they're stealing my soul...

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

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240 and counting...

240 posts, if only she'd slagged off Apple as well she might have got the record.....

Steve Jobs dismisses death rumours


The Old Ones are the Best

Apple Flunkie No 1 : "Terrible news, Steve Jobs is dead"

Apple Flunkie No 2 : "Shit, who's going to tell him ?"

Hands on with SanDisk's SlotMusic SD-not-CD player

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Is it a standard micro SD

If it is and if you can copy mp3 files to it willy (and indeed, nilly)

doesn't that make this a memory-less mp3 player for twenty of your english quids ?

'First production-line energy weapon' now shipping



Vesta II...presumably powered by late 1970s boil-in-the bag curry

Ivan O'Toole? That's nothing, snorts Hugh Jass


I have worked with

Wayne Kerr

Rosie Blum

Mike Hunt

at various points in the last 10 years.

None of the projects worked...

Intel hands out rose tinted polarizing glasses to chip geeks



Hasn't polarised 3D been around for donkeys years ?

Isn't that what the "Captain Eo" Michael Jackson flick at EPCOT was based on (about 15-20 years ago ?)

Or am i missing somthing ?

Boris boots Transys off Oyster contract



The Greater London population is less of an issue than the London Commuter Belt, which was estimated at 13,945,000 in 2001. Givewn the rate of expansion in the South East thats certain to have grown significantly over the last 7 years.

Given the perceived lack of staff on the London transport network I'm guessing the Oyster Card pays for itself in avoidance of casual fare jumping alon ( I know I do it a lot less these days)

Voicemail and email make beast with two callbacks


Vodafone already do this

it's called 242...

Gmail uses DomainKeys to lock out eBay phishing attacks


Thats all very well

but how does it help me get my share of 30 million dollars (US) out of the Bank of Nigeria ?

Dell coughs to second Vostro laptop keyboard cock-up


I prefer the wrong one

Easier to find the backslash...

Lesbians turn on lesbians in battle of Lesbos


Can't we all just get along...

Surely the most satisfactory result would be for the island to issue it's own ".les" domain...which would then make them a few bob through all the registrations ?

Baylis Eco EP-MX71 hand-cranked media player



I have the 1970's version mp3 player

It has limitless memory, never needs recharging, weighs virtualy nothing and cannot be lost down the back of the sofa. It adds nothing to my carbon footprint and infringes no DRM enforcement. Furthermore downloads are entirely free.

It's called "humming"

Man wields soldering iron, welds eight new devices into Eee PC

Paris Hilton


Somone told me El Reg was running the Asus pic with no top on...Imagine my dismay etc etc

Darling admits Revenue loss of 25 million personal records


Fun theorising

25 Million records so clearly not an Excel file.

lets assume that our Junior official used all his SQL savvy to come up with

"Select * from Child_Ben"

and dumped it to a csv file .

Lets further assume that the office hardware is keeping some sort of parity with the office software. So what does a junior official using a an NT4 pc with a 4X external cd burner use to "password protect" his (or her) data ?

Ladies and Gentlemen..I give you.....Winzip

Apple TV 160GB media player


Doesn't add up

can't really see why you would bother with this when you can have a mac mini

China to map 'every inch' of the moon



They'll find an American flag and a lunar buggy there, right ?

Burned by a MacBook


Oh my God Captain !!!

Fanboys on the Radar, HUNDREDS OF THEM !!!

Apple iPhone


Am I missing somthing ?

I've got a Samsung e900 ,a free-on-contract (now THERES an oxymoron) jobbie. Its the Bolton Wanderers of phones, it's ok but it'll never win any awards.

However It does allow me to use gmail mobile, Opera mini, Google maps mobile and gphonesync (ugly-but-effective g-cal app)

So what, apart from a few hundred grams of really pretty Chinese plastic is iPhone giving me that I dont already have ?