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IBM outsources UK desktop support operation lock+stock to Phoenix

IT Justice

I assume the reason Phoenix can do this and others cannot and they say they can make a money of this type of outsource deal / contact work is because they pay their Own Engineers and staff so badly at £13.000 not passing 16,000k starting rates and cut costs to the determent of the own staff i.e. ( no pay rises in 5 years ect..) , while the Directors and Mangers reap the short term rewards while the figures look good!!! I read that Phoenix themselves have Outsourced most of their contracts and staff under TUPE in favour of cloud services!!

I doubt somehow they will get there returns they hope for having seen how badly all previous outsourcing deals have been handled by Phoenix and other companies which so far have left them all at a loss.

It strikes me as funny that all the most recent directors taken on at Phoenix seem to have a background in TUPE! and then seem to bail with large bonus’s the moment there is a hint of irregularity!! or loss!!!!!

When will they realise that outsourcing is rarely is cost effective in the long term for all concerned due to mounting logistic costs and external vendors costs and the service to the customer and quality suffers greatly due to increased time delays by third parties and limited resource to save money think on Phoenix....................(The future is cloud? is that not just the internet?)


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