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USA decides to cleanse local networks of anything Chinese under new five-point national data security plan


That's just a begining. Soon they are about to introduce something like this in EU:


This is just about preparing the terrain for incoming unrests that are to come with USD crash.

They have to be able to run the country as an open prison.

AMD thanks Ruiz for courageous ability to lose money


Ruiz - "down" ?

When was that" ?

At the end of every bussines year he was handed several tens of megabucks just as a thank-you for all those failures and he is in for something like that even when they kick him out !!!

Hell, they probably kept him on the board just to avoid the pain of paying him to go !

AMD's marketing chief bails ahead of Barcelona


What's there to talk about ?

They parted ways for their own reasons which need not be obvous.

It could be that AMD doesn't need the guys expensive services now that all is left to do is to show the damn chip...

Intel guns one four-core Xeon, cools another


You forgot to mention...

that Intel's 50W TDP is typical power ( not maximal) and that you have to add to that also power consumption of the NB chip, whereas Optys 68W is maximal TDP for CPU and memory controller.

Also, Xeon is using those slow, power hungry and above all expensive fb-dimms...

Intel has four-core Opteron stuffer set for August


read the fine print...

Intel have yet to release _true_ QC and not just two dualcores on the same substrate.

Also, such shallow power consumtption is unfair, since:

- AMD states maximal while Intel states typical TDP

- AMD's numbers include power consumption of the MMU controllers while Intel's do not. On intel's side you would have to add most of the consumption of the northbridge and then multiply add few ten percents or more to get maximal TDP.

Whole total could very well be over AMD's stated TDP.

AMD to crush AMD with 2.0GHz 'Barcelona'


One correction...

Intel never had a true QC chip. Q6600 etc are all two dualcores on the same FSB. AFAIK they plan to have true QC after Penryn- ie in second 45nm generation...

Everytyhing else aside, Barcelona QC should see some performance benefit just due to being true QC...