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Microsoft Office 2013 heads for the cloud but fails to soar


Re: Head in the cloud

Sorry .. but a NAS in your basement is not "the cloud" .. its an internet/proxy enabled NAS drive

The whole point of "the cloud" is that:

a) you don't need to know where it is

b) the location / infrastructure is completely transparent

c) you don't need to worry about replicating / backing up your content

d) it is provided as a "managed service"

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enough of the trolling ..

I've been using Office 2013 since the early previews and there is much to like (you seem to have completely missed the now standard PowerPivot integration in Excel .. or the Social Network (Facebook / LinkedIn) integration in Outlook contacts .. or the new "jump to page you were looking at" in Word).

Almost all of the comments coming from the author here are either ignorance (most of the things he's complaining about you can change in the options) or failure of understanding in how some people use Office.

e.g. You can disable the "Open/Save to SkyDrive" in the options and make it default to "Computer"

For all those people complaining about the uppercase tabs .. its a tab title .. does it really matter? If that is the only thing you can really pick holes in then you are just trolling.