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Kaspersky claims to have found NSA's 'space station malware'


Finally, lets hope Kasperski will open source the new ELI5 systemd documentation for the rest of us to finally get it.

Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS


Just call it broken already

Windows desktop has been broken beyond belief.

My system boots Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, even OS/2 with ease in less than 30 seconds, I tried Windows 8 and 8.1 for a 15 minute boot attempt after a half day installation, would not recommend that installation again.

Windows 8.1 has done nothing to improve the startup horrors created by 8.0.

File-NUKING Cryptolocker PC malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK



Step one, invest in BitCoins.

Step two, release ransomware that only accepts BitCoins.

Step three, Make profit, while making investment go through the roof.

SR-71 Blackbird follow-up: A new TERRIFYING Mach 6 spy-drone bomber


"Congress could easily get that from Food Stamps and only a few millions would starve..."

/And those would be Democrat voters.

Baldness fix from foreskin follicles


I don't care if I am bald,

If the answer to baldness is chopping my pecker, I'll want to be bald.

NASA, start your torrents: 622 Mbps broadband link FOUND ON MOON


Repost from 1990s?

Isn't this old news; a free space laser used for fiber channel or Ethernet comm?

/between some non-existent satellites?

NSA PRISM deepthroat VANISHES as pole-dance lover cries into keyboard

Big Brother


If I was leaking information, the only hot girlfriend I had would probably be CIA.....

/not that I would care in her case

Anonymous turns private eye in Ohio rape case


After Ohio?

After Ohio, they need to look at the American law enforcement Mafia in general, every town in America gas similar cases.

In Milton Florida, the Police looked the other way when a 12 year old child was raped in a parade, on a float, with a goat; no arrests of any of the kidnappers, no charges to the ones who ran that float.

Busted in the US? 'Drop your trousers, sir'


I see why Americans that agree with this want a smaller government

Due to the places they want their government to go....

TSA bars security guru from perv scanner testimony

Black Helicopters

The simple solution

Hand out Tazers to everyone flying, especially the kids.

There will be so many misaken Tazerings on each flight, we will be imune to airplane violence.

God help someone who actually tries something on the resulting plane full of tazer armed, terrorozed, pissed off "victims"...

Teen hacker claims smut site hack

Paris Hilton

He did it all for the nookie...

/Paris for the night vision.

IBM: 'Your PC will read your mind by 2016'

Black Helicopters

I wonder

I wonder if the opposite is possible, a virtual display, superimposed over your vision, adjustable in later version.

You only need an ice-pick jack in the back of your head.

God help you when you see 2 girls 1 cup (or worse) through a direct brain feed....

The moment a computer crash nearly caused my car crash


The Mazda top of the line RX8 GT has one of the best traction control/stability control packages on the market; and is the reason I bought the "low end" RX8 "sport" model that does not have this "feature".......

Does a flash motor make a man more desirable?


What about the Females with flashy cars?

So men with flashy cars are shallow, what about the honey's in flashy cars, we need a new study.

Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook



She then reports her FB account was hacked....

World braces for domain name EXPLOSION


Great opportunity

I plan on squatting www.vulture.thereg

Google Linux servers hit with $5m patent infringement verdict



Can you patent first in, first out, and did they manage to patent it before every OS that uses FIFO?

Or do they have a Tardis?

/they did "win"; I give it a fail for the legal system.

X-51 hypersonic scramjet test bird ready for second flight



I wonder what happens in a Mach 22 bird strike?

/it can't be good.

Google copyright purge leaves Android developers exposed


Zombie SCO FUD

Microsoft just release a phone and now we have Android FUD; there is no connection here at all.

Unless Android App developers decided to steal code, they have no issue with having to "show the code", apps compiled against the kernel header is compulsory for the Linux OS and is not a copyright violation at all.

Interesting regurgitation of The SCO Group speak" about header files and the magic number of the elves...

I give this FUD a fail.

Japanese nuke meltdown may be underway



Due to the location, wouldn't that be The Cape Town Syndrome?

Are disk drives beginning to spin down?


Blowing my own horn...

I have an SSD caching the array; a 256 GB OCZ is my RAID cache, so my 4 TB RAID 5 acts as if it were a giant SSD.

Boffins sex pterodactyls at last


"sexing pterodactyls"

Be very careful, and wear protection...

Leslie Nielsen dead at 84

IT Angle

With all the Leslie Nielsen quotes....

Someone needs to fork the Fortune app to display his quotes at a user log in.

Artificial replacement human livers made in lab


How much does it cost?

Will they repo the liver for non-payment?

Pentagon confirms attack breached classified network

Black Helicopters


Next they will blame wikileaks.

SCO rises from the dead (again)



Ah, The SCO Group, such wonderful plumage...

But seriously, the endless retries keeps The SCO group's execs out of criminal charges for the conversion of Novell's $16 million.

/Remember, this is not the old "SCO", but "The SCO Group"; formerly known as Caldera.

//The name change was intended to confuse a judge/jury/world into thinking they had rights to reinterpret a contract signed by "Old SCO".

Incredible Hulk snared on Street View


The gull

The gull is carrying a baguette, he is on the way to the LHC.

Could a hard drive dedupe data?


A clever plan....

Data is all ones and zeros....

Dedupe it down to a single one, zero doesn't count anyway...



My thought is the deduplication engine belongs off the hard drive, hard drives need more speed, not more overhead.

NetApp and EMC (I assume EMC) can deduplicate iSCSI and fiber channel luns in a regular scheduled process.

I give a self deduping hard drive a fail.

Large Hadron Collider scuttled by birdy baguette-bomber



Call The Doctor, we have a paradox machine.

What if there can be only one Higgs-Boson?

Vulture 1: Calling all electronics wizards


Why not?

Why not an airplane shaped zeppelin with a pressure vent that releases one way as the external pressure goes down in relation to the internal pressure.

The balloon/plane goes up and reaches a balance between the lift of the gas/weight of the plane and the pressure difference releasing gas.

Once the vent reaches a balance the vent no longer releases gas and the plane/balloon (now heavier than the air) glides back down.... eventually.

You can carry more weight this way, (a signal?) and reuse the device later. (when you find it)

/Do not use Hydrogen....


Ops, I didn't see the "paper" part.

Sorry, did not see the paper part.

What IS the record height for a paper mini-zeppelin again?

Rice paper skin, to hold in the gas, over a carbon fiber frame?

Man blames cat for child porn downloads


Proof of Ceiling Cat?

Ceiling cat was doing more than watching.

/Think of the Domo-kuns....

Microsoft promises no patent prosecution of open-source .NET

Gates Horns

Grandma, what big eyes have.

"Meanwhile, Microsoft stressed that third parties are free to implement technologies under the Community Promise without signing a license."

Did they say anything about actually developing and using it in Linux, or just that it can be implemented in Windows?

You need to watch the wording of the MicroSphinx.

'Infinitesimal magnetic tornadoes' set to ravage computing


Seagate involved?

Let's hope the firmware is not created by Seagate.....

New York mulls terrorist cell phone jamming


Tin-foil not required

Of course they need to jam phones during the next terrorist attack, we can't have any more cell phone calls from high jack victims can we?

Aussie has answer to save Earth from asteroid attack


It's easy...

Tell President Bush the Asteroid has WMDs.

We can have a color coded Asteroid threat level...

What are the odds?

Microsoft pledges love and money to open source


I knew him well

RIP Apache becomes A Patchy.....

The easy way for MS to kill Apache, is to patch it as often as Windows.

US auto-emissions cleansed in urine-tech shower


But what do the techs look like?

"Its 28-litre tank of golden AdBlue is enough to go 28000km, seemingly, so Mercedes don't expect that customers will need to top it up themselves. This will be done by technicians during routine servicing."

Don't try this at home?

Brings new meaning to "routine servicing".

I think I have seen the video of the German "technicians" in action.

Having a migraine? Blame your brain



I had migraines for many years, since I was very young.

My migraines resulted in sweating a quart or more of water in about a half hour. (I squeezed out the sheets one day to check)

I still have trouble when a doctor asks me "to scale my pain on a 1-10 scale".

I have had broken bones, cuts to the bone, hammer blows to the thumb, but have never found any pain close to one of my "bad" migraines.

Flying cow destroys minivan


Monty Python?

When the cow hit; did someone comment the drivers mother smelt of Elderberries.....

User seeks $1.4m from IBM for shoddy server packing


Forklift drivers last job?


A glitch in the Matrix, or a hungry exploit?


Another reason?

I wonder how this relates to Vista deployment?